Hartz Meaty Bonz made my dog sick

I’ve never used any of the Hartz flea and tick products, because the first time I ever purchased a Hartz product, which was a package of Hartz Meaty Bonz, my dog got sick. I gave her one bone out of the package and within 2 hours of eating it, she began vomiting. She vomited several times before it was out of her system. That was the only thing in her normal every day routine that had changed, so I knew it was the bonz. I contacted the Hartz company the next day, expecting them to argue with me and claim that it wasn’t their bone. That wasn’t the case however. As soon as I got a live person on the telephone at their customer service line, he immediately asked me how much the package cost me and said he would send me a refund. I didn’t even have to provide proof of the purchase! Because he was so quick to offer the refund, that put me on alert, and from then on, I never purchased another Hartz product and never will!

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