Cat sick from flea meds

Interesting I came across this, I recently applied an over the counter flea med on my cat (not Hartz) and immediatly after she became very lethargic and depressed, she would twitch/shake her back legs and was just completly void of any emotion…I am concerned given the other posts and I don’t think I will ever use flea meds for my cat again!

Seargeants PreTect squeeze on for cat and kittens

I have just recently put Sergeants PreTect Squeeze on flea control for cats and kittens on my cat and the strangest thing happened, about 5 minutes after putting it on the cat he started to jump and run around, then he started to foam at the mouth, so immediately I gave him a bath to take the stuff off him. About 3 hours went by and he started groaning and making loud meow noises (like when ther in heat) but more of a pain noise, he also would pooh all over the place if you touched his stomach so I called the vet at 9 pm, he told me to call the toll free number on the box, so I did, but nobody answered, so I called the human poision control which then gave me the number for the animal poision control, when I called them I needed a credit card to get some information and it was in the united states (I am in Canada), after all this went about, the vet had called us back to give us another toll free number and I told him that I was getting pissed off and I would meet him at his office in 10 minutes, when we got to the vets, he was checking the cat out and said that his lungs were filled with fluids and that his heart was starting to fail. I was shocked, the vet didnt really know what to do so he gave the cat a needle for shock so it would calm him down so his heart woudlnt pound so much, then he gave him a needle for allergic reactions in case he was allergic to the medicine, I cant remember what other needles he gave him but there was a lot, the vet said he didnt think the cat would make it through the night and there was nothing he could do for the cat, so he put the cat on a heating blanket to keep him warm and put him in a cage, when I got home from the vets, I found an emergency toll free number for sergeants and called them and explained to them what happened, I told them that since I put their product on my cat they are paying for the vet bills, they told me they have a medical reimbursement and I would have to mail in do*****ents from the vet and they would reimburse it to me, this all happened last night, this morning when I woke up I called the vet and he said surprisingly the cat made it through the night and is doing a little better, he keeps giving him needles to keep him calm so his heart doesnt have to work as much, later on this evening the vet called and said that his heart sounds a lot better and is getting stonger now but you can still hear some fluid in his lungs, he hasnt touched his food or water all day but the vet said in the evening he was starting to poke at it and just lick it, so in the morning I am going to call the vet and hope everything is well and he can come home.

My Lil Ozzy(Cat) DIED* from Hartz 3 in one Flea & Tick Spray ;[

A beautiful bold eyed kitten was born May/2007. Come to find out it was a boy and I named him Ozzy. Ozzy was the first pet that I ever got REALLY* attached to. He was so cute and lively in his many years of being a (Indoor) cat. Always running around the house with so much energy and spark. A year later in early January I noticed him itching really bad, so my first thought was ugh o! FLEAS AND TICKS have got my cat. Later on a couple weeks after me and my mom purchased a bottle of Hartz 3 in one Flea & Tick Spray from Walmart on January, 11, 2008. We came home later that night and sprayed it lightly on his coat hoping that it would clear his Fleas and Ticks. I saw him licking his coat and thought really nothing of it except I guess Hartz would know cats lick this stuff regardless when you put it on their fur…Also then again I questioned myself- Is this stuff okay for your pet to lick off its fur when it is strong enough to kill pesticides? I would think not. Later on the next day(Jan 12th) I noticed him vomiting 3-5 times per day, not eating or drinking any water, he walked like he was drunk and couldnt keep a steady pose when walking, he tried going to use the bathroom and no luck. So my cat was basically in critical condition. I called Hartz Emergency Stand By Techs-After Hr Support later that night and asked them what I should do? They told me to bathe him to get rid of the spray or any that could be left on his coat, also to get him to a vet. I bathed him in the sink of my kitchen, he didnt fight either…that made me think twice because if my cat Ozzy would’ve been in the right state of mind he would’ve clawed my eyeballs out when I put him in that water. I got him to the vet as soon as I could the next day. Symptoms didnt get any better either by(Jan 13). The symptom was throwing up but he cried like it hurt really bad. When I got him to the vet on(Jan 13) the vet examined him and wanted to hear more information about when it happened, when did you spray him, etc. After we told her that information she said the timeline fits perfectly to where it was the Hartz 3 in one Flea & Tick Spray that made him sick. Also his kidney system/urinary tract had shut down completely and said he would need a catheter to stop the blockage. She then told us that he would need to be kept atleast 3 days for the correct procedures to be done and that she would keep us updated on Ozzys condition. My vet called me later to tell me that they had got fluids in him, sedated him and put a catheter in him to stop the blockage. She said when she finally unblocked it blood came running out/it smelled like pee. I think he was poisoned and thats why blood came out. She said he might have permanent damage and she would get back to us the next day. I then stayed up all night long because I couldn’t sleep thinking about my cat. Around 9 o’ clock in the morning(Jan. 14 2008) my vet called me, and said "Are you the owner" I said yes mam and she said I’m sorry to have to tell you but your cat passed away and then asked me if I wanted to come pick Ozzys body up so I could give him a proper burial and I said yes. I would like to tell everyone "You dont know how much you love something until its gone". Ozzy became apart of the family and he was my bestfriend. I lost my bestfriend to Hartz 3 in one Flea & Tick Spray. I would like to tell anyone who has animals DO NOT USE ANY HARTZ PRODUCTS-IT IS DANGEROUS AND WILL KILL YOUR ANIMAL. If I would’ve had any clue my cat was going to die I would’ve never bought the product. I was devastated and still am while writing this. What is sad though it that its still on shelves at mine and your* local Walmart. Plz SPREAD AWARENESS ABOUT HOW BAD HARTZ IS.

Thank You,
A Loving Pet Owner

R.I.P. Ozzy-I Love You Buddy

DANGER!!! Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On

Hello, I just wanted to say that your website has opened my eyes! I applied Seargeants gold flea and tick squeeze-on, on my two boston terriers, Rocky and Daisy, tonight and now they are sitting in a cage at the emergency vet! I have spent all night worried sick about it and I pray that they are going to be ok! I don’t know how this stuff is still on the shelves!!! I honestly thought that I was safe buying this product and never once thought that my dogs would be in a life threating situation over this! After I applied the medication my dogs starting vomitting and wheezing, I wondered if they could have had an allergic reaction to the Seargeants gold flea and tick squeeze-on so I called the Emergency vet because my vet is not open on the weekends and they said that it is extremley toxic and to bring the dogs in immediately. They took the dogs right away and told me that Daisy has a pnemonia because she aspirated some of her vomit into her lungs and that they are both terribly sick, and Rocky could possibly have a pnemonia too. They told me that the dogs needed to stay there over night and they both would need IV’s. Also thier skin is incredibly red. (I did not no that it could cause sores, I have not checked the spots where the medicine was applied) Thier ears look like they have been burned and it’s in their eyes somehow!!! Rocky is worse off with the irritation because he couldn’t even open one of his eyes and he keeps pawing at his eye, which is probably spreading it worse! They are both going to need x-rays and thier eyes flushed, and they need to wear those big collars! The vet told me she did not know if Daisy is going to make iot through the night!!!! I already had to pay $600 just to get them into the place and they gave me an estimate of $620-$825 for each dog!!! And that is if I get to take them home tomorrow!!! I am willing to do whatever I can for my dogs! I am so worried about my dogs and I am dumbfounded that this company is making money of mistreatment to animals!!! This is obviously not a rare reaction if it happened to both of my dogs! Heartz knows that they are hurting are animals and they are still putting these products on the shelves. I am going to contact the EPA, Seargeants gold flea and tick squeeze-on , and Hannaford Bros Supermarket (where I purchased this poison!). I will try to update you on how my dogs are doing. Keep up the great work!!

Hartz Meaty Bonz made my dog sick

I’ve never used any of the Hartz flea and tick products, because the first time I ever purchased a Hartz product, which was a package of Hartz Meaty Bonz, my dog got sick. I gave her one bone out of the package and within 2 hours of eating it, she began vomiting. She vomited several times before it was out of her system. That was the only thing in her normal every day routine that had changed, so I knew it was the bonz. I contacted the Hartz company the next day, expecting them to argue with me and claim that it wasn’t their bone. That wasn’t the case however. As soon as I got a live person on the telephone at their customer service line, he immediately asked me how much the package cost me and said he would send me a refund. I didn’t even have to provide proof of the purchase! Because he was so quick to offer the refund, that put me on alert, and from then on, I never purchased another Hartz product and never will!

This site confirms my suspicion

I had 3 related cats, all of whom I used the flea drops on per instructions (I used Advantix and one other brand). One, a female, is very sensitive to skin irritation, will avoid being petted due to those little static electricity shocks, and grooms more vigorously and more frequently than the other two (her mother and brother). Well, the last time I treated her with the flea drop behind the head, she seemed to become ill: lethargic, and looking very miserable; also she didn’t stop scratching herself after the application, as though the fleas were still active. I suspected a reaction to the flea drop, since she is unusually sensitive. It took several days for her to get back to normal, and I am now afraid to treat her for fleas. I guess I’ll try the vet and see what they say, but I’m not putting anymore stuff on her skin, regardless of brand or type. I still have her, and she is healthy, but sadly, the other two very special kitties died in accidents; so I am very anxious about her well-being. Carol

My daughter’s cat may be dead

Last night, my 11 year old daughter’s cat, Alley (who is 2) was scratching, so I gave her some topical Hartz flea medicene. Usually, I give her the one spot from the vet, but I was out and Hartz was all I had. I was not aware of the dangers at all.

About an hour later, Alley started crying, shaking could not walk and fell off My daughter’s bed. Unfortunately, she scooted outside and we haven’t seen her since. She rarely stays gone more than an hour, so I am afraid that she has died.

How can it be that I was not aware of the dangers of this medicene. My first experience was too late.

Matthew Carmichael, Davis California

My family sufferred a great tragedy almost two years ago. In response we got my son a small grey cat from the neighbor who we lovenly named "Taz" or "Fluffy", depending which child you are. A few months later I found and adopted a cat that was an exact match of a cat I lost to cancer three years earlier. What a gift to have my cat Dirtbag come home again. These cats were friends and part of the family to my four children. They never once scratched or bit event when roughed around my the little ones. They both loved to sleep with the kids and provided great comfort to a child afraid fo the dark. Living in the country and owning both cats and dogs we had both flee and tick remedies (dog and cat). Two nights ago we discovered a tick on Dirtbag so my wife removed it and proceeded to put flea and tick medicine on both Dirtbag and Taz. yesterday morning we awoke to find Dirtbag shaking and barely able to walk. My son and I rushed Dirtbag to UC Davis medical center and eventually discovered his illness was due to inadvertanly putting the dog flea and tick lotion on him. While on the phone I warned my wife to find Taz and wash him immediately. My son went outside and found Taz dead on the ground. My family is in complete shock and Dirtbag will probably not survive another day. I have to say I am a grown man and I am crying as I write this story.

Who in their right mind sells a product, a remedy for a dog in the same store that knowingly will kill a cat. It will take a long time and alot of healing for this one to pass.

My MOUSE is dead….

I took my cat to the vet on Thursday and today she is being buried because of the Hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick shampoo I used to treat her flea problem.
I got Mouse from a friend at work in 1993 she was so small she fit in my jacket pocket and was very content to ride home on my motorcycle that night. From day one she was a great cat and the kids loved her and cared deeply for that little mouse of a meow cat. She got out as all cats do and a few months later a litter of kittens came on the scene. My two daughters where amazed at the whole birthing process. Mouse had three kittens and of course being so small she did that in a small way too. Our life with mouse was touched in many ways and I thank God for putting this little mouse of a cat in our lives. Mouse disappeared after a couple of years and the girls where sad and I rested there fears with words of God had taken her but he had left the kittens to love and that comforted them. My wife and I would look close every time we would see a dead cat by the road and wonder just what happened to MOUSE. Weeks turned into months and Mouse’s memory was fading when one day out of the blue she came limping home. We rushed her to the Vet and she took x-rays to see what was wrong. Mouse had broken her hip but it was mostly mended and the vet said she should be just fine. Well that was amazing and she had shown for such a small little cat she could survive, she was a fighter.
Life has its way of changing and my work separated me from my family in 2000. During a visit back home in 2003 my wife asked me to take Mouse to live with me because she was just too hard on the other cats in the house. So Mouse came to live with me. My buddy was the queen of a one cat house. Other cats came to live but she ran them off time after time. She just didn’t want to share I guess. Her best buddy my Dalmatian Lab mix and I still don’t know how to we will get along but time heals all wounds. In 2005 Mouse was getting skinny and eating a lot but gaining no weight. I took her to the vet and he tested her and found her thyroid was overactive. He prescribed pills which I have been giving her till now.
Well that is my story till today Mouse has survived it all. It’s hard to believe a flea bath has taken this tough little cat.

Rita` No Kitty No Kry`

….I just ad a story bout a cat becoming sick from flea collar… cat "Rita" named after rita marley, ,is about a 6 month lil black fluffy flea bag…very sweet anywho; she beame very sick and lethargic then lost her coordination totally in a period of about 24-36 hours…totally lethargis etc drugged looking…i took her to vet asap and had blood work done teh next day blood comes back with notjing wrong…so from a friends sdvise i went to another vet the next morning witha totally limp but alive cat….i was totally amazed at how this just popped up she is an inside cat only outside on nice days…..but let in when i am away from home… not likely poison or rebies with dogs in yard for protection etc…so i go to new vet and he says it may be collar……? at day end the v says he will keep cat for weekend…i sure hope she gets better….i almost sent her to neurological animal specialist which would cost ove a grand…plus but how is it that the first vet had no clue what problem could be and next vet says this is a likely possibility why my cat is become totally limp vertigo like…i will know moe monday when i am able to speak with vet…oh yeah no feline lukemia..and blood work is fine,,,,,,?..any more things it could be…i think i put collar on at least 2 weeks ago……what happened to my cat?! i am not a big cat person but my fiance` is and ….how come noone knows at all vets and is the toxisity levels that inconsistant on these products