Me and my dog are sick

I was first exposed to hertz about 3 weeks ago and so was my dog my pet seems very ill and I feel extemly ill as well it isnt going away is it possible for me to obtain a lawsuit ? I know the hertz its pure poison just put it on any living thing and see for your’self.

Almost lost my best friend

My mini Daschund had a hartz toy, sold at Walmart. He chewed the toy apart. Needless to say he was able to consume some on the stuffing that was in the toy before I was able to retrieve it. I really did not think about it until he started vomiting and loosing alot of fluid. I took him to the vet, and they revealed he had a blackage. I had no other choice but to put him through surgery. I could not put him down. But had I not been able to afford it, I would have. The surgery cost me $1200.00 and not to mention the pain he had to go through because pain medicine was too hard on his stomach. To top it all off, this happened three weeks before Christmas. When I buy products, such as dog toys, I am putting faith into these products assuming they are safe for my pets. Look, not only Hartz that sells garbage, but other companies do as well. When shopping for your pet, it says, materials that are in the toys are harmful and can cause death. Why should it be allowed to sell products that can harm our pets. They recall thousands of toys we buy for our children, why not our best friends, pets, that we call our family members. Hartz sells unsafe products, and I would never buy another dog toy from them ever again. I have actually went into stores since then and told many to walk away from the toys, and they do.



seizures from flea drops

I was surfing the internet and found this and wow,did it bring back awful memories..My kitty Emily Binx was 6 years old at the time when she was poisoned by the Hartz OTC flea drops..Our one cat had died and we picked up a stray from a local shelter..we never had flea problems til then and she had them back..being a was horrible for her..within 30 min of application she started twitching and kept trying to stretch out her legs..she finally went and laid in her litterbox and I knew she was sick..It was sunday and the vet told us to take her to the ER for pets..we did and she was poisoned..They took her in..washed her immediately in Dawn and put her on medicine..It was so hard to leave her,but during the night she had seizures..they finally stopped..It was horrible..not to mention it left us with a 560 dollar vet bill..for a $5 pet this day the spot that bothered her the most she pulls her hair at ..its on her spine..I have also noticed she has a small wort at the base now..she is 13 years old…and this girl is like a child to me..I have never been so sick about using an OTC product as this..To this day…I tell anyone I can do not use it..I don’t use any of this again..thanks,becky

How about some actual help on this site!!!!

I won’t actually bother asking the SIMPLE question about a hartz product that I needed answered. The reason being is that I was able to get the advise I needed after searching many other sites for people with a similar issue.

It would seem that a site this dedicated to the support of pet owners that have had varying issues with Hartz products would actually provide some practical advice. Instead we get a bunch of stories and a list of government
bureaucrat’s we should call.

It would be
nice if there were even one small section of the site that gave some
advice as to the best course of action for EACH Hartz product. After searching the forums past countless stories of the "death of the litter" and "Hartz Sux" and "This stuff is crap" you may accidentally stumble upon a post worth reading.

It seems that the people behind this site and members of this site are moreconcerned with the class action payday than the actual animals that are suffering!


I usually use advantage on my pets, however, had run out and noticed my pets were scratching so while I was at my local Walmart picking up groceries, decided to grab some Hartz Flea and Tickdrops to tide us over until I made it to the vet to grab some more advantage. I went home and proceded to dose my pets according to package instructions…everyone seemed fine…we went to bed and got up and went to work and school as usual…at around 10 am I recieved a phone call at work from my vet, my boyfriend (who happened to be home from work, thankfully) had brought in my 6 month old kitten, he had come out from under the couch, experiencing severe muscle spasms and having difficulty walking…noticing the wet spot on the back of his neck, my vet asked what I had treated him with…I told her and immediately was told that the product was ineffective and dangerous to cats especially…my cat began seizuring and was given steroids and fluids to counteract the reaction…I was immediately concerned for my other cat who had been dosed as well, I went home to find her and was relieved to see she didn’t seem to be reacting to the drops..I bathed her anyways and locked up my dogs ( they had been dosed as well, apparently you don’t have to apply the drug to your cats…the scent of it alone is enough to cause a reaction) and stopped at the vets to check on my kitten who was in a kennel still experiencing muscle spasms, was very traumatic to see this poor animal suffering in such a way, almost had him euthanized to spare him any more pain..was advised to wait it out as he could be like this for a few days before he would begin to recover..later that evening as I was making dinner, my 8 yr old daughter called me franticly that, Kimba, my older cat was shaking and had fell when she was trying to jump up on a chair…I immediately dropped everything and bathed her again, calling the veterinary technician at home (was after hours now), she called the doctor and I met her at the office with my cat, who was seizuring by the time I got there (less than two minute drive), we administered steroids and fluids to her as well, tucked her into a kennel next to my kitten and hoped for the best. Was told that Hartz uses unregulated ingredients in their pet supply products and people who have contacted them regarding adverse reactions have been met with "we have 100 lawyers at our disposal, so you can try to fight us if you want". My cats were the 6th and 7th cats to be brought in to the vet in a two month time frame in Hartz related incidents, and one more cat has been euthanized since (this has all transpired in the last week)..My friends and family as well as the local newspaper are trying to inform people and the local outlet stores as to the consequences of using Hartz products and hope this posting will dissuade other pet owners from using Hartz products.

Guinea Pig dies from eating Hartz “Guinea Pig” food

My ten year old just lost a terrific little Guinea Pig. Part of the responsibility falls on me, the parent. I did a lot of research, and so did my Daughter. But our little pig died from complications from eating the Hartz brand Guinea Pig food. Our Vet told us it was the corn in the food. Never ever should Cavy’s have kernel corn. I am not sure about ground, although it probably causes the same issues. Boycotting Hartz isn’t too difficult, their products suck anyway, but it is really sad that we had to lose a terrific pet to realize it. All of the Hartz Guinea pig food should be removed from shelves, even the treats are dangerous for the animals’ health, Guinea Pig’s shouldn’t have dairy either. STAY AWAY FROM HARTZ!!

cats nearly died from hartz flea drops

i am so sorry i did not see this site before purchasing hartz ultraguard for cats. i nearly killed my two babies, and i feel now as if i had put a virtual gun to their heads.

i applied as directed, carefully separated them for over 12 hours, only to find the product did NOT dry. i called the"hartz hotline" only to get a person with limited english and no idea what i was talking about. all he kept saying was "wash it off".

i tried to do that, but this stuff is petroleum based and oily. it stuck to their hair, and was impossible to remove. as i washed them, i got sick myself, just from touching them – swollen eyes, itching and shortness of breath.

by the next morning, both cats were lethargic, glazed eyes, barely moving. both had vomited and had diarrhea repeatedly through the night. i was unaware until i saw the results in the morning. i rushed them to the vet. they both needed fluids and veterinary assistants them both. the people handling them all complained of headaches and dizzyness.

after repeated washings, most of the residue was gone, but the effects remained from what had penetrated the skin. they were very sick for three more days, and needed repeated fluid infusions to keep them hydrated. finally, after 5 days, both started to eat a little (after force feeding them high caloric supplements to keep them going while sick) and then they drank some, and i think we have turned the corner now. they are finally starting to move around a little and look more alert.

the people who run hartz should be forced to eat this stuff, or thrown naked into a big vat of it. then maybe they would have some idea what they are doing to us and our pets. my vet told me about all the complaints and how they will not respond or take it off the market. i was very sick myself, and developed the nausea, etc. the same as the cats did. all i could think about was, what if i had small children and they had played with the cats and then put hands in mouth?? i am a full size adult and had horrible reactions. what would it do to a two year old?

this stuff is lethal, and somehow we have to get it pulled from the marketplace. i have complained to the national pesticide hotline, epa, and of course, hartz themselves. everyone MUST complain. it is the only way.

i also tried my local TV station. no response. apparently cats are not as important as the local drug dealers…

My Sick Dog

My 70 pound, 6 year old dog is very, very ill from Hartz 4 in 1. We flead our three cats and our dog last week on friday evening. By Saturday morning Cory, my dog, was vomitting and shaking. My cats are fine. He couldn’t keep anything down for the first day. It is now Sunday he is still very sick and lethargic. He is drinking small amounts of water, mostly water I syringe into his mouth, and has eaten some plain yogurt and some bits of cheese that I hand fed him. We have tried to feed him some chicken and some apple sauce, he refused both. He still wants to go outside, and he can walk around but most of the time he just looks disoriented and wobbly. Right now he is huffing air in and out of his nose. He’s acting like he’s in pain. I am so scared he is going to die, or that we are going to take him to the vet and have to put him to sleep because we can’t afford the treatments. Or that he is going to have to be put to sleep anyway. I wish I had googled Hartz before and found your website- I would have used something else on him. Please keep my dog in your thoughts.

my cat almost died!!!!!!

i love my cat jello more than life itself……. on
monday, i put some sergeant’s brand flea stuff on his neck. i had used
it before and he seemed ok…. it’s not terribly effective, but it
didn’t seem to harm him…..

yesterday (sat) i brought him to the
vet because he was missing a spot of fur. this was NOT due to the flea
medicine, but an allergy to the fleas…. they said that the flea stuff
wasn’t regulated and didn’t work all that well. they sent me home with
some advantage 9, and told me to wash the sergeant’s stuff off of him
and wait a couple of days to put the advantage on.

night, after i bathed him (the package of sergeant’s said not to bathe
the animal for the first 24 hours, but i put in on him MONDAY, and
there was still oily residue) about 10 minutes later, i heard a crash,
and looked to find jello stumbling around and trying to stand…. he
then collapsed. he was acting like the mouse i saw in boarding school
that had eaten rat poison. he was very cold and non-responsive. i
freaked out and picked him up, yelling his name but he
wouldn’t open his eyes. i tried to give him mouth to mouth (i just blew
into his mouth, not that i know what the hell i was doing) and after
the second time, he gave a low "meow" after about 30 seconds, he
struggled in my arms to get down, but still wasn’t his normal self. he
was very weak……

while looking up emergency vets and waiting
for my roommate to get home (i had lent him my car) i looked up his
symptoms and found this site along with
several others talking about the same symptoms as jello had presented.
the only thing i can think of is maybe i hadn’t gotten all of the flea
residue off of him, and had just managed to spread it to a spot where
he could lick it.

i rushed him to the vet’s and, thank
everything, he’s better now. they couldn’t tell me what had happened,
but the only new factor was the flea stuff. these websites and the vets
all said that advantage was safe, but not to use the over the counter
flea stuff.

PLEASE don’t make the same mistake i did. if your
cat or dog has fleas, and you want to get rid of them, don’t bathe them
in flea shampoo, and don’t use off brand flea meds…. just take them
to the vet and get the stuff that is actually regulated and tested.