DANGER!!! Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On

Hello, I just wanted to say that your website has opened my eyes! I applied Seargeants gold flea and tick squeeze-on, on my two boston terriers, Rocky and Daisy, tonight and now they are sitting in a cage at the emergency vet! I have spent all night worried sick about it and I pray that they are going to be ok! I don’t know how this stuff is still on the shelves!!! I honestly thought that I was safe buying this product and never once thought that my dogs would be in a life threating situation over this! After I applied the medication my dogs starting vomitting and wheezing, I wondered if they could have had an allergic reaction to the Seargeants gold flea and tick squeeze-on so I called the Emergency vet because my vet is not open on the weekends and they said that it is extremley toxic and to bring the dogs in immediately. They took the dogs right away and told me that Daisy has a pnemonia because she aspirated some of her vomit into her lungs and that they are both terribly sick, and Rocky could possibly have a pnemonia too. They told me that the dogs needed to stay there over night and they both would need IV’s. Also thier skin is incredibly red. (I did not no that it could cause sores, I have not checked the spots where the medicine was applied) Thier ears look like they have been burned and it’s in their eyes somehow!!! Rocky is worse off with the irritation because he couldn’t even open one of his eyes and he keeps pawing at his eye, which is probably spreading it worse! They are both going to need x-rays and thier eyes flushed, and they need to wear those big collars! The vet told me she did not know if Daisy is going to make iot through the night!!!! I already had to pay $600 just to get them into the place and they gave me an estimate of $620-$825 for each dog!!! And that is if I get to take them home tomorrow!!! I am willing to do whatever I can for my dogs! I am so worried about my dogs and I am dumbfounded that this company is making money of mistreatment to animals!!! This is obviously not a rare reaction if it happened to both of my dogs! Heartz knows that they are hurting are animals and they are still putting these products on the shelves. I am going to contact the EPA, Seargeants gold flea and tick squeeze-on , and Hannaford Bros Supermarket (where I purchased this poison!). I will try to update you on how my dogs are doing. Keep up the great work!!

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  1. My husband purchased Surgeants flea & tick squeeze-on for dogs. He applied it to both our dashounds (Scooter is 1 yr and 5 mtns. and Brownie is 10 mtns.)at around 4 p.m. and I got off from work at 5. We had gone out to eat and returned around 6:30. As soon as we got home we noticed something wasn’t right. Wayne told me that he had given them this product and I looked at the box. I told him that we needed to give them a bath right away. So we did and they both was still acting like they was on fire. I gave them both a dose of children’s benadryl. This seemed to help Scooter, but not Brownie. I was up all night with Brownie trying to keep him comfortable. Finally at about 3 am this morning he fell asleep. I woke up this morning and noticed that they both had swollen glanes. They are at the vet right now. I don’t know what the out come is going to be yet. My husband is with them while I am at work. I did call the Sergeants company and they are going to pay all vet bills.

    Please don’t give your pets this product!!!!

  2. Thank heaven for this web site. I gave my 1 1/2 year old miniture Shnauzer Seargeants Gold flee and tick squeeze-on on Sunday morning after his bath. On sunday night I thought my dog had rabies! He was wheezing and panting, foaming at the mouth, crying and whimpering. I had him on my bed and the more I tried to wipe his mouth them more his thick saliva foamed out. He stayed in my room until about 2:00am.I finally put him in his kennel after it seemed as though he was exhausted. In the morning I got up about around 5:00 ready to take him to the vet and although he was not 100% he was better. as Monday wore on he did slowly but surely become himself again. I called a friend who started to research what could have been the cause for his strange behaivor and sudden illness. she found this website and NOW after reading other comments of dog and cat owners I am sure that I unknowingly poisoned my own dog. Why isn’t there warnings about side effects on the box? Why is this stuff still on the shelves at stores? Why is it after the fact that our pets are harmed we find out the dangers? I blame myself for not checking into it more thoroughly. Hartz and Seargeants have been around as long as I can remember, and I became trusting the name thinking only that it is a “brand” name they must be ok right? WRONG. I will never make that mistake again and can only hope that other pet owners do their research before the harm is done.

  3. Gave this to all 3 of my pets. What a nightmare! My oldest got realy sick vomiting and frothing at the mouth my two lil ones are non stop twitching and shaking their heads. We bathed them 3 times with dish soap and gave them honey. Helped the older dog alot but I still have 2 twitchy lil dogs so it is off to the vet tomorrow 🙁

  4. This is outrageous!!! I can not believe the company is still selling this stuff if it is doing so much harm. We just put some of the Sergeants flea & tick squeeze-on onto our miniature schnauzer last night and he was up all night twitching and roaming around looking for water. I am going to call the store where we bought the product and ask them to remove it from the shelf.

  5. This is Aug 8, 2008 & after giving our two poodles Sergeants Gold flee and tick squeeze-on three days ago they are still having a ruff time with the burning. My wife & I decided to try this brand to cut some of the cost since we had been using front-line. Well at 9:30pm right after putting it on them they were having a fit, couldn’t sit still, heavy breathing & couldn’t stop scratching so we called the hot-line # on the box. I should have call a ten year old. So we gave them both showers ASAP plus benadryl which we found out later from our vet that was the best thing to do. We called War-Mart where we bought it & they took it off the shelf but found out the next day it was back. We called the company many times till they said they would refund & pay for the vet bills. I asked if this had happen before & they said no 1st time then I find this site. 1st time my @!&%^. They both were wheezing and panting very fast as if they were hot, the crying and whimpering went on all night no matter what we did. Cold wet wash cloth seemed to help a little. It was like pouring acid on them & they count on us to give them good care then we buy this product in good faith to find out we poisoned out dogs with this stuff. I hope this helps someone else before it happens again but as long as they sell this product they will keep poisoning our pets. I wish I could leave pictures but can’t so my email addy is [email protected] Rick & Lana in Missouri

  6. Update after my last post.
    I talked to the company late this afternoon & I was told they were not going to pay for anything & I was told that everyone on this site are not telling the truth. They became very upset when I told them I email pictures to family & friends & put a post on this site. I have contacted Wal-Mart & after I told them I would be filing a law suite with their name added & they will be filling a report to the main office after they get a statement from us & they want to see the pictures. I was told that after they looked into this they would contact Sergeants & decide if they should keep selling that brand. Sergeants rep I talked to hung up on me after I voice how upset my wife & I were. She said I was over reacting & she didn’t care for my comments about the product. This company could care less about our pets, nobody even said they were sorry. She just kept telling me I did something wrong & our Vet didn’t know what he was talking about. I’m going to bring all I can to bear on this company & hit them were it hurts, the pocket book. Thanks for reading & be careful with this company. Rick & Lana in Missouri

    1. I’m s now 2017 and the product is still on the shelves! I used this poison on my little man and same results as you described, and I was totally ignorant to these side effects. Did you ever gets the company to accept the responsibility? I am going through this situation and the manufacture is still giving the same cock and bull excuses. I despise this type of marketing and can’t believe the consumer protection hasn’t had this product removed from production and sales. They have been contacted many many times and for years! What does it take to get some results on their part?


  8. I, too, used this product unknowingly. I put it on my small dog Sunday morning. She was acting strange all day – but mainly just restless. By Sunday evening (12 hours later), she couldn’t stop itching and was extremely hyper. The only thing that seemed to soothe her was if I kept gently rubbing her head and neck area, which I did all night long. Whenever I stopped she would start scratching and running around. I called my vet and was told I was extremely lucky burning, itching and hyperness were her only problems. More common was the dog not being able to walk! This stuff affects their central nervous systems. (as stated previously being same chemicals as nerve gas! I can’t even imagine! How does this stuff make it to store shelves??!!) I gave her a benydryl, as instructed, every 4 hours but it did not help at all. I took her to the vet for a cortisone shot early Monday morning. It took about 12 hours before I noticed any relief. Even now, 4 1/2 days later she is still not herself. How long before these awful effects wear off? I can’t believe I poisoned my little girl! I’m just sick about it!

  9. Same happened with my dog a few hours ago. My husband brought Sergent’s Silver flea and tick tube this afternoon. He thought it wouldn’t hurt.. so we put one tube on my dog, within about 2 hours later, she vomited some white forming.. She was shaken that look like seizure, can’t walk.. I was so worried.. so I thought maybe it has to do with seregent’s so I decided to look up in the internet and found alot of bad stuff about seregent’s that I couldn’t believe that.. I mean it shocked me.. so I immediately took my dog, Abby for a bath with dishwasher liquid twice and now she seems to be okay.. She can walk again, she’s resting now.. always wanted me or my husband to itch on her back alot to relieve the itch feeling. I hope she’ll get alot better tomorrow. From now on, we will not buy anything from seregent’s or hartz anymore.. I can’t believe it is still in store shelfs.. they should ban them off the shelf! Just like alot of stores banned the diet medicines etc.. why not seregant’s too!


  10. FOR LYNNE,

    I’m sorry for what your dog have to go through, Have you tried to give her a bath with dishwasher liquid ?? Maybe it will help her? That’s what I did with my dog twice and now she’s getting better, only depend on me and my husband to keep itchy/rub her.. at least now she can walk again.


  11. Do not use these products, they affect your dogs instead of helping them. I called Sergents and all they told me was to wash it off with detergent.I told the lady if this was a sign of never to use the products on my pets and she said,”No,maybe the gold formula is too strong for your pets. Next time try to use the silver one.”
    If they know the consequences why sell it? I hate myself for buying this product, I should have asked the vet before applying this. DO NOT USE IT,I bought it at CVS. If you read these comments please spread the word and don’t let other pet owners become victims, they will appreciate it!

  12. Hello

    I am absolutely horrified to find out that my experience with this product was far from unusual.

    On Aug 24 I applied Sargent’s gold flea and tick to my dogs and almost immediatly they started to display the symtoms many people have discribed. They were running around like crazy, whining, seemed to be in pain, didn’t sleep, panting fast heart rate. My husband thought it might be an allergic reaction but I thought it strange that both dogs reacted this way. We bathed the dogs repeatedly but didn’t seem to help much. I have an aloe drink I use and also an antioxidant that is good at detoxing so I gave them this and it seemed to help.

    My husband thought we should contact the company so googled “sargents flea and tick” and was shocked to see how many sites came up to complain about bad reactions to this product. I do not understand why this is still sold. and will be contacting the epa and my state representatives to see if something can be done. this product should have more regulation. I know I used the product correctly. I have read a lot of the complaints from other people and they have stated that they did. The company can say that any pet can have an allergic reaction to something which is true and also a few people might use it wrong but to have the number of people saying the reaction is the same has to mean something is wrong with the product and it is not safe to use.

    Apparently the company does not care as they seem to be always saying the product wasn’t used right or an allergic reaction

    I will never buy anything of theirs again.

    1. Hi there. It is now 2017 and this product is still on shelves. I am blown away. How do we fight this?? is there anyone out there smarter than me that can give me some tips!!! I am baffled

  13. Please, don’t give your pet this product!!!! I am outraged like all the other entries before me.

    My dog had a rough 24 hours after I applied this product. He was salivating like crazy and the product was starting to affect his mobility. At first, I didn’t know what to think except maybe that he had eaten something in the yard and that it would pass. He just kept scratching and salivating and I knew something was wrong. I gave him some Benadryl and it seemed to have some positive effects, but after some hours, he was back with the symptoms. This time worse. I gave him a bath in GlenHaven’s F2/S medicated shampoo and after another two doses of benadryl, he woke up better.

    Medication: Bendadryl 25/mg
    Frequency: q4h
    # of capsule: 3 capsules
    Dog’s weight: 72lbs

  14. It’s 5:30 in the morning and I just finished giving my sheltie her third bath after using this horrible product. Gave her a childrens benydrill, and am waiting to see what happens next. I used the sargents gold drops for under 20 lb dogs and read the instructions carefully twice before applying it. It took a few hours before the symptoms became apparent, but thanks to the tips on this website, I washed her multiple times with dish soap immediately. I will be able to take her to a vet in a few hours. She is still bouncing off the walls, but she isn’t whimpering anymore. Hope this does the trick.

  15. My Story started on 8-24-08 with my two Pugs (Lili 11yrs and Titus 7yrs old), My poison was Sergeants gold flea and tick squeeze-on from Walmart! Had all the symptoms as mentioned above! Yet, I didn’t look on the web so I washed off the ointment with more Flea Soap!

    Went to the doctors, got two shots each (Diphenhydramine 50mg/ml & Dexametasone 2mg/ml and continued with Benadryl 2 times a day.

    Felt horrible we still didn’t sleep for 3 nights straight! Even after the shots we had the side effects…twitching & itching…

    Wrapped both Pugs in Ice Packs to stop the itching and dipped dish towels in ice water to wrap around them. On the third day, had to take Lili back to the doctor because she had rapid breathing and she couldn’t lay down. She just sat up and was unable to stop rapid breathing she was physically exhausted. Doctor gave her Temaril-P to calm her down and take care of the inflamation that was causing her to gasp for air. Now it is 09-01-08, Titus is doing fine, still twitching occasionally and Lili is still breathing heavy and is not herself yet.

    Going to be hopeful that by next weekend she will be back to her normal self! Go Glad for this website, have been trying to let go of the guilt…. Now I know it is the product! it is evident! Will take action… Lili has suffered so much because of Sergeants.

  16. There has to be a connection between Sergeant’s Gold at Walmart and the Sentrypro XFC sold at PetsMart!!!

    See this other long list of poisonings!!!



    So many recent poisonings….

    Lili is still breathing hard today!!!
    Very Upset about this! Will contact Sergeants yet there has to be something more we all can do to stop this!!!

  17. Bought Dollar Tree flea medicine and applied 2 drops behind the neck of our adult cat. Hours later we saw the cat twitching and blinking a lot and wondered what was up and gave it some water. About 2 hours later i was watching TV and heard some thumping to the left and saw my cat flopping on the ground having a seizure. I yelled for my wife and gave it a quick bath as i looked up an emergency hotline who said to use dish soap and to bring it in immediatly, but it is an hour away.

    I did another search and found this site and decided to try Benedryl as well along with another more thorough bath.

    It’s only been a few minutes, but I am hoping for the best. i will be telling everyone i know so that they are aware and do not experience the same.

    Thank you for this site and for the tip about Benedryl. Coud have saved a life.

  18. Sergeant’s ought to be hit with a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit for this stuff! It’s September 1st, and I just applied Sergeant’s Gold squeeze-on to my twenty-pound miniature poodle. The results were very much the same as for many others on this site. She became very agitated, couldn’t sit still, and winced every few minutes as if she’d been bitten. After I started getting suspicious, I washed her down with dish detergent and started looking on the web. Found a couple of sites mentioning pyrethrin sensitivity and gave her some benedryl. Then looked at this site and discovered this has been going on for some months, and the product is still on the shelves. I’ve a good mind to file the lawsuit myself!

  19. where do we go to file this lawsuit againts these people my dog darn near died from this stuff the vet is trying to help her she is 11 yrs old and this happen in butler mo and the junk come from walmart, so any one tell me how many lawsuits and get the same lawyer to do so with us


  20. Our dogs nearly died too, It was awful foaming, twitching, and flopping around, crying, moaning just cannot sit still.
    Bathe them in Blue Dawn Dish liquid, you can do it even 3 or 4 times, this has helped.
    Please people do not buy Sergeants Gold, or Silver or Hartz.
    It was like they were being shocked by electricity the way they were acting. Thank god they are finally acting a little better after 3 days.

  21. We just found this web site. Thank you! We have an 8yr.old. border collie mix and this is the second time this has happened. We noticed her scratching a lot and gave her the flea drops a week early, then thought after seeing the same symptoms as above that maybe she had caught the kennel cough that she had been exposed to the week before (even though she had been vaccinated). We took her to the vet $238 later were told it was kennel cough and got meds for that. Now I’m wondering whether she had both. We just gave her a bath and gave her a chlor-trimetron pill. Hoping this does the trick. Please pray for our “Babe”

  22. I hate Sergeants/Hartz and whoever knew about this stuff b/f it went on the market! My shih tzu is crying and running around the house like a mad dog! I’m totally freaking out now that I have found out about this stuff! WHY ARE THEY SELLING THIS???? Totally #$%@#@ up!!!
    I have given her medicine and she has had two baths….another one is coming soon.
    Something needs to be done about this. THIS IS INSANE!!!!
    What else can we do about this?????

  23. Just this last Saturday we got a new puppy named Jack, a Toy Australian Shephard, 4 months old. We gave him a bath two days ago and the poor thing was covered in fleas. With our work schedule we weren’t able to get to the vet for flea meds. So we were at the store and bought the Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-on for dogs. We thought that this would be fine. Thankfully our cats do not have flea problems at all so we never have to worry about them. Well this was, unfortuantly for poor little Jack, a teaching lesson. Not long after applying the medicine he vomitted. At the time I just thought maybe he managed to lick some of the med and got an upset stomach.
    Well after going outside a few times and practically mowing the grass, a sign of their tummy being upset, and her drooling and constant gulping and burping, I got online and found many sites about over the counter flea meds. I immediately washed off the medicine right after I found this site. He was so hyper after his bath, like he was excited that it was off him.
    I am hoping tomorrow he will be fine, he sleeps with me so I will know if something happens during the night, but if he is still the same way, I will get him to the vet.
    I am going to contact this company tomorrow too. I know it probably won’t do anything but I am going to tell the store I bought this from too. I can’t believe that they get away by selling this stuff!

  24. I used sergeants gold today on my 12 lb terrier, and 0ne hour later, she was screeching, jumping in the air, while trying to nip at her back, I was scared to death, she was running from room to room while crying. I called my vet, he said never use sergents, and to give her a bath, I have given her 3 baths 2 times with Dawn detergent, I even used Vinegar to bring Ph level to normal, this did not work. I called 800 # that is on the box, and she told me to use dawn again and to use vitamin e oil. that e oil was the trick to fix it!!!, That did not work, I gave her a childs benadryl, and it is seven hours later, and she still has not quieted down, I will take her to the vet, unless emergency tonight, I love this dog and am worried as much as I did with my children. This should be taken off the market.DO Not purchase this product. Probably made in China. My Lolly is in misery, and I am furious.

  25. I’m so glad I found this site. I applied Sargent’s Gold flea and tick liquid to my two cats a couple of days ago. Since then they’ve been acting strange. Thank God, not foaming at the mouth or having seizures, but definitely different. They’re both licking and rubbing at the area where the liquid was applied, like it’s making them itch and they’re trying to get it off. I’m afraid that they’ve ingested a lot of it from licking their fur. I’m also concerned that this product may have affected their senses of smell or taste, since they’ve both lost their appetites over the past two days (and they usually can’t get enough to eat). They’re also both distracted and nervous. I plan on bathing them both tonight with dish liquid.

    I feel awful that I didn’t bother to check out reviews of this product before putting it on my kitties. Soaping up a couple of water-hating cats – what a fantastic end to my day. Thanks, Sargent’s.

  26. Just logged a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Site!!!

    I wasn’t the first! Please log a complaint so that they will take action for us!


    We need to let them know this is happening every day and how awful this experience feels!

    We need their help to get this product off the shelves! Every day there is another person like you and me that will experience the horror of watching our loved one suffer. Please take the time to log a complaint.

    Sergeant is knowingly causing Cruelty to Animals and I am almost at my limit watching them.

    A Sergeant’s Sufferer for Life

  27. I bought the Sergeant’s flea and tick (gold) treatment for my three dogs yesterday, I bought it at Walmart and applied it at around 7pm. The dogs were outside most of the evening with my sons. When they came in for the night, the dogs immediately came into my room and they were all very wrestless and digging and scratching more than ever before. I did not get up though until 4am, when one of them started to whine. It finally dawned on me that it might be side affects to the flea treatment. I got online and sure enough; the warnings were all there. My dogs had many of the symptoms as described, but no frothing at the mouth or vomiting.. They were all running around, rolling and rubbing on the carpet and scratching like crazy. I gave them all the benedryl and baths and fed them, soon they were all resting quietly. I went to work for half a day and when I got home, they seemed to be acting normal. I will never purchase another product from Sergeant’s Beware, this product could be disastrous!!!

  28. I too didn’t read about Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick medicine until it was too late. I bought it from Walmart and applied it to my two dogs, a rottweiler and a black lab. Within 2 hours, they both were scratching and biting at their backs and running around like crazy. We read the label and washed it off immediately. It is now 9 hours later (and the middle of the night) and my lab seems to be fine. My rottweiler is still scratching like crazy and panting. Her skin is red and swollen on her back. She is a very unhappy girl and I am a very unhappy pet owner up in the middle of the night dealing with this. I filed a complaint also with consumer affairs and urge everyone else to do the same. http://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/sergeants.html
    I am also going to print off all of the complaints and go back to walmart to see if they will take it off the shelf. Never, Never Never buy Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Medicine. This was a horrible experience.

  29. I have returned the Sergean’t Flea and Tick Medicine back to Walmart and asked the management to remove it from their shelves. They removed it from their shelf in the one store and told me that I needed to contact the home office at Walmart.com and file a complaint. So I did and would encourage you to do the same. Let’s get this stuff off the shelf! My dogs are better, but not quite 100%. They are still scratching and swelled up. The benedryl is helping. Also getting them to drink enough water and eat food is helping.

  30. Our cat Joey is about to spend his second night at the vets. I applied Sergeant’s gold, (from Meijers’)on him Sunday night and put him to bed in the garage. God knows what happened but by 6 am, he was hard to find out there and eventually came out with a bad paw and back leg. Took him to the vets that afternoon and he was having a neurological reaction to the medicine. The poor guy had done something in the night to hurt himself because of the neurological problem. He had a high temperature that has fortunatly gone down but his heartrate is still elevated. He isn’t out of the woods yet and I am so afraid to call tomorrow for fear of bad news. You can bet as soon as all is said and done, I will be filing my complaint with consumers affairs. I have no idea how much this vet bill is going to be but I am going to be documenting everything!!!!

    They don’t even have the curtesy to warn you of anything other than a local reaction. If I had known this sooner by reading a label warning, I would have put 2 and 2 together and got him to the vets sooner.

    I hope people do the research BEFORE they apply this poison to their loving pets.

  31. I too made the mistake that a lot of people made and not did my research because I have become to American standards of safely. I gave my dog that Sergeant’s gold stuff thinking of was being proactive and kicking fleas and tick before they got out of hand. Well I had put my dog in her doggie house for the night when she start to whine, I thought she was trying to get her way and try to sleep on my bed. Well after hearing whine for very long time I check on her and she was just dripping wet, at first I thought she wet her bed. But come to find out when I let her out I saw that she was scratching herself like crazy. An at this point light bulb turns on in my head and decides to try to give her a bath to get that Gold crap off her. It seems to help for a while. Then I googled the stuff and it lead me to this website. After reading a lot of horror stories, so far mine is not as bad but it’s not over yet. I plan on taking her like 2 hour when the Animal ER is open on Sunday to see what they can do if she does not get better then. Right now she seems to have gotten a bit better. But I recommend you take the advice from the 800 from the back of the box and what you read online. Do you research, if you looking this crap up your in for a long night.
    Wish and my dog luck as I wish you luck.

  32. BOO……HOO !
    I first want to just say ” I am soooo sorry to all of these “parents” of these precious,innocent babies that have suffered at our (unknowing) hand”. I came to this website this am,for the same reason all of you did,because I, as all of you, was trying to do what I believed to be a “Good” thing for my little BooBoos(Megan).I applied SEARGENTS GOLD” on her yesterday A.M,thinking I would get ahead of the flea population because I heard the weather was going to heat up again.Boo Boos immediately started running around frantically. I didn’t think too much of it at first, because that’s what Boo Boos does anyway.She gets all hyper after she’s had a bath or after she runs under the waterhose outside when I am watering the yard.She cracks me up !!
    Within 15 to 20 minutes,she was whimpering & crying,frothing at the mouth, and frantically laying on her back and scratching!! Not long after, she began “twitching” & trembling.Within minutes she became lethargic & nonresponsive to my voice !! I Immediately bathed her & gave her some benedryl.Didn’t know if she would make it through the night! Thank God she did.She’s laying in my lap right now as I type this, still trembling. I gave her another bath today & more benedryl.She’s still not herself yet, but better than yesterday.Praying she hasn’t suffered permanent nervous system damage. After reading all the stories I just cried & cried! We all feel so guilty,don’t we? I know I do. But how are we to know that these Companies are going to put something out there thats sooo poisonous!!! I tell you… I am learning more&more all the time …You can’t trust anything or anyone when it comes to paying for anything & trusting that you are getting what the product claims. I really can’t believe how these companies get away with selling it!!! We all need to DO SOMETHING, so they can’t continue to inflict injury & death on our precious babies !!
    By the way… I have known for years NOT to use HARTZ products! NEVER!!! I didn’t know about Seargents. Iam soo glad websites like this exist, so that we can not only be informed , but also to communicate amongst each other & work together.That’s what it’s gonna take to STOP these GREEDY people!!! Group effort!
    I’ll be praying for all of you out there, for your babies to recover. If there is anyone who has info of these symptoms & side-effects being permanent,I would like to hear from you.

    [email protected]

  33. ok, I have two pugs, and have read every one of these entries, ,it has been a week since I have applied the ointment to them, they both are still not right and have continuous symptoms,,
    I took them to the vet the following day because of all the erratic behavior and after at least six baths trying to remove this stuff.. the vet injected a shot and put them on prednisone.. its a week later, they continue to breath as if they had just run a race and now their hair where the ointment had been originally applied is coming off and their skins look so sore, almost something that you would see in a horror show..rare, red, and swollen skin.. how long and how many more symptoms are they gonna suffer?? I’m worried at this point that this will not end nicely for them..I plan to retake them to the vet in the morning but would like to know if any of you experienced the skin having a reaction like this before I go.. My vet, even though he realized what actually caused the damage was reluctant to clearly state it allowed..but if it was his pet, he would be different I’m sure.. please tell me if any of you had any skin problems and what to do.. one of the pugs back of his neck is just awful now..

  34. WARNING! I really didn’t know Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On would be toxic to my 4 month old Yorkie (MIMI). I purchased the product on Sunday night an applied it to her, i was amazed on how quickly the fleas died. But She was running around hyperly and scratching her back against furniture, and whimpering. This went on the whole night, she did not sleep. Around 1am i had to take her a bath. She calmed down a bit, but continued a couple of hours later. I was so shocked and mad “how could i have been so stupid” and its really not my fault. In the morning she was restless whimpering and scratching her tail i was really worried, I was sad and desperate. Finally my Friend Kevin took my Yorkie to the vet, where the vet recommended for the dog to stay overnight and to be detoxified. I had to pay almost $500. Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On Is really toxic causing an allergic reaction, I do not recommend this Product for anyone. Thank God for this website, therefore people would be aware of such a product. WARNING!

  35. i feel no need to tell you all the symptoms of my dogs after using the sargents flea and tick meds, because they are the same as all the others! this is absolutely ridiculous! how on earth are these people allowed to keep selling these things? and it breaks my heart that in so many of these posts the pet owner feels guilty for “poisoning” their pet, it’s not your fault it is this evil company’s fault and they should be SHUT DOWN! if i could afford a lawyer i would try and do it myself. this is nuts! good luck with all of your dogs…

  36. I applied Sentry Pro XFC to my 2 Labs last night at 7:00. At 12:00AM they were both were screaming in pain with all the above mentioned symptoms. I thought I was going to loose them. Now i found out that I poisened them. I will hire a Lawyer Monday and file a lawsuit on this company. I would recommed you all joining me so we can put this cruel company out of busness…

    [email protected]

  37. Hello this is Michael I could not believe what I was reading as my two little dogs were suffering the same symptoms form using Sergeant’s flea and tick That you place on the neck and down the spine. This stuff is a poison for our pets. If the pediatricians were prescribing medicines for our children that did half the stuff this garbage does it would be on every news network and they would be out of business. After leaving the groomers this week I went to and area store to get flea preventative for my two dogs. I read the boxes and what the product did. I did not read it was a pesticide and poison and that hundreds of dogs and cats have been traumatized or killed. The only warning on or in the box was do not use the dogs type on cats. And yet this poison is on the shelf. Shortly after putting it on the two dogs they began two have fits and cry and roll on the floor. We thought my Lord what is going on. Come to find out when I called the Sergeant’s Phone # and had to wait ten minutes that my dogs had been given insecticide on there skin and was having a severe reaction. I’m not the sharpest knife in the kitchen but I realized if the phones were backed up ten minutes this was some bad stuff. They were traumatized by this and did not sleep for 24 hr. and kept scratching and digging and whining. I stayed up all night rubbing the one dogs back and every time I stopped she would jump up and start biting and diging.My daughter stayed up with the other dog. It was sickening to watch my little dogs stand there half awake and there legs kept moving to scratch. The hotline told me they were feeling a pin like feeling all over there skin. Now after 24 hr. they are still having troubles from this. When I looked on the web and found story after story of this sickening thing. We took the dogs to the vet today and found out that many times a week people bring there loved ones / pets into the vet for the same thing. It also cost me $126.00. I’m very angry that this could happen and worried it could happen to another family. I have called the company and demand retribution for the vet bill. I went to Wal Mart and told them they have this poison on there shelves. I will be contacting the Michigan Attorney General and my attorney. I’m angry as I write this and I encourage all of us to contact stores appropriate government offices and demand that this poison and others like it be taken off the shelves. I do not know if they will listen to me but if there were a few thousand people demanding this some would listen. I’m know different from any of you folks in the love and commitment we have for a little fury loved ones. And the joy they bring to our homes and life’s. Many times I look at my two little dogs and say daddy would not take a, million dollars for you. And to see this greedy companies making money at there health and effecting our home I will do all I can to stop it.
    Thank you

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  38. This just happened to me tonight (Nov 9th). I feel so horrible. I just washed my chihuahua in dish soap and hopefully that will help. She’s “coughing/wheezing” and itching constantly! Going into literal itching fits. My guilt is overwhelming!

  39. I have 3 dachshunds and just moved to a new neighborhood. Our new neighbors have two dogs. Our girls have never had flees before in their entire lives. But we found some on them today. I always had the vet treat them. I believe the neighbors dogs are infested because they are constantly scratching. I decided to check the web for a cheaper alternative and came upon this website. THANK GOD. My girlfriend had suggested Sergean’t Flea and Tick Medicine. Now the guestion is…Are all flea and tick medicines the same, just different brands? I don’t want to put my girls through anything like what I’ve read here. What to do…what to do…

  40. It makes me sick to read all the needless suffering that is going on because of these products.

    I had to take my dog Linden to the emergency vet on Saturday night – then to another vet (The Marina Animal Clinic) on Sunday. I put some sergeants GOLD flea and tick on him Saturday morning (I bought at Wal-mart) and apparently vets and consumers are trying to get it off the shelf. I didn’t know anything was wrong with him until about 8 hours after I applied it – had I paid attention I’d have noticed immediately that he was not well – it is like he couldn’t sit still and he kept barking and doing this low under the radar type of whine. I spent the entire day on my front porch and only took him out side for a walk once – where he kept eating grass (which I’ve never seen him do) – apparently animals do this sometimes when they are sick. Once I sat down with him – he kept laying his head on me and crying and then he would lay in his bed for 60 seconds – then get up and lay on me – then get up and lay on the floor. I immediately got online to see about the Sergeants and immediately came across hundreds of horror stories – some going on in real time – where animals were sick from this stuff. I quickly bathed him – used joy (dawn is recommended) – and he really started crying – the skin on his back was pink and somewhat burned – HE NEVER ONCE TRIED TO GET OUT of the bathtub if that tells you anything. I took him to the emergency vet – and they thought I had gotten most of it off and he would be okay – he wasn’t ticking or anything with him because he was scared and shivering from the bath. I took him home and the symptoms seem to get worse – I called the emergency vet again and they told me to get him benadryl – to help with symptoms and allow him to sleep. They said the usual dosage is 1 mg per pound – but to give him a double dose – he is 12 pounds – so he basically took one 24 mg tablet. The emergency Vet said to take him to the vet the next day. The benadryl made him sleepy – but he still couldn’t sleep – he kept twitching or ticking like something was wrong with his nerves. I was up the entire night on Saturday into Sunday morning with him b/c he couldn’t sleep – and would only lay still if I rubbed his neck or petted him. I gave him another bath at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning and then took him to the Marina Animal Clinic as soon as they opened. They usually hook them up to IV fluids – to flush out what is in their system – but that usually requires overnight stay and the alternative was a very strong muscle relaxer to get him to stop ticking and encourage him with liquids – children’s pedialite, chicken broth -we took the shot because I didn’t want to leave him and the vet said he would probably be okay. Linden finally fell asleep around 4 pm. Sunday and he slept until this morning.

    The vet gave me a FORM FDA 1932a – it is a form that you can fill out for an adverse drug reaction involving an animal. The Marina told me that they see at least one animal a day as a result of Sergeants, Hartz and Bio-spot. Many of the cats and dogs don’t survive – there are more reactions for cats than dogs. I think the only reason Linden didn’t have as severe of a reaction is because I didn’t get the entire tube on him as I spilled out some of it when I cut the tube open. The vet said they have seen entire families – like with three dogs – where they all the dogs got sick from it. I didn’t apply it wrong or give him the wrong dose either. I usually use frontline but was trying to save a buck – big mistake. Most animals start foaming at the mouth, can’t walk and many end up dying. The vet said the smartest thing I did was the baths and he asked that I let everyone I know – with or without pets of what is going on as they are working on getting it off the shelf. Some local vets have even contacted wal-mart in an effort to get it off the shelf. If you know someone with or without an animal – please let them know what is going on

    If you get online and type in Sergeants Flea and Tick Poison or Hartz Flea and Tick reaction – you will come across dozens of websites and blogs that documents daily the horrible reaction dogs and cats have to this every day.

  41. hey all, i just gave my 1 year old westie the sergants silver about 3:00pm today. i put him in the kitchen while i left for a couple hours and when i returned he had destroyed the kitchen. it was wierd because he had not done that since he was a young pup then he started biteing at his back and could not sit still. he was breathing fast and was drooling all over the place. i gave him a bath in cold water and it seemed to help a whole lot.

  42. I also applied Sentry Pro XFC for the first time last night to my 3 dachshunds. Two of them had a reaction almost immediately! They were foaming at the mouth and were very agitated…pacing the floors all night long. I called my vet and was advised to bathe them in Dawn immediately which I did, and I gave them each a half tab Benedryl.”Angie” my oldest and smallest dachshund was fine after the Benedryl (probably becuase I didn’t put that much on her) but “Max”, her son, was bouncing off the walls all night! I couldn’t sleep at all. When I held “Max” to my face to comfort him, I could feel a horrific burn coming from the saliva as it touched my skin. I felt so sorry for him! NEVER will I buy cheap over-the-counter flea meds again for my babies, and I WILL let PetSmart know that they should remove this crap from their shelves!
    I want to see that we get a class action law suit going. Has anybody started one yet?

  43. Tonight while at CVS I noticed the Sergeants Gold flea / tick tubes. I picked it up thinking I was doing the right thing for my boxer puppy. I read the label more then once making sure it was ok and she was in the weight range. Within a hour of putting it on she start making weird noises and licking her lips non-stop. I immediately gave her a bath (twice) and it she stopped making the noise. I then looked online and this site was the first hit. I am so glad I found this. I gave her a half a tablet of Benedryl as a precaution. With the amount of complaints on this site I am in shock that this product is still being sold. Last time I ever purchase one of their products and you can bet I will be telling all my pet owning friends to stay far away.

  44. gave my shih tsu sergents gold flea drops and he became very hyper, starting digging holes in the furniture, crying and scratching. He also was trying to get outside. I bathed him 3 or 4 times in dawn, and gave him a benedryl tablet and walked him 5 times. He seemed as if he is trying to calm down. Im scared, I cant afford a vet at this moment and I am crying . He is twitching, I am praying because I dont know what else to do.

  45. I too have experienced first-hand the terrible side effects this product causes. My girlfriend and I used Sergeant’s Gold on our three-year-old Chihuahua-Pug mix, Penny. Even though we too washed off the product within an hour of application (when she started acting oddly) she drooled incessantly, ran about in a daze, suffered from incontinence and had a number of nervous tics for well over a 24-hour period. Please DO NOT use this product!

  46. Don’t buy anything Sergeant’s!! My husband bought it for fleas and ticks for the dog and the cat. And put it on today before he left for work. I came home to my cat in convulsions and foaming and drooling at the mouth. Our vet was not it, but lucky the vet right up the street from us was still in. He administed one pill to Noodles there in the office and we need to give him another before we go to bed. He is doing much better. He is currently taking a nap under the bench, his usual hiding spot. His convulsions were so bad from 3:30pm to 5pm, it’s 6pm now, that I was considering putting him down b/c the vet could not guarentee that he would pull through no matter what we did. SEARGANTS IS DEADLY!! AND THERE’S NOTHING WORSE THAN NOT BEING ABLE TO DO SOMETHING! What my cat went though was basically like watching someone have a seizure, but the seizure lasted a hour and a half……..DON’T TOUCH IT!

  47. Hello all,

    This is another occurence of this poison being sold as a over the counter flea killer. This is a scaring situation when Hartz and sergeant’s know this is ill fate without precaution. I will never ever buy hartz and sergeant products ever again. I have two sharpeis and both are foaming and restless beyond belief. OUR PETS have Rights TOO !!!

  48. I recently purchased Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick treatment for my pet, after getting some serious sticker shock over the cost of Frontline/Advantage. However, I was somewhat concerned that this might be a second-rate product, given how cheap it is (I paid $9.99 for 3 tubes). I decided to research the product before applying it to my cat, and all I can say now is THANK GOD! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS INFORMATION!! You may have literally saved my cat’s life.

    To all of you who have been injured by this product, my heart goes out to you. How does a product like this manage to stay on the shelves?!

  49. I’ve just went through the same problem. Bought this stuff at the local grocery and before I knew it my dog was trying to scratch himself to death and kept doing this thing with his tongue like he had peanut butter in his mouth.

    Gave him plenty of water.

    I have bathed him twice and I surely don’t have the money to take him to a vet.

    When you all mention bendryl what do you mean? allergy medicine or what? And how do you administer it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  50. I wish i had read all this before letting my husband buy this poison! that’s all it is, it is not medication, It’s POISON! my husband bought this for our puppy Max and like 1/2 an hour after he applied it he called me freaking out thinking our puppy was going to die…i went online to search and see if i could find anything that might help us and i came upon this website…i am literally in tears as i read all of your stories…my husband is talking all of this very hard, he is blaming himself for accidently poisoning our puppy…i just hope all of your pets are ok and that our Max get’s better…this is unbelieveable and not acceptable…we have to do something about it….

  51. My aunt put some Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-on for Dogs on her new dog early this morning before going to a meeting. When I got up I didn’t notice anything wrong with the dogs except that it seemed a little annoyed with the stuff on his back. I left to give my mother a ride to the airport and when I got back the dog was throwing up, foaming at the mouth, wheezing and freaking out all over the place. I wasn’t sure what was wrong until I caught him licking at it and then I knew. I gave him a bath to wash stuff off. His skin around where the stuff was put was red and swollen and looked like a big sore. While drying him off I looked up info about the product and found this site. After reading what others have said I immediately took him to the vet where they gave him a shot and some pills to take for the next few days. He is doing a lot better now and I am glad that he didn’t have to go through that crap for very long.

    I guess my aunt thought she was saving some money by buying this instead of the more expensive front line. Looks like she was wrong. The vet bill was way more than the stuff she should have bought. The worst part is that the dog had to go through that bull shit and he still has fleas.

  52. This is so annoying. My friend said she literally out 4 drops of this stuff on my dogs stomach, and was incredibly annoyed that I called her panicking bc my dog was basically dry heaving and foaming at the mouth and rubbing up against the floor. My advise is to not EVER go with the cheap stuff and to always inform your friends or any watching ur pets to always consult or do research before applying anything to them. I feel bad bc my friend wanted to do something nice for my pet, but ignorance could have killed my dog. Ugh.. This product is crap. And I’m going to have to call the store or go in to give my two cents as well.. My dog seems to be doing ok now.. The foaming and weezing seemed to have stopped immediately after bathing her.. She is still making wierd sounds, like deep moaning, which I’ve never heard and scares me, and licking her lips. But none the less better.. Although her stomach is red and she seems very weak. The hairs on her stomach where it was supposedly applied have also come off… Not sure what to do. I’ve been up for two hours so far, and I guess will wait and see if anything else happens.

  53. Used Sargent’s gold on my 2 English cockers. Within 1/2 hour both were agitated and drooling profusely. This is Sunday, only emergency vets open. Called poison control number on box. Disassociated technician gave rudimentary advice to wash dogs and give chicken stock, to ‘wash the taste from thier mouthes’ They are both unusually hyper right now (hour after bath, 1 quart of chix stock). I’ll be visiting the vet no-matter-what tomorrow. These dogs are involved in field trials and hunt tests. They are 2 years old and I have well over 10 thousand dollars invested in them. Money was not a factor in selecting this product, frankly I never looked at the price. It was convenient for me to buy it at the grocery. (I did read the package, and applied it properly.) I’ll never use a Sargent product again, and will forever re-tell this account and encourage everyone interested to stay away.

  54. i can’t believe how many of we pet owners have gone through/are going through this! i am infuriated!!! i don’t think it’s too much to ask that if a product is being sold at the store, not some shady corner market but a chain store like CVS in my case, that the consumer should be able to assume it’s safety.
    i normally only use frontline or advantage – both products work wonderfully and neither of my dogs, in 10 years of owning them, have reacted to either brand of flea medicine. but, due to my current financial destitution, i could barely even afford the $14.00 Sergeant’s wanted for their over the counter medicine. still, i couldn’t bare to see my dogs itch from fleas, so i went with this cheaper stuff and figured at worst it just wouldn’t kill the fleas. MY GOD WAS I WRONG.
    my “younger” dog, glasgow, who’s 10 years old is really, really sick – miserably and frighteningly sick. just about an hour after putting the sergeant’s gold on him, he started having a hacking cough – which he still has. he’s now coughing up a watery fluid. and he’s lethargic, which is NOT normal for him, not even at 10. and he’s having seizures, as well as burning skin. i’ve washed him several times over, and still he’s miserable. this is only day 2, also.
    my older dog, bailey, is shaking uncontrollably and is having trouble standing.
    these dogs are not just my dogs – i’m a single woman who’s gone through a lot, the death of both parents and her fiancee and my dogs have been my only constant companions, my best friends, through all of this. and this evil company, sergeant’s, has the NERVE, the f*#%*#g NERVE to continue to sell this product, to make money off of us?!?!?!?! there MUST be a way to get them in trouble, to get this evil poison off the shelves!!! how could this be so difficult after reading story after story?!?!
    my prayers go out to everyone who’s posted here and to the many more pet owners who have yet to google this evil poison and post their own stories. i’m so angry and disgusted right now – and frustrated, too.

  55. our 3 yr old 40lb aussie/shepard mix is having many of these same symptoms after we applyed the sargents gold flea/tick gel. unlike a lot of you with initial reactions, my dog started reacting about 12 hours after the application. being very clumsy, twitching, heavy breathing, almost like she was out of control of herself, convustions, she almost fell down the stairs which is nothing like her. we got suspicous of the sargents and we gave her 2 baths already, and many treats and bynadril and h2o and a baby motrin…now we are trying to get her to sleep.
    i can not belive this product is out for people to buy…i am sickened from the thought of all these animals going through this horrible suffering because some scum wants to make a few extra bucks on their product. its almost midnight now, im sure i will be up all night w our beloved pooch. everyone here needs to get this stuff out of the stores.., i am going to do everything i can to help save other innocent pets out there. these shameful people know what this procuct does, but continue to sell it for use?? how can that be possible!!? what is wrong with people?…..

  56. I purchased sergeants gold flea and tick squeeze today trying to save a few dollars. we have a severe flea problem in our yards. i applied it as reccomended to both of my 40 pound queensland heelers at about three o’clock pm after running some more errands my wife and i got home and had dinner and went to bed. my male cryed all night. i thought he just wanted to come in the bedroom. i wouldn’t let him on the bed because of the fleas. as it turned out he was panting heavily, drooling excessively and his skin was hot to the touch, also he would chase his but like something was messing with him, then turn around as far as he could and chew on himself. the female was having similar reactions although not as severe. at about 2 in the morning we knew something was wring and assuming it was the flea meds, went gave him a bath with shampoo, i then went online and was blown away at all of these postings about this product. the silver lining is: these postings were very helpful, i bathed them both 2 more times with dishsoap and gave them both benadryl and they seem to be feeling alittle better. it is now 4;30 in the morning on a sunday night, and i have to be at work in a couple of hours. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT.

  57. I used to use Frontline on my two dogs but decided to try Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze On instead. Both dogs are between 5-12 lbs so I only put a few DROPS on, right between the ears. Within a few hours, one dog started reacting terribly – running around like his skin was on fire. He couldn’t sit still and started scratching his ears and kept turning around as though his back was itching. Around 11pm it got worse. He would try to lie down and convulse, his legs just spasming. I was in tears trying to comfort him. What’s ironic is that I thought he had fleas or mites but found nothing. Then I looked online to see what the side effects could be from the Sergeants and was shocked to see how many people went through this. I immediately gave him 3 baths in hand soap (I didn’t have Dawn and the stores were closed). By now it was 2am and I was on the phone with Sergeants emergency hotline. The woman sounded as though this was common and told me not to believe everything I read on the internet. It seems like they have a protocol of exactly what to say so their company does not look bad. She said to wash him in Dawn and within 24 hours he’ll be better. I demanded that they pay for any vet bills and they said they would. They didn’t even try to argue about it, which make me think this happens often. I decided to bathe him a few times and then bought children’s Benadryl and Dawn soap in the morning (I was up ALL night with him). I gave him the medicine, washed him again and fed him chicken broth, lots of liquids and treated his skin with vitamin E. Thank goodness he is starting to feel better (going on the second day). I will NEVER use that product or anything that company makes. I also will write a letter to Wal-mart (where I purchased this) to inform them of what happened. I never have seen my dog in such agony. Do not take chances with this product. It is not worth the money you think you will be saving.

  58. Unfortunately, I am going through the same horror this evening that the rest of you have had with this product. I bought it at a local Kroger store this evening and applied it to both of our poodles. They are both running all over and scratching like crazy. Their eyes look funny too like they have some kind of intoxication…hard to explain. They have had 4 baths each and I am applying vitamin E oil to their necks (This is what the represenative at the 800 number on the box said to do). I am just watching them close and trying to decide whether I should take them to the vet or not. I certainly wish that I would have seen this site before I ever bought this horrible stuff. I can’t believe with all of these issues, they are still allowed to sell it!

  59. june 1, 2009 @11pm
    I, too, used this product sergeants gold flea & tick for my 3yr old chiahuaha (puppy luv).unknowingly. I put this on at mon night at 11pm.She was acting strange all night – she was restless and she couldent stop itching.then about 6 hrs later I put her in the bath.she then became very hyper.then I gave her another bath 3 hrs later. The only thing that seemed to soothe her was if I kept gently rubbing her belly,. Whenever I stopped she would start twinching and kicking her legs.right now its 7pm tues.and she finally started drinking her water and eating her food.shes still a bit restless. I cant believe that they would have a product like this on store shelfs! Unwillingly, I poisoned my puppy luv.

  60. I sure wish I had done my research first… we have two long hair chihuahuas, about 9 pounds. The older one, Sunny, has been treated for years using the Hartz brand flea and tick. The younger one, Wiley, was treated once, no problems. Yesterday was the time for treatment and I only had one packet left, so I went to town and bought the Sergeant’s Gold Pro squeeze-on. It was actually an upgrade as this stuff killed larva and eggs. Wiley began convulsing about 3 hours later with same reaction as everyone else. Sunny was fine. This morning, after 4 hours with the vet last night and an anti-convulsive medicine, Wiley is fine, but I feel so guilty that I almost killed my dog… Something needs to be done about this stuff!

  61. I wish I had seen this site sooner. During the Memorial Day weekend, we were out of town and not having had the time to go to our local vet for Frontline, I purchased the Sergeant’s Flea and Tick squeeze on for my two dogs. What a mistake! My dogs had a horrible reaction to the chemicals. We ended up seeing a vet in the vacation area, the emergency vet that evening due to complications, and our local vet upon returning home. Our vet costs have exceeded $600.00 but thankfully our dogs are now doing much better. Our pug had the worst of it and developed sores all over her neck where the chemicals seemed to eat at her skin. We will never use Sergeant’s products again.

  62. i gave my two dogs this flee and tick medication and now they keep wining and running around rubbing there nose on everything and leaving it soaked i tried to wash it all off with dish soap i did this twice for each dog and its not helping at all and theres nothing more i can do im only 17 years old and i dont have a vet or the money to take them to one i am scared for my dogs everytime my dogs cry i cry im so sad the i might lose them because i got this and put it on them because i heard it was good now i just want to scream

  63. OMG cant anybody sue or somehow shut this god damn company down… my two small dogs are finally fine after a night of horror after seeing them with all these reactions. i really didnt know what do to…. why do they still sell this crap…i wish someone can do something…thank god for this website

  64. I write this after having used Sergeant’s Gold on my corgi several days ago. The odd behavior started with him finding very strange places in the house to lie down – places where he’d never rested before. I noticed the panting on several different occasions, but it was warm and I thought he was just hot with his thick fur. The last 3 days he’s hardly had a moment’s peace or rest. Whining/crying (which he never does) and constantly jerking his head around to try to bite/scratch the area where I applied this garbage. He is SO uncomfortable/tormented. Now I notice he’s twitching and breathing harder than normal, and SHEDDING – oh, how he’s been shedding the last few days – just terrible!. I am SO ANGRY! He gets some temporary relief when I comb/brush him, but sometimes his entire coat shakes/moves really weird when he’s brushed. I gave him a bath yesterday morning, to no avail. Bought some hydrocortisone spray for dogs, which helped a little bit but with very temporary relief. He was in the lake today, very itchy afterward. Got another bath tonight and hydrocortisone spray. Tonight he started with the twitching and heavy breathing. I cannot believe this stuff is to toxic and still for sale.

  65. After treating my Yorkie with Hartz flea and tick I ended up in the emergency clinic with him. The vet would not talk against the Hartz but some things he said let me know its bad stuff. Its time to get something started to get this product off the market.I know a really good lawyer if anyone wants to start a class action lawsuit. Hartz thinks only about the money they can make off these products and do not care about any outcome from using them, to them its only animals not beloved pets that are like members of my family. Hopefully everthing will be OK after tonight for my Rocky. Its time to call some newspaper reporters and see if we can get this out to the public.

  66. I think there would be others who would join in a class action suit as well. Another gentleman set up a site including videos as to what flea shampoo did to his lab a few weeks ago as it died because of the poisons used in the shampoo. Both Hartz & Sargents use these poisons and both are equally guilty in how they delude the public at large into thinking their products are good to use when in fact they are not.
    They claim they comply with government regulations, which means that is another area to be addressed as those regulations need to be changed in order to protect the public from using these products on their pets.
    Just the fact that they sell them, instills trust in the people who bought them with the good intentions of helping their pets. No one would buy them to intentionally harm their animals.
    AS to how people apply them, many make mistakes as the printing on these cards is small and the warnings not looking more than a required disclaimer that is not taken too seriously as the only thing a pet owner wants to accomplish is to rid their pet of the fleas.
    I had a tube of Sargents in a drawer out of the packaging for a few weeks along with another package of Hartz. I was waiting to get more so I could treat all our pets at the same time, but 2 cats got out and they brought fleas in the house and infected my other cat who never had been out nor ever had fleas before. Each cat had a flea collar on that were only a month old so that showed me that their flea collars were junk.
    Feeling sorry for my cat as she was scratching so much, I took that one single dose tube of flea drops out of the draw and first put a few drops on the backs of the necks of the other two cats and then the last 2 drops on my cat. This was a single dose application, but spread over 3 cats so if anything it should have been weaker not stronger.
    The other 2 cats seemed okay but 3 hours later mine was foaming at the mouth and seizing and convulsing necessitating emergency vet care that saved her life but cost $485
    A few days later I noticed our larger cat was vomiting alot and kept vomiting all week. Now 2 weeks later our white cat is beginning to seem sick.So that means they each have had some sort of reaction, my grey cat being the smallest had the most severe.
    I cant help but wonder what a full dose would have done!
    I thought the Sargents tube was a puppy doze so I thought I had put puppy flea drops on her so I wrote that I used puppy drops on her but still thought it was something I could have done since their other meds for worms is the same. I thought all flea drops were the same but found out that the one poison has a buffer to make it work in dogs but is toxic for cats.
    I felt horrible that since I assumed I had used puppy drops, I thought I was wrong and at fault but my son let me know that that tube we got at the discount store was cat flea drops, even though the wrapper was gone.
    Now after reading many other accounts from other people who did apply the drops or shampoos right and their animals still died or needed hospitalizations, shows that problem is in the products themselves which is a big money maker for the corporations that could easily switch ingredients to non toxic ones.
    It would cut into their profits so they rather let animals suffer and die than to do the right thing and make safer products for consumers.
    In my case the wrapper was discarded weeks before the product was used and the tube was given to the vet and later disposed of so I dont have the ‘evidence’ any longer but I would certainly be willing to provide the vet records [and bill!] and testify as to what happened to my cat. I am sure other victims would testify too, especially if it would lead to new regulations and new ingredients that prove to be safer.

  67. I was in the grocery store shopping and I decided to get some shampoo for Shadow my dog, and then I remembered I needed to get some Hartz flea and tick stuff. I started looking for Hartz but could not find it the only thing I found for a dog that is over 60 pounds was Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze, so I bought it. Shadow is a Shepard mix and a large dog. I gave her a bath and then I applied this Sergeants Gold to her. The first signs that something was wrong I kind of dismissed thinking I got water in her ears and that was why she was shaking her head. Then I noticed that she kept moving her teeth over her tongue over and over. Which I thought was happening because and scratched her back and I saw her lick her feet.Shadow started drooling and frothing at the mouth and whining and throwing up. I called my sister and I had her look up this product and immediately started freaking out because all of your posts on this horrible product. I did everything that you guys said to do and almost instantly she started feeling better. I used almost a hole thing of dawn on her and went to the store and bought chicken broth and gave it to her. She still had the head shaking thing going on until I went to sleep but I got up and checked on her all night and she was doing well. I cannot believe this product is still being sold at stores. When I called the 1800 number they basically tried to make me feel like this was my fault saying i did not apply it right and all of this. The package is rather large and that stuff is really oily I didn’t even use the whole tube I would say maybe half of the tube. Then I took a dry rag and rubbed some of it off. So it wasn’t like I applied the whole thing to her. That stuff is potent. I always check and read packages before I give my dog anything. I also let her know that this must be something that happens all of the time because so many people have had these issues with their product. Something needs to happen. What if i left after giving her a bath and something happened to her. This is crazy. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Wish I found this site sooner. Feel so bad that I put it on my dog. He’s been acting like he’s on wild fire, foaming at the mouth , doesn’t want anything to drink , bathe in this medication that got for the cat when he had ring worn and that helped. so hoping this helps , but maybe i should use the dish detergent. 🙁 Let’s hope for the best that it wears off in a day or two. … He never wants to go outside and right now because it’s so cool he wants to stay out there and take walks constantly. , hmm hope the benedryl don’t make him fall asleep out there.

  69. After I gave him the baths and the benedryl the next day he seems to back to his normal self and lazy and not wanting to go outside but for his daily walk. He’s not pacing the house like a mad dog now. So hoping for the best. I don’t want to go through that again. Last night I couldn’t get him to stay in one place. Hopefully he’ll eat today and drink his water. that’s my only worry right now. he ate his bones so thats a good I think. 🙂 I hope these companies pay for their stupidity. If there is ever a lawsuit please notify me. Be glad to help in any way.

  70. My dog, Sacha, almost died from Sergeant’s Gold flea medication. Like many people, I had no idea that I was using a deadly toxin on my animal.

    An hour after applying the medication she began throwing up and stumbling. I called the 800 number on the box and they told me she was having a reaction to the medication. I was advised to wash her with liquid dishsoap. While I was washing her, she began having muscle spasms. Then she started having seizures. I rushed her to the emergency vet. Her temperature was high enough to cause brain and organ damage. It took the vet over 24 hours to control her seizures. Up until this morning she was still unable to walk or control her muscle movement.

    Sacha spent 3 days at the vet fighting for her life. The vet even told us they didn’t think she would make it and to be prepared to put her to sleep. Luckily, she survived. The vet today told me she is a miracle dog.

    I hope by telling my story I can help save other animals lives.

    I have started a Facebook group called, Poison Free Pets. I hope with the group I can spread awareness about these deadly products.

  71. I given my Cat, the flea and tick controll for Cats yestersday. I noticed she wasnt eating, she slept behaind the sofa, and could hardly raise her head. All within 5 hours. I reserched the product, and when I found out how deadly this product actually is, i took her stright to the vet. She had multipul sezisures, and is now barly alive. She was given medication, and is still at the vet under a close eye. I am very upset and Very Very hurt that the manifacture is still selling theis product. I hope that i will be picking up my cat alive soon.

  72. my freind applied sergeant gold flea & tick to his dog around 10am. a 60lb. mixed breed within an hour the dog the dog started acting strange & very lathargic. that night night around 9:pm he calls me & says the dog can not walk & is having seizers we rush him to the vet & well you know the story 500 bucks the dog is better thank GOD!!!!!!! THIS STUFF IS LEATHEL. DO NOT USE!!!!!!

  73. You guys need to pay better attention to your pets! Would you give a human child HALF of your Medication? Here take half my Vicodin to a 5 year old for an injured knee? Follow the weight guidelines Idoit.
    If you love your pets as much as you claim why wouldnt you have taken your pet to the vet to get treated professionally? I am just SICK of reading how you blatantly disregarded instrustions and then have the nerve to complain.
    If there was a Pet Walfare Service you would lose your pets. Stop using a scape dog.

  74. Yepp, it’s all true. gave both of my 2 shitzus that poison and its all horrible. My dog is in pain and we gave her benadryl gave her 2 baths. the other one seemed to be ok but then all of a sudden started twitching like the other one. so we through her in the shower too. this is terrible

  75. I am outraged by this whole mess. I, like all of you purchased this poison without doing the research. I had no idea what I was in for. My dog Peanut had the erratic behavior of digging and scratching and acting like she was on fire. She couldn’t keep still. I didn’t even realize why she was acting that way since I didn’t make the connection that it was Sergeant’s Gold that I put on her 3 hrs earlier. When I went to check on line, it finally occurred to me that she was having an allergic reaction to this product. I gave her a bath and took her to the emergency vet. The vet was not surprised at all when I told her the product name. Peanut was up all night and so was I. Peanut is my child and I would gladly suffer for her, if I could. It was agony watching her in pain all night. She is still suffering the effects of this poison and the vet says she will more than likely feel this way for about 3-4 days. I’m going to make it my mission to get this product off the shelves. I can’t believe how many complaints there are for this product and it’s still being sold. If it wasn’t for the vet telling me that this was very common, I would be blaming myself. I thought this was an isolated incident. I do feel guilty but now my guilt has turned into anger. I am hoping to bring this company down through any legal means possible. Hopefully, no other pets will suffer like ours did. I hope all your furry companions recovered. Let’s pray my Peanut does.

  76. We just went thru the same thing as everyone else here. Our two Pekingese just got a little bit of liquid from the same tube of Sergeant’s Gold flea & tick Squeeze-on. Thank goodness we did not give each one more of this horrible product. They were both wimpering and very agitated all night long. We had to rub them just so they could bear the tingling of their central nervous system. The 1-800-781-4738 Seargeant’s Hotline told us to bath the dogs three times with a mild dishwash soap and apply vitamin E to the area that got the liquid applyed. This morning they are finally able to sleep, but are still twitching and very agitated. The box says it is for dogs 9 lb. to 20 lb. Our two dogs weigh 13 and 14 lbs. Thank goodness we only applied a small bit. THIS PRODUCT IS BAD STUFF!

  77. I found few fleas on my 1yr old mini poodle/pomeranian mix.
    I went to CVS and found Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick squeeze over the counter. I feel so dumb that I was actually glad to found this cheap and convinient treatment.

    After applying this to my dog, she acted so weird, including running around restlessly, scratching, licking her paws, panting, breathing heavily, and moaning. I was so stunned first I did not know what to do first. I bathed her with her usual shampoo and gave her a tiny little dose of benadryl pill mixed with water.

    She had trouble breathing and calming down but she finally fell asleep after HECTIC 2 hours.


  78. Oh my gosh. It’s August 25th 2009. I put this on my pitbull husky around 6:30. He is sensitive to flea medicine anyway. He was crying from his kennel at 9:30 and would not go to sleep. I went down stairs and he was frothing at the mouth. I let him outside and he immediatly ate grass. Then he came in and vomited. I looked up Sergeant’s Gold and I am very worried and disturbed. I have given him a bath in dishsoap and am about to give him another. My mother is on her way with chicken soup and benedryl. I live in a small town and you better believe Price Chopper is going to hear about this. This is rediculous. He better be okay. He is a family member. No wonder the damn stuff kills fleas. It just about kills your dog doing it.

  79. I too have had a bad experience with Hartz Gold flea and tick squeeze. I found ONE flea on my 12lb terrier and decided time to pull out the medication. We too usually use Frontline but we were out of it and my husband (unknowingly) bought this product. I placed it on her at approx 10am on Sunday, 8/23. By noon she was running around the house and rubbing her back on the sofa and rolling around on the floor. I thought she was just trying to rub off the medication (well duh, yeah she was). Sunday night we decided to give her a bath. Monday she was still not herself. Still rolling on the floor, scratching and licking her paws. Took her to the vet and he said he NEVER recommends Hartz products! She had a couple of shots so he gave me a perscription for Prednisone. She got a dose on Monday, Tues, Wed. Wednesday her skin was still ‘crawling’! She was still licking and scratching and is visually uncomfortable. I called the vet and he told me to double up on the dose, one in the am and one in the evening. Here it is Friday and she is still no better.
    Please help take this poison off the market and store shelves! Any ideas or info on how to do this would be greatly appreciated!!!

  80. This happened to our dogs too, all that is stated above. I am going to get to the end of this. Why in the world is this still on the shelves at the stores? DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I used this product on my begal ‘buddy’ and puggle ‘puppy’. Both of them shook and cried and foamed at the mouth and looked to me as if to say “Why did you do this to me mom?”
    I washed and washed them. This is not the worst part… my two kitties, ‘sweetie-pie’ and ‘sour-puss’ are my two dogs best freinds. They all sleep together and lie together, my two cats had a horrible evening, ‘sweetie-pie’ must have actually licked some of the product, he was having grandmal seziers (sp)and throwing fits all night, drooling and crying eyes full saucers with no color but black full open and scarry, I thought he would die. Thank goodness cat’s have 9 lives, I think he used two of them last night. I held him close to me all night and forced water hopefully to dilute the poison. How could I have been so careless and irresponsible as to have trusted a brand name to have been safe? What was I thinking?

  82. The same thing happened to my Chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund), Bentley. He spent the night in an emergency vet ($500) and he is still recovering. I’ve emailed my local radio stations and news stations to get the word out and I will be following up on this. I’m making signs to put in the stores around my town next to that awful product to warn people! Spread the word any way you know how. If they aren’t going to take this product sells, then I’m going to make sure no one buys it! Bless all of you and your precious pets!

    And to ^GINA: We do pay attention to our pets, you arrogant bitch. I followed the instructions on the box exactly, as I’m sure 90% of the other people did. We would never do anything to intentionally hurt our pets. Is it so much to ask that when we buy something it works? Is it so much to ask that we not have to google every product we purchase to see if there are any adverse effects? This product whether used correctly or not is a terrible product. It doesn’t kill fleas and ticks, it kills your pets. It needs to be taken off the market. But, if you really think that this many people are not following instructions and therefore hurting our pets, then I encourage you to give Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze a try. Really…go ahead.

  83. TODAY, I gave it to 2 of my chihuahuas… 1 of them started throwing up tons of clear liquid. Both proceeded to twitch and scratch around like they were going insane. I had my husband google the product and bang, tons of other people had the same issue. I washed both of them in semi-cold water….with my gentle shampoo…then rubbed honey all over…then rinsed them. I had to nurse them both all day!!!! I am calling the company tomorrow and will make sure to get the product off the market, I will sue this company if I can! I will also call PETA and let them know. I am so pissed off. I just fed them both honey and will give them childrens benadryl. Please, do not use this product!!!!!!
    I want to sue them.. I need anyone and everyone to help
    [email protected].. sign a petition, help me get this off the shelves!!!!

  84. I gave my 3 year old Maltese Max The Sergeants Gold (poison)
    I spent 20 minutes in the store reading the box trying to make sure it was safe for my dog. Within 1 hour he was panting, vomiting, pacing all night long. In the morning he started licking his paw and his back left leg looked as if he as have leg cramps. I am very up set. I wish I would have saw this web site before I gave that mess to my poor little 10 lb dog. I called my vet the next day and he told he does not recommend using that type of treatment because it is toxic to dog. And to give him a bath right away. Which I did and also gave him 1/2 of a benadryl. He is finally sleeping. I will be call the company and giving them a piece of my mind. I have made sure I told all my friends not to use this poison. Something needs to be done. I also plan to call my local TV station to complain and the BBB. I know the company is aware of all these complants put are ignorning them. I am also going to write the company along with calling them.

  85. Last night around 11 I applied Sargeants Gold for small dogs to my Shitzu. I was up all night with him, he was in absolute agony. He was weezing, restless- pacing and twitching, salivating at the mouth, itching, whining, yelping and crying. His skin was irritated and red on his back. I bathed him a total of 7 times (the only time he acted sane and calm was when he was covered in Dawn dishwashing soap, which I used the last 4 times I bathed him.) I also gave him two doses of benedryl and a baby asprin over the course of the night. I also gave him chicken broth as I read in one of your posts that your vet said it helps draw out the poison. I called the Emergency Vet at 3:00 am because he wasn’t getting any better and she said I could bring him in but it was $100 upfront just to see him. I decided at that point to give him a second dose of benedryl. I can’t believe the people that make this stuff can live with themselves. Thanks to all of you for sharing your experience. I was terrified last night, but my lil’ Chuey survived thanks to all of you sharing your stories.

  86. yes i used this also, and my cat started shaking and licking her mouth, then i gave her a bath thinking i put to much of this on her ,and she is still shaking and has spit up once she is laying in are bedroom i am keeping a eye on her me and my little girl. I looked the name of this flea stuff and i found this,I want my SUNDAY to be OK thats her name.Thanks for this i am going to put the rest i have in the trash.

  87. This is all so terrible! But thank God for you all and this website! I applied a tube of Sergent’s Gold to my six mos. old cat, Desi, this evening at 9. At about 10:30, I noticed she was acting a little off. She was much more hyperactive than usual for that time of night and was playing aggressively with me unprovoked. Just because I am an obsessive gooogler, I looked up “cat flea medicine hyper”. Y’all’s testimonies are impossible to ignore (and also, the first 3 websites about this product are equally damning!) I proceeded to wash Desi twice with detergent. While my roommate and I were searching for some benedryl, Desi started foaming at the mouth and twitching so wildly she was thrown in the air. Though she’d twitch and didn’t want to be touched at all, I wrapped her in a blanket and held her in my lap. A late night call to our friend the Vet, he told us that after bathing her, all he would do was let her sleep in a dark room and keep an eye on her. Obviously I barely slept, I was so worried for her! Our sweet pets are victims, but so are we. This morning Desi is back to her affectionate self, even if she’s a little subdued. It could have been so much worse if not for all of you.

    My boyfriend’s a law student and found the case brought against this company on Lexus Nexus, though apparently it was thrown out because the symptoms reported weren’t consistent enough. I couldn’t believe that! I knew immediately after reading just a handful of y’all’s reports what was happening to my pet. Regardless, I am going to visit my local supermarket I purchased this product from and tell them about what happened. I live in a college town and I hope I can spare other broke, naive college students from accidentally hurting their pets!

  88. I picked up “SERGEANTS GOLD” for my golden retriever today and 10min after the application he was foaming from the mouth. I wasn’t sure of the problem, and then vomit proceeded. Poison control told me to hydrate him best I could, however; my dog wasn’t taking in anything. Continuous drool was to follow and then loss of muscle control. My dog literally could not walk or stand it was so sad to see. Hours passed before he was back to normal function, and just think all this because he licked a spot where sergeants gold was applied!!! I discourage anyone from ever getting this product , and I will forever stay far far away from SERGEANTS GOLD.

  89. hello, this is terrible i just put this product on my 8 month old lsapo aspo pug. one hour later she was drooling so bad and pacing around. i searched the web to see what could be wrong with her and this came up. i cant see why this product is on the market. i called the 800 number they recomended, dawn dish soap. with a company this big you think you could of trusted there products. not even a warning label anywhere on the package. i hope and pray she gets better, i hope everyone elses dog turns out to be fine. what a horrible thing for these precious dogs to go through. i am appalled with the company. katie

  90. My wife put the sergeants”gold” flea poison on our family dog Pixie(that I bought at cvs) at around 11:00am,by 3:00pm of the same day she Pix got sick and vomited over and over again.Pixie started shaking and could not walk in a stright line,we gave Pixie three baths and a children’s benedryl.My poor dog thinks she did something wrong,when in fact it was us that did her wrong.All we can do now is watch her close and if she does not get better soon take her to the vet.Pixie’s family Scott,Kathi and Mac Allan.

  91. I started using Hartz Ultra Guard Ear Mite treatment on my Yorkie on November 20th, 2009 and continued use all the way up to November 26th the day of thanksgiving. On that same day I applied Sergeant’s Gold flea & tick squeeze on for dogs on my yorkie at exactly 1pm and then a couple of hours later I noticed my dog scratching like crazy, rolling all over the floor, crying, and biting himself and tremendous digging… He never acted like this it was so unusual and out of his character! He kept trying to rub his bottom on everything he could find so I took him outside for a walk and figured maybe he needed to use the bathroom. He kept rubbing his face in the grass as well as trying to eat the grass and still crying and drooling,he did not use the bathroom at all! I still thought that maybe it was the fleas that were causing him to react this way so I took him in the house and gave him a bath using Hartz Ultra Guard Rid flea & Tick shampoo and after I washed him and dried him off it seemed like things got worse, he continued to bit himself, roll all over the house, and cry constantly as if he was trying to tell me something! At exactly 9pm I rushed him to the Emergency Animal hospital and found out he had an allergic reaction to Sergeant’s Gold squeeze on as well as the Hartz shampoo and to make matters worse he also received an ear infection because of the Hartz ear mite treatment!!! My dog had to receive 2 shots and oral medication and antibiotics, as well as ear ointment and my bill was $260 leaving the hospital! Luckily the Dr told me I came in just in time because things could have been much worse and my dog could have died! Those products have so many chemicals in them and are basically POISON AND NEED TO BE TAKEN OFF THE SHELVES!! THE DR TOLD ME HE NEVER RECOMMENDS HARTZ OR SERGEANT’S GOLD PRODUCTS NOTHING OVER THE COUNTER for any dogs but he does recommend Advantage and Frontline! WE NEED TO CONTINUE TO TRY AND SEEK ACTION AND GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF BUSINESS AND GET THESE PRODUCTS OFF THE SHELVES BECAUSE WE ARE THE VOICES FOR OUR PETS!!

  92. We applied Sergeants gold to our two mineture schnausners christmas day and they both started itching and running around legs jumping. Didn’t get the stuff washed off until two days later. They have been bathed three times which hasn’t helped. We’ve been to the vet three times and he has given them prednisone and bendydryl with no help finally he gave them a shot which does’nt seem to help much. We are still giving them bendydryl and spraying them with a topical called relief which helps some. The weather is in the upper twenties here and the dogs would rather be outside. The male buba weighs about eigtheen pnds won’t eat its dog food and jumps around like he has cebral palsy. Sophie won’t eat either. She lays there scratching and her hind legs jumping.
    We havn’t slept hardly for aweek because of their licking and jumping around.
    Does anyone out there have anything that will help.
    If there is a class action law suit goning on let me know I will gladly join.

  93. My grandma gave our four dogs the Sergeants Gold flea and tick squeeze-on for dogs 9-20lbs and ALL of them had a reaction. Not just one, ALL four dogs. They were restless, running around, whining, just like all the other comments here on the website.
    My 5 year old chihuahua has a big bald spot on her back where she had a scab from the drops.
    How can they continue to sell this?
    I am just happy all of our dogs are alive.

  94. Hello, my 2 dogs and cat are suffering the same problems as listed. If their is a lawsuit on this please contact me via email. I’ve been searching this product for about 2 hours on the net and reading these posts that go back to early 2008 and cannot believe that they still have this product on the market after all this time! My poor animals are suffering due to negligance. I am horrified at all the animals that are going thru this..

  95. I am a class action lawyer in the San Francisco area, investigating the toxicity of Hartz and Sargaent flea products and the possibility of filing a class action against the company. I am very sorry for your loss. Please contact me if you would like to talk about your experience and help us get these prodcuts off the market once and for all.

    Thanks very much.

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

  96. My 7lb Chuhuaha received the flea squeeze in mid September of 2009. He made a “sad sound” when I put it on him. My fiance said to leave it on..so I did, for 2 days! Finally, I had enough of watching his suffering. So I bathed him, he seemed a bit relieved… and the next day I bathed him again, and finally, the day after that, a 3rd time. The damage has been done. He pretty much slept for the next 3 weeks. He couldn’t walk very well and was very sore in his sides. We’ve had the little guy to the Vet several times, he’s had cortizone shots and some anti-biotics ~ 3 rounds now…his side pain has subsided but the constant sinus problem are persistant…we have to keep the Vicks machine on most the time to keep his mucus in his nose to a minimum so he can breathe… ~ this comes and goes… It is mid Febuary 2010 so this has been going on 5 months now and there is no let up. No real healing. Damn you Sargents! Make your small print BIGGER! ADD a WARNING and DIRECTIONS of what to do if the animal begins to show signs of shutting down or suffering… How do you people live inside your own heads justifying your product as the cause of such suffering? Not just to our animals but to us! I have told EVERYONE I know and will continue to do so. My dog is in the other room sneezing right now. He will most likely have this the rest of his life. He was a perfectly healthy dog before your poison passed through him.

  97. Came home for lunch Tuesday and decided to go ahead and give my two malti-poo’s their heartworm and flea medications. We were down to 1 tube of FrontLine so I decided to grab something from the store “to fill in” till I could get more Frontline from the vet. Big Mistake! I put the Seargents Gold on my 3 year old Taz, and the Frontline on the other. My wife called me around 6:30 pm and asked me to please come home she thought Taz had been poisened. When I got to the house I found my Taz completely out of his mind. He had thrown up several times and was red eyed and in a hyper state. His resperations were shallow and extremely fast and there was no way to tell you how fast his heart ws beating. My wife, a nurse, meanwhile had called our vet and they had started him on some childrens benadryl we had in the house. My wife called the vet back and let him know about the Seargent’s Gold I had applied at lunch. He told us to immediately wash him in dishwashing liquid 3 or 4 times till we were sure it was off, that he had been poisened. We spent a sleepless night trying to comfort our pet and met the vet at his office the next day. He gave Taz a cortizone shot and told us to continue the benadryl every four hours for the next 24 hrs. He told us we extremely lucky that he was alive and let us know he has seen worse reactions from this product. It has now been 4 days and the itching is slowly going away, but the bright eyed , energetic personality he had is gone for the time being.
    I was totally shocked when I found this site. We’re like most folks with pets. They are our family and we will do anything to protect them. I follow instructions to a T when it comes to their safety and there are too many similarities in all the stories I’ve read on this site to questions what the problem is.
    I DON’T NEED HARTZ TO HELP ME PAY MY 200.00 VET BILL AND I DON’T WON’T MY MONEY BACK, but I will forever tell any pet owner that will listen how irresponsible Hartz has been on the issues with this product and hope they come to their senses and pull this product from shelves.

  98. My husband and I were shopping in CVS when we saw some Seargents flea and tick gold drops on sale. Since Frontline is so expensive, we figured we’d buy some. We gave our Puggle an application before we went to bed. He sleeps in a crate & he woke me up crying loudly at 4:00 a.m. I went downstairs and his bed was all wet and he couldn’t get out of there fast enough. He was running around in circles rubbing his ear on the rug & crying. I knew it was a reaction. He’s hyper, but not like this. I looked online to read the syptoms of allergic reaction, when I came across this site. I couldn’t believe that it went as far back as 2008. Thank you for helping me. I immediately gave him a shower and I gave him childrens benadryl. I gave him another shower and I laid on the couch with him & it took him till 8:00 a.m.to relax. He was twitching & crying. I gave him some more benadryl this morning and hope he’s o.k. For an energetic dog, he’s just laying around now. He is eating, so I hope he’s getting better. CVS is taking the boxes back. I just hope they don’t put it back on the shelf again. I’ve told everyone I know that has a dog about this.

  99. sergeants squeeze on for 33lbs to 66lbs made my rottweiller vomet and his eyes itched him so bad that he made around his eyes bleed.i used sergeants green flea killing shampoo for years it never hurt any of my dogs but this squeeze on craps got nylar in it a chemical for killin ants i do beleave that nylar is the problem in the squeeze on but its also what makes it kill fleas so well.but killing fleas at the price of making my dog sick id say heavens no. i love my dogs im going to wash my dog with dawn dish soap with also kills fleas and roaches.dawn is safe on the skin.and if u mix it in a spray bottle with water itll mess a roach up they look like there having seizures it shuts off there breathing threw there spiralicals witch is a roach bugs lungs. p.s god bless!!!!!!!!!

  100. My yorkie Gizzy had an allergic reaction to Hartz flea and tick shampoo and developed skin yeast infection and staph infection from this shampoo! I spent 255 dollars on vet bills for him its a shame that this company can sleep at night knowing the hazards in this product. I dont blame stores for selling this product i blame the company HARTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. used the Sargeants Gold flea and tick on my 12 yr old house beagle for the first time. Usually don’t use anything but heavy tick season. After a few hours we had thunderstorms and he was getting restless. Assumed that was it. He had a small tumor on his side, fatty, but suddenly that evening he began the same symptoms as described above…panting, restless, whimpering, can hardly walk. He is in pain. The vet gave him a shot of dexamethasone and some pain killers this morning (thank God he opens on Sundays) and said there is a toxicity problem with the Sargeants. I didn’t know. Am going to try the baths and maybe some benadryl or may call back to the vet.
    This product should be banned.

  102. Wow. I was just going to buy some of this for my dog. She’s extremely allergic to fleas, and so far sergeant gold’s has been the only thing that’s worked for her. My dog has never had any of these symptoms. I guess we’re lucky. Still, after reading this I’m never buying it again. Does anyone have a good recommendation for other flea medicine for dogs? I would appreciate it. Also I’m so sorry to everyone who’s pet was affected by this medicine.

  103. I put the Sergents Gold on in AM befor I left for work and arrived home 8hrs laater to find my 13Lb chihuahua yorkie mix had thrown up, was shaking like he was wet, and walking sideways. What the HELL is wrong with these companies!!!!!!!1

  104. My 4 yr old, 12 lb chihuahua/ australian terrier had the wheezing, burping (as if he was going to throw up), excessive itching, redness in spots, even his whines and whimpers had a different tone of voice (if that makes sense). I used Sergeant’s Gold flea & tick squeeze-on, and so far I’ve had to wash my dog w/ dishwashing liquid twice, give him benadryl; and now I have to constantly rub him cause of the itching. He only seems to itch now…I AM PISSED. If I had lost this dog, it truly would’ve broken my heart. Thanks to everyone involved w/ this webnsite, it helped out a lot.

  105. I feel terrible- I put this on my dog, Cooper, a few days ago and he is a completely different dog. He used to be so happy and hyper and now he just is crying and running around in circles and scratching his back. I have given him three baths, given him some benadryl and I have a vet appointment tomorrow. I called Seargents and was so sick to my stomach when I heard the customer service call menu… press 1 if you have a concern about one of our products, press 2 if you have a medical emergency- press 3 for general- ARE YOU SERIOUS? I work in marketing and public relations and let me tell you – unless I am a hospital, I do not want those as my main consumer product options on our call line. I am shocked at how they handled my complaint especially since I was almost in tears – they act like it’s normal and asked if I tried using Dawn to get the product off his back… All I could think of is those poor animals in the gulf after the oil spill and yet I DID THIS TO MY DOG. I research everything but figured since this was marketed at major stores that it had to be okay. So frustrating that they can still sell a product like this – and keep people employed on their customer service lines. They have to be so incredibly depressed every day to go home after listening to person after person deal with a severely ill animal. Please keep me posted on any potential lawsuits. I can’t believe I put this on my dog-

  106. Well yesterday I was at savemart and saw the sergents silver got it for our 9lb terrier mix, usually use frontline but was out and vet was closed. So I figured its a name brand so it should work for the one itty bitty flea we found. Bad idea put it on her like at 8pm, just a little though since she is small and went to take my children a bath. Good thing I didn’t use the whole tube who knows what would of happened. My husband and I heard her running around the carpet like a crazy dog. My husband came out of the restroom and was like somethings wrong with bella, she is rubbing her ears and neck on the carpet. I came out to take a look and she was running all over the place wimpering and rubbing the sofa and fireplace with her back. First thing that came to my mind was allergies. So got the kids ready for bed and called the 800 number. A man told me she may be allergic and to use dawn. Which I did and she was a little better but still itchy today. So I looked up allergies and dogs and came across this site. The upside it only took about 45 minutes for us to relize something was wrong and to bathe her with the dawn. She is better today but it was hard seeing her all itchy and having to explain to 3 children under 5 as to why bella would not play with them today. She slept most of the day, since she was up itcin all night. Poor baby, tomarrow its back to purchasing frontline but im gonna wait a while befor i apply it. I just feel bad for all the people whose dogs suffered before they relized it was the med.. I mean poisen that was causing all the problems. Hope all your pets get better and pray no one else has to have a pet die from this stuff.

  107. Just got back from the vet. My Shih tzu had a bad reaction to the Sergeants Gold flea and tick treatment. I noticed within 10 min she was not handling it well at all. Gave her a bath a Benadryl and after finding all these complaints I called the vet. They gave her a steroid shot, more to take over a week period. Poor thing, I hate that I did this to her with something I thought was safe. She is still itching and miserable. I’m pissed too!

  108. I found a few fleas on our cat and one on our mini-dachsund…so went to Dollar General and bought the Sergeant’s Silver and the flea and tick squeeze on for both the dachsund and our other dog who’s about 60 lbs. I haven’t noticed any bad effects yet but after reading all these comments I am a bit freaked out. Can anyone tell me how long before I can be sure my pets are in the clear?

  109. My cat was pulling out his hair because of fleas. It was a Sunday, so I bought Seargents at walmart..I have trusted the floor powder in the past. I woke up the next morning and noticed he had thrown up. Something he never does… He is now returning to normal after 4 days….Never again, he can scratch until the vet opens…Shame on you seargeants

  110. I am so thankful that both of my toy poodles are still alive. Last Sunday 7-11-10 I purchased a package of Sargents Gold flea and tick med. It didn’t take long before my little ones started acting like their skin was burning and itching. I really didn’t know what to do except give them a bath and get as much of it washed as possible. That night I was up all night with both dogs, Abbey my little girl was the worst. I thought she was going to die before the night was over. I kept a cool wash cloth on her back all night. They were both coughing and scratching and crying all night long. Andy the male finally went to sleep. Abbey seemed a little better the next day but still in aot of pain and somewhat incoherent and she was also nipping at my clothes. I went to the rite aid and purchased a bottle of bactine.I also bought some childrens benadryl that helped with the allergic reaction??? She wouldn’t let me put the bactine on only if I put the wash cloth on first and then poured it on top of the cloth. It is Sunday the 18th and finally she is starting to act normal and maybe I can get her to trust me again. Everytime I start to touch her back she jumps around to see what I am doing. Shame on you Sargents.These helpless animals trust us to do what is best, I almost lost(killed) one of my best friends because of your poison. You’ll never get another penny of my money. God put these little ones here for us to love and take care of. Shame on you

  111. Oh my god i’m so upset. My little Lexie is laying over here restless contiuning vomiting and want eat or drink looks so weak. we applied the sargents 2 days ago she acted a little sick yesterday we just thought it was from the heat. and started in the early am this morning she was vomiting and wetted herself, we bathed her 3 times today and gave her a benadryl and gonna give another one before we go to bed. we cant afford a vet visit im just praying my baby makes it. i cant stop crying. please if anyone can help please email me at [email protected]
    we have to force benadryl down her throat and water bc we dont want her to dry please someone help. weve call the 800 # and they said they’ll remburst our vet bill but damn we cant afford it. PLEASE EVERYONE PRAY FOR OUR BABY… LEXIE LEIGH FERGUSON 7 MONTHS OLD. WEIGHS 20 POUNDS!

  112. OMG!!!!!!! Wish i would have seen this sooner!!!! We have a 9month old Cock a poo and we gave him some of this about 7 hours ago. Getting ready to go to the vet. Im afraid he has had a stroke on me.

  113. Our 17 week old Maltese, Berkeley, is having similar symptoms as well. We’re going through it right now. About 2 hours after applying Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick product Berkeley was acting strange and wandering around throughout the house before he threw up three times.

    We called the 800 number and they suggested Dawn soap with Vitamin E oil. We also called the local emergency vet, who suggested that we watch out for shaking and vomiting, but said that as long as we washed him the worst was probably over.

    When I asked the vet if they got calls in for this product often, she replied, “Yes, we’ve gotten quite a few calls for the same issue”.

    I find it ridiculous that there aren’t even any warnings of side effects on the box, these kinds of products shouldn’t be on the selves.

    Hopefully Berkeley will back to his old self in no time, but obviously I’m boycotting ANY and ALL of Sergeant’s products.

  114. Thank God I read this! I bought Sergeants’s Gold Flea and Tick for small cats and kittens. I applied it to my 10 week old kitten and actually recommended it to a friend for his cat! My only complaint was it is a week after I applied it and I’m sleeping in a bed of fleas again. I called Sergeant’s and gave them the product number and they said it was expired. I did some research to see how often this happened and I found this site. Boy am I glad that it was expired. I don’t care about the extra money anymore (the vet bill will cost more) I’m getting Frontline for my kitten. Thank you everyone for voicing your stories! You have saved my little kitten, and you have saved me from being heartbroken while my cat is in pain.

  115. I’m am SO lucky that my 9 lb maltese, Louis, is okay now. I put sergeant’s gold flea and tick squeeze-on on him late last night when I found that he had fleas and it was too late to go to the vet. I purchased this at the grocery store and unknowingly poisoned him! I applied as directed and made sure that he would not be able to lick off any of the product. It was about 8:00pm when I put on the squeeze on. Around 9:30 he started crazily panting as if he went running and playing outside vigorously for a few hours! He wouldn’t eat or drink water, he wouldn’t even take a treat!!! I was really nervous and he kept me up most of the night. When he was taken our for a late night walk, he wobbled around as if there was something wrong with his joints and also did not relieve himself. Right before the vet’s office opened, I did some research on the product. There were SO MANY complaints and not one good review on it. Many people had to take their pets to the emergency vet! I’m lucky that Louis did not have extreme severe effects. I bathed him in dawn soap first and did a light coat of his usual shampoo so that his skin didn’t dry too much. He was very lethargic throughout the day. He took a short nap since he didn’t sleep through the night before. He seems to be getting better. I’m lucky I did research right when symptoms were occurring before it was too late. I also a purchased a spray by sergeants that I will be returning. Good thing I haven’t used it yet.

    Isn’t there a way to get this product off the market if there are so many terrible cases out there? I am going to speak with the manager of the grocery store I went to so that they can remove it off their shelves. This is ridiculous. Our pets suffer because of this terrible company…

  116. Wow, I’ve read alot of these comments and I am truly glad that I have found this website. I got online and typed in “Sergeant’s Gold” to find a correct dosage for my pets. Luckily, I found this site first. It seems like these side effects are a definate expectation if using any of the flea and tick products, but of course the company doesn’t state that fact on the box or even on their website. I am truly sorry that these awful side effects hurt all of your pets, but thank you to all who posted your sad stories, it just may have saved my 4 pets….

  117. I feel awful. I just poisoned my baby. Two baths later and a bunch of peanut butter. . she isn’t foaming at the mouth anymore, but she is still irritated enough to scratch.

    I wish I would have found this site earlier. . I just can’t believe I didn’t know!

    Looking at the posts, it’s hard to believe that this has gone on for YEARS and nothing has been done to eliminate this issue.

    We will never have another Hartz product in the house again!

  118. I wish i read these letters before i bought sereants flea and tick for dogs! my poor dog, has been up all night crying and scratching from this flea med. Ive been bathing her like crazy, and if she doesnt seem better by morning im taking her to the vet. she can hardly walk! Im sooo very worried!

  119. I am appalled by this! I put the Sergeant’s flea and tick medication on my lil’ 9lb Pomeranian Roco yesterday before going to work because I saw him itching and had run out of Frontline and had this lying around and assumed it was safe.

    When I got home from work 9 hours later my poor lil’ dog’s eyes were so watery and he was just acting spastic and really uncomfortable no matter what I did or he did. I just thought maybe one of his anal glands was infected and he was itchy and uncomfortable because he has had issues with that in the past. So I tried to just go to bed and relax, but he was all over the bed and was clearly irritated and uncomfortable, I tried to pet him and make him comfortable, but nothing was working so I gave him a bath which gave him releif for a few minutes, but then was back to jerking and appeared to be almost have seizures. I called the emergency vet and she told me the flea medication could be toxic and to bathe him with dish soap which I did 5 times and gave him 1/2 a 25mg Benadryl and still no luck, so I decided to look up the brand and symptoms on the internet and was shocked.

    I immediately called the emergency vet and told her what I found online about Sergeant’s flea & tick stuff and she said not to panic and I started crying hysterically and told her I was bringing my dog in.

    They said they see this often where people run out of Frontline and buy some cheap stuff like this at the store and then end up at the vet. They turned the Sergeant’s box over and showed me the ingredient and said the chemical’s contained in them for a 9lb dog is enough for cattle! I couldn’t believe it. They gave Roco 2 shots – 1 to sedate him and give him some relief and then 1 to make him stop itching, but it would take 2 hours to kick in.

    I brought Roco home and laid in bed while he would pass out for a minute, jump up and run around the bed and then sit on me and jerk and whine and cry for 2 hours before he finally fell asleep. I literally had to check his heartbeat when I woke up to make sure he was alive.

    This was devastating and as everyone else has said, I too am going to call and insist the makers of this horrible toxic, dog killing product take it off the shelves and also pay my vet bill.

    I will be very careful what I put on my baby again! Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you are reading this before it’s too late.

  120. im terrified. i just put some seargents on my two loves.( my yorkies) my youngest is running around scratching , my oldest is whimpering,restless,and scratching. how could they do this to me? i have my dogs going crazy and we dont have money for the vet . my mom just went to go buy benadryl. i hope it works. i took them three baths. they calmed down a little.im gunna do something bout this. this is INSANE!

  121. Hi my name Is Donna

    Last night I got some sergeant’s flea med and put it on my cat and the next moring
    my cat was very sick and now is in the vit frighting for her life the vit donthold much hope for the cat she has now had four seagers and now is at my vits house being under a 24 hour watch

  122. I had given this stupid medication to my two dogs Jake 3yrs old beautiful german-shepherd mix , and Elwood 2 yr old adorable chihuahua. Each dog had a different reaction. Elwood was twitching, tail tucked in, shivering, irritated, and squealing after a good 3 hours had passed from giving Sargeant to the dogs. I was sooo worried and scared, but all I wanted was just something to get rid of the fleas without spending over the top money. Jake’s reaction was very subtle, quiet , but EXTREMELY itching non-stop. My parents saw their reaction too, and were concerned. They said that if we were to take them to the vet both of the dogs would cost in total probably around $800 (maybe $1000) for their visit. So all we had to do was monitor them at ALL times, bath them constantly and give them all the love. Two days have passed and everything is OK….One thing sure, Sargeants Gold Flea Treatment needs to immediately get off of the shelves in stores before any other dog becomes a victim to this menacing evil product. <3 Daniella Hope

  123. I am so angry! My husband gave our small shitzu a dose of this seargents flea & tick (Gold) about an hour ago and he is going bananas, he is crying, panting and running around the house. We cannot console him and after reading all of your entries I fear we have just unknowingly poisoned our littlest family member.

  124. Please contact me if you want to join in a class action suit against Sergeants. Our kitty Fin has been in the hospital for 4 days now & we still don’t know if he is going to make it. Please email me at [email protected]om Thank you

  125. I am so sorry for what happened to all your pets.

    Luckily I do research before I use anything and check on reviews. I actually could not find any at first and I thought that was strange. So I kept on trying I almost went out to buy it when I came upon this website. At first I thought maybe by now they fixed what was wrong with the product. Now that I see this has been happening for a few years I sure will not be using it on my Mimi… She is a 1 year old kitty and I definitely will use something else. Sorry this happened to your pets but you are saving the lives of other pets.

  126. I wish I had seen this site first. I was shopping with my mom yesterday and bought this product. She said that it has been around for a long time. So I stupidly felt ok. I put it on my 2 beagles and they have had it on for over 24 hours. Their coats are greasy where I applied it but they have had no reaction yet and are behaving just as they normaly do. I’ll have to keep a close eye on them. I am so glad I just bought the one box. Thanks for all the info and hope all your pets are ok.

  127. I AM SO PISSED OFF I GAVE THIS TO MY YORKIE AND A COUPLE HOURS LATER HE IS VOMITTING AND FOAMING AT THE MOUTH. He is like my child I can not believe they sell this in the stores. I read all of the post and went to rite aid to buy benadryl immediately. He seems better but will be watching him closely.

  128. I feel sorry for all of you. Something none of you seem to realize is your animals were all displaying symptoms of an allergic reaction and not poisoning. That is why you are suppose to watch the animal closely for the first couple hours after you apply flea treatments. There are warnings on the packages. Your pets could have had the same reaction to any brand. I’ve used this brand for years with no problem, but I had an experience which mirrors your stories. My cat wasn’t reacting to a flea treatment though. He is very allergic to tuna. He had the same red rash, trouble breathing, lethargy, foaming at the mouth, vomiting, everything your pets went through. Out of the hundreds of thousands of flea drops used, you have to expect a couple hundred pets to have reactions. If you look at other pet products, even the food you use, you will find the same horror stories about them too.

  129. Yup – should have checked for internet info BEFORE poisoning my beautiful hunting dog with the Sergeants Gold Sh*t. pacing, flinching, trying to bite at her tail base and drooling. have washed her twice but hasn’t solved the problem. Don’t use this crap. your pet will thank you.

  130. I applied this poison to my two cats last Sunday after attempting the natural route for 2 weeks. My one cat had shown skin irritation to numerous natural products so I erroneously thought that this product was similar to Frontline or Revolution, both of which my cats had had before with no adverse reactions. Needless to say, I was very wrong. I’d bathed my cats with natural flea shampoo immediately prior to applying this !#@# on Sunday afternoon which is why I think I saw a delayed reaction. The next afternoon, I found my male cat lying in a corner, very disoriented & fatigued. He seemed unresponsive to me & was very uncomfortable when I touched his back, twitching in response with his spine trembling. I found this site & washed both cats with what I had available: the natural flea shampoo along with Seventh Generation dish detergent. The affected cat immediately came around behaviorly, no longer hiding & responding to me like he usually does. I finally washed them both again with Dawn on Wednesday afternoon after speaking with my vet. I should add that my affected cat is an orange tiger-striped cat; I’ve been informed that due to recessive genes, orange cats may be more prone to reactions to vaccines, chemical treatments, etc.

    A week later, he seems much better than he was last Monday afternoon. However, there are a couple of things that are concerning me & I’m hoping someone on this site will be able to share whether or not I should fear long-term effects. Whenever I pet my cat on his back, especially near the base of his spine, he continues to be uncomfortable & twitches while simultaneously sticking out his tongue. It’s not as pronounced as it was before but it’s still there. In addition, he seems more fatigued than usual. MY QUESTION IS WHETHER OTHER VICTIMS HAVE EXPERIENCED LONG-TERM NEUROLOGICAL SIDE EFFECTS OR WHETHER THEY EVENTUALLY RETURN BACK TO THEIR NORMAL, HEALTHY SELVES? I sincerely hope for my own & others’ sake that we can learn from this experience without having to pay the consequences for the rest of our pets’ lives.

  131. I hope your cat doesn’t have long-term side effects. Unfortunately for me I had no knowledge of this site or of the harmful side effects of using hartz products. I applied some flea medication to my cat and she had seizures from that point on until she dies about 7 years later. She was a very loving and affectionate cat but the hartz definitely did a number on her neurological with all the seizures she had (she had seizures from day 1 of “treatment” to the day she died). Even after she died, I knew it was from the “medication” but I thought i was alone or that this was some freak reaction. This was about 12ish years ago and it breaks my heart to read some of these stories and know that i could have stopped it if i just would have done some research. It feels like I killed my cat 🙁 From others posts I have seen it seams that washing your cat with dawn dish soap as well as a vet visit seems to be the most effective method of treatment, the rest your just have to pray for a good outcome.

  132. I sure wish I had known of this site before I applied the Sargeants Gold squeeze tubes…I have an 8 pound Yorkie that I gave this to yesterday….we brought a new dog in the house who apparantley had a few fleas and spread them to our lil Yorkie…I used this squeeze tube an almost instantly she was coughing and then just went nuts – crazy running around the house and couldn’t be still and panting and then her legs would start twitching. We gave her multiple baths and washed it off and took her to the vet. Thank God she hadn’t sufferred seizures or anything and vet said she was healthy..just needed to run its course out of her body – a little benadryl for the itchy and respiratory reaction and TONS of rest..and she’ll be ok. Call your vet before giving your animal ANY medication!!!

  133. I can’t believe what i am reading here about the sergeants gold flea & tick squeeze on for dogs. I myself have used it on my beloved 13 year old border collie and it worked great killed all the fleas etc she had no adverse reactions at all to it.as a matter of fact i have been searching for somewhere to buy it because nothing else i have used has helped her,some of the other products did bother her and seemed to burn her and had to be washed off immediately. it seems your campaign to get it out of stores has worked as i cannot find it anywhere and am not sure now if i would use it if i did. i have tried over 20 other products in 2 years and my poor baby still suffers from fleas to the point that she is almost always scratching. IM SO CONFUSSED NOW,DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL HELP HER SAFELY. ANY IDEAS OR HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.THANKS FOR THE WARNINGS

  134. Cant believe it, dogs are sick.
    Sorry I didnt surf the net before buying this poison. This stuff is poison.MAKE NO MISTAKE


    Under the doctrine of caveat emptor, the buyer could not recover from the seller for defects on the property that rendered the property unfit for ordinary purposes. The only exception was if the seller actively concealed latent defects or otherwise made material misrepresentations amounting to fraud.

    Before statutory law, the buyer had no warranty of the quality of goods. In many jurisdictions now, the law requires that goods must be of “merchantable quality”. However, this implied warranty can be difficult to enforce and may not apply to all products. Hence, buyers are still advised to be cautious.

    In addition to the quality of the merchandise, this phrase also applies to the return policy. In most jurisdictions, there is no legal requirement for the vendor to provide a refund or exchange. In many cases, the vendor will not provide a refund but will provide a credit. Most stores require proof of purchase and impose time limits on exchanges or refunds. However, some larger chain stores will do exchanges or refunds at any time, with or without proof of purchase, although they usually require a form of picture ID and place quantity or dollar limitations on such returns.

    With little or no concern for you or your pet


    Please GIVE consideration when purchasing for any loved ones
    There are wolves in sheeps clothing.


  135. Tammy any Dollar General sell it – but be warned it IS poison. My wife and I just applied it to our Yorkie-poo puppy and within an hour she became lethargic… I then googled because I was suspicious about the volume for a very high demographic of “under 33 lbs”. That covers a wide variety of sizes and our Yorkie-poo is barely 2lbs!! Too ambiguous for me…

    Believe me if our little baby is poorly from this they feel the wrath of an angry Englishman in Tennessee!!

    Thanks for all the info guys and gals… I feel a facebook campaign!!

  136. On Thursday, October 20, 2011, after bathing and drying my 65lb English Bulldog, Aggie, I applied Seageant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On Medicine. Within minutes, Aggie was twitching, panting, and horribly restless. I thought at first it was just her reacting to something different being on her coat, but after 45 min. I realized that she was in agony. I wiped the excess (its very oily) off with a paper towel. That night she was so restless that neither one of us got any sleep. She was wimpering, panting, and twitching. On Friday morning, my husband bathed her again, and I bathed her again on Friday evening. She continued to twitch and began hallucinating by biting in the air and licking her lips/nose. Moreover, her mobility is troublesome. When touched on her back/neck area, she loses balance and falls to the floor, like if someone was hit in their knee with one of those rubber hammers at the doctor’s office. She doesn’t seem to be in pain but she is not herself at all. My husband gave her a benedryl and she slept through the night. Today, 10/22/2011, the side effects of hallucinations and licking lips/nose has disappeared but the mobility issue is worse. We just gave her a second dose (w/in 24 hrs.) of benedryl and she is sleeping peacefully. She is eating and drinking, and using the bathroom. The lack of mobility is sad and breaks my heart! I HATE SERGEANT’S GOLD! I have posted to my Facebook page this incident and asked everyone of my 600 friends to share Aggie’s story. I have filed a complied with Consumer Affairs and I pray to God that it is ripped from the shelves and they are made to pay dearly for what they have done to our furry family members!

  137. I’m happy to help create a group on Facebook to try and get this poison off the shelves. If I could get a little help that would be awesome.

    Email me [email protected] 🙂 (you can find me on facebook with that email too)

  138. wow – i left a comment on this thread in april 2009. i can’t believe that more than 2 years later, it’s still story after story of the misery hartz’ products cause. there’s a group on facebook ‘hartz hurts’ that i just joined. i know it’s not much, but i figured that i’d at least be able to warn my facebook friends & get them to join, too.

  139. If any thing happens to my adult Boston Terrier I will feel so bad. I am just now looking at the reviews after I applied the product. It’s been a few hours now. She appears fine tho, I noticed some weird debris in her coat above where the solution was applied. I will stay in touch.

  140. I applied Sergeant’s Gold flea/tick treatment to my 1 1/2 year old kitty and within ten minutes she was scratching like crazy and walking funny. I thought it was just the sensation of having liquid on her back that was bothering her, as she’s kind of a diva. She wouldn’t stop scratching and biting herself, so I called the vet. My husband and I then bathed our cat with Dawn dish soap, per the vet’s instructions (the product is oil-based so Dawn is the only thing that will remove it). Her fur is still a bit matted in the original application spot after two baths! And it wasn’t even on her for an hour! When she sleeps, she trembles like she’s cold. She also winces when I pet her. She *is* drinking water from her little fountain and eating dry food and treats (she’s a very food-motivated cat, so I’m glad to see that hasn’t changed in the past few hours), but I’m still worried and plan on following up with the vet when they open. I love my kitty so much and I feel awful for what I’ve done. I hope she returns to normal soon. 🙁

  141. wow i just gave my dog GOLDIE a treatment of sergeants flea and tick squeeze on; she immediately went to scratching so that made come research it. i see the first comment was made in 2008 and 4 yrs later the same things are happening to our pets. i also thought its a NAME BRAND product so i should trust it but i was wrong. i hope it doesnt get any worse than just the scratching im going to go and take her a bath if she still scratching when i get back home. if i have to take my baby to the vet sergeants customer service will get to know me very well. this stuff should be recalled. 2008 it should have came off the shelves maybe before that. i just wish i would have researched before i gave it to her but i trusted the company. now im worried!

  142. I dated a chemical engineer and he said he gave his cat a clove of garlic weekly to keep the fleas at bay. Later, I tried to get a formula figure out how much to give to a dog, depending on weight, and he wouldn’t tell me (maybe because I wouldn’t date him anymore because I didn’t like how he kissed). You have to be careful, because too much is toxic. But the right amount apparently will repell fleas. A grad from a vet school told me garlic can kill worms, too.

  143. i gave sergents flea and tick squeeze on to my 4 week old mix dog just 1 hr alter i found marley outside whimpering and pooping all over himself when i took him to the vets he started bleeding from his mouth they told me the what i had gave him was toxic. i took him home and he was fine for the next 2 days until the 3rd night he stared having seizures he would die and come back to life i feel so helpless i dont know what to do i hope my marley is gonna be fine

  144. I gave my two dogs the gold about 22 hours ago. I purchased it over a year ago from Walmart. I started doing research on side effects because my mini jack Pinky has been trembling at my feet for the last hour. She finally fell asleep, and then my other dog came to my feet and puked just now. They have never had a poblem with frontline. Otherwise they have been ok., but I’m concerned that the product has poisoned them.

  145. I bought the sergeants flea and tick to use on my cats. I applied it to 7 of my 8 cats and 4 hours after application one of my kittens started acting funny not being able to walk or focus. I thought maybe he had ingested some of the medicine until I came across this website. I gave him a bath right away with dishsoap and sent my husband to the store to get benadryl. He shook and had seizures for 3 hours and finally started to calm down so I fed him water through a syringe. We thought that he was getting better then he started crying n shaking and then died in my arms.My kids were heartbroken. I will never buy this brand again and hope that this site is seen by people before they purchase this terrible product. This experience was horrifying for my family and would not wish this on anyone.

  146. thank u to all i just bought the sergeant flea and tick and becouse of all the reviews i will not use it an my 2 yr old 6 lbvs chahu thanks to all

  147. Well I did not read all theses comments until after I have been up all night with my two dogs. They were going crazy and I thought they were going to die. It has been a very scary night. I split the dose of sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick. I can’t imagine if I gave them both a full dose. They are still acting a little strange but much better. We are going to bathe them again this morning. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

  148. I gave my beagal mix sergeants flea and tick squeeze on yesterday. She acted okay for yesterday but today she won’t eat, drink nothing. Her stomach is making noises and she begs to go out doors to eat grass. I’m so scared for her. I made rice for her as a home remedy she won’t eat that either. What should I do. I did what the box told me to. She is getting dehydrated. Should I take her to after care. She has not gone to bathroom but once earlier this morning. I know one thing I will never give her this product again. If she has to go to the vet they will pay…

  149. I can’t believe this stuff is so lethal and has not been taken off the market. SHAME SHAME ON YOU SARGENT’S

  150. I used the flea & tick squeeze on product for my dog. She got extremely sick, would not eat or drink, vomitted white foam and at one point could not walk. I did not know this product was lethal. The vet gave her pills to stop the spasms in her stomach and I gave her water with a large eyedropper all night long. Bathed her a few times with dish detergent and thankfully she is ok now. I cannot believe these products are still being sold. I will NEVER EVER use any Seargents/Hartz product again. Found out after the fact that it also poisoned my cousin’s dog.

  151. 8-14-13 i gave my maine coon cat a dose of sergeants flea meds one dose to my cat and she has been having some episodes of some vomiting. called hotline and the rep was rude and not helping at all. i hung up now i am terrified that this product might have caused her to be ill. especially after reading all of the negative reviews. i wanted to alert people of this problem and never should have used an over the counter product.

  152. I’ve been using this product on my dogs for years ( all rescued mutts). I tried 2 other brands but with no consistent relief for the dogs from fleas. I found this site because I was trying to buy online. Maybe my pets never had a problem because they are all large mixed breeds, over 60 pounds each.
    I also use diatomaceous earth (it’s non-toxic to anything) around the house and on their beds.
    I’m really shocked that so many animals are allergic.

  153. Sergeant’s Flea and Tick – shocking video of Vicki Arivela’s sick cat https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=885558434803629&set=vb.100000484431962&type=2&theater

    ALL these products should be BANNED! There are now thousands of reports out there.

    Here is the message I sent to Vicki Arivella:

    Hi Vicki,

    I caught your video on the Sargent’s product and your cat’s seizures after someone posted it in my group. It broke my heart!

    Praying that you haven’t yet euthanised her.. we had a dog owner join my group, whose dogs developed seizures after eating BENEFUL dog food. Here is a link to the article, with videos taken while feeding the food, and a video three weeks later after getting the dog onto a quality, high meat, grain and potato free product and giving Milk Thistle with Turmeric. Milk Thistle is THE key to controlling seizures in dogs or cats that have been poisoned! It detoxes the liver like nothing else.

    STORY: http://dogingtonpost.com/guest-post-purinas-beneful-poisoned-my-dogs/

    I ask that you get this product ordered straightaway..read the reviews!


    A bottle will last a couple of months.

    PLEASE get your baby on to a 100% grain and potato free diet to aid recovery. I have prepared a file for my group of dry cat foods that qualify.

    My group is Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Dogs? Post YOUR Story!

    I CAN send you the Word file on cat food separately if you like? I AM working on grain and potato free WET cat foods but the file is only 1/4 finished, but I can send you what I have done?

    Also, we recommend natural treatments for flea and tick prevention.. such as topical Coconut and Neem Oil and coconut oil in the diet. Many of us.. including myself.. ARE cat owners (I have 12!) and between us, we can guide you to do what is best!

    Anyways, please get back to me asap!

    Best Regards

    Caroline Snyder

    PS Please contact me directly on FB for further info!

  154. SERGEANTS FLEA AND TICK nearly killed my dog. Same symptoms as noted back to 2008 on this site. Washing the dog with dawn dish soap saved her. Impossible to imagine this garbage is still on the market. DO NOT USE SARGENTS FLEA AND TICK, DON’T BE CHEAP, GET FRONTLINE.

  155. Omg I just noticed fleas on my small dog. I went to the vet and they gave me sergeants product as well, maybe a few minutes after applying the sqeeze bottle I notice my small dog going around in circles. She just could not stay still.she was breathing very heavy and just would not stop. Thank god for all of your comments to this product. I immediately gave her a bath and hope and pray that she will be fine. Thank you all

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