Sentry Natural Defense burns animals

I found this site looking for anyone who had experience with pet flea products causing harm. I recently adopted a kitten and she had 1 or 2 fleas that I noticed over a week period so I decided to treat her and my other cat and dog. I have a 2 year old and a bird so I wanted to try the natural stuff. Sentry Natural Defense products "say" they are all natural ingredients however, I don’t believe that to be truth. Within minutes of putting on the liquid following the directions, my kitten began yowling like she was hurt. I rubbed as much off as I could with a warm washcloth thinking it must just be the cooling feeling from the peppermint that annoyed her since my other cat and my dog seemed fine. I was wrong. The next day I noticed that my kitten seemed fine, but the cat was red and it looked like a scald burn, and my dog was blistered all over her back. The kitten had some scabbing over the nest few days as well. My 1 year old cat lost a nice patch of hair as the scabs came off, and the dog has a nice thin stripe down her back. I am passing on to everyone that I know not to use the Sentry products. I know that Sentry is made by Sargents, I don’t think Hartz is but any product that does this to several animals needs to be stopped!! Thanks!

Kimber died 8/27/07 from 4in1 drops

My name is Rachelle Petersen. I lost my dog just this past Monday morning at 5 am. Her name is Kimber and she was 5 y/o. My husband and I lost a baby the night before we got married and he gave me Kimber a short while later. He knew I needed someone to take care of and he was right. She was a perfect match for me. Kimber was a black Pomeranian and weighed 4 and a half pounds full grown. She thought I hung the moon. I gave her a bath on Thursday and put Hartz 4in1 flea drops on her on Friday around 6 pm. Saturday at 2 in the afternoon she started heaving and throwing up clear liquid and foam was coming out of her mouth and nose along with small seizures that kept getting worse. We don’t live where there are a lot emergency vets after hours or weekends. I planned on taking her to the closest vet on Monday morning. I never got the chance. I babied her and held her the whole time she was sick. She lost control of her legs and bowels about 4 am on Monday morning and I knew she was not going to make it. I told her how sorry I was about a million times and that I loved her even more times than that. I finally told her it was ok to go, that she would be in a better place and that I would counting the days till I saw her again. She looked up at me with a scared pained look in her eyes her legs went stiff and she struggled to take another breath during this final seizure and my Kimber was gone. I can’t eat I can’t sleep and I feel like I have lost the baby all over again as well as the only soul who loved me no matter what. Kimber followed me everywhere even into the bathroom. I never ever had to use a leash on her. She never went more than a few feet from me. If I was in a chair she was either on my lap or under the chair. Hartz Mountian Corp has broken my heart and torn my soul in two pieces.
The EPA has taken my baby to do a necropsy and Hartz has to pay for it. I will hopefully get her back next week after they have cremated her.

I tried to join the site but I never got a confirmation email. My email address is [email protected]. I will join a lawsuit if there is an active one.


I lost one cat to kidney failure and feel like it was because he licked the strip on bio spot product. Another cat had a reaction to the Sergeants Gold Spot on and I just about lost her, but my vet pulled her through. It took about 3 months and 6 different anti-biotics. Then like an idiot I put a Hartz 2 and 1 flea collar on her and she had a respiratory infection which cleared up as soon as I took the collar off.
I use Nature’s Guardian on my dogs, but cannot find it in this area for my cats.
Please research what you are using on your pets.

I now have no doubt that Hartz killed my cat.

My ex and I adopted a cat named Jack from the Raleigh SPCA 3 years ago. We took him to regular checkups and he always scanned a-ok. Then we bought some Hartz flea and tick drops from a local Target. Jack developed a rash between his shoulder blades and eventually just a bald spot after the irritation healed. We both figured it was just an external problem but soon after his health started to decline rapidly.
He lost a lot of weight (Jack was a grey domestic so he was already naturally skinny) and went from a healthy 9 lbs to just under 2.5 in a matter of 3 months. The Vets were mystified and all they could tell us was that the Hartz was most likely responsible. My ex and I left to see a movie and when we returned home we found him dead on the living room floor, I’ll never forget the expression on his face. He died in agony, alone.
I always figured it was the Hartz, but after reading this site, I’m damn sure. Thanks for making a place to share my story.


HARTZ 2-1 Flea and Tick Spray-Dogs

If this saves one dog’s life I will be happy! I bought Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick Spray and used it once on my 15 week old puppy. I am EXTREMELY lucky that I took him in when I did because I almost lost him yesterday. If I wouldn’t have given my vet the bottle he would not have been able to treat him in time. Thankfully he was treated before it affected his brain. I will NEVER buy any form of Hartz product ever again.

2 week old rottweiler puppies

Hi, I have been hand raising four two week old puppies since their birth and have been feeding them milk replacer from the vets and they all have been thriving excellent. I ran out of the esbilac and purchased the hartz milk replacer from walmart. As soon as I started to feed them the hartz they shook their heads and swallowed a few drops and acted like it was poison. I continued trying to feed them, thinking maybe it’s just the taste difference. When I put one of the puppies down in its bed, he became very uncoordinated. They are all very listless now and I don’t know what will happen. I stopped the formula immediately. I will post updates.

Hartz 2 and 1 Rid Flea Dog Shampoo burns sensitive areas

Just wanted you to know a stupid thing I did and I mean it as a warning.

Our family has always used the green Hartz flea shampoo without problem until this week. With no warnings of where NOT to use the shampoo I gave my dog a good bath when I found a flea on him the other day. My husband always says I don’t get my precious dog bathed all over, so the other day I did. I made sure I got under his arms and legs where fleas might hide. Not good. He was restless that night and I noticed he was red, like an allergic reaction all underneath on his privates area. Before we went to bed I noticed a straight line of pea sized lumps formed on his back. I called the on-call vet and told him all I could, he agreed it all sounded like an allergic reaction. Overnight the lumps went away but he was increasingly red and I noticed his balls were blood red and swollen. I realized it must have been the shampoo that had bothered him so I quickly gave him another bath with a hypoallergenic baby wash to try to aleviate the damage. The doctors weren’t in that day but he left some Prednisone tablets at the office for me. The pills have helped and Hank is recovering.

Last night as I was checking on his problem it occurred to me that what I was looking at was a burn. His swelling has gone down considerably but the skin on his balls is crusty and flaking off like a scab. I won’t say that the Hartz shampoo is what caused this for sure but I know it’s the first time I ever washed him all over with it and it sure looked like a chemical burn.

If you do use this shampoo be careful not to get near sensitive areas. I will not use it or any chemical on my baby again, nor any of my cats. I’m even tapering back store bought foods and cooking for Hank.

Praying for the animals.

my chocolate lab

about a couple weeks ago i noticed that my dogs pupils were huge. I took him to the vet and his eyes were not responding to light which is the first sign of something wrong in the brain or worse a brain tumor. They put him on penicillian and gave him a cortizone shot in case it may be just an infection in his brain. He asked if I had did anyting different and I mentioned that I had put hartz 3 in 1 on him for fleas. You should have heard the reaction. He said that it can have the same effects has brain tumors and that it actually can mess up the neurological system of your dog along with many other things . Right now we are feeding him popsicles melted in water so that he gets liquids in him and feeding him whatever food he will eat. He has a hard time standing up and walking his back legs just wont support him sometimes. we carry him up and down the steps and walk with him so he can go to the bathroom. Just awhile ago his head just started shaking and it lasted about 3 minutes. not sure if it was a type of seizure or not. We have been sleeping on the floor with him for the past week when it really got bad. I am just praying that it is the hartz and not a brain tumor and that he comes back even half way. it just kills us to see him try and get up and walk and fall over or seeing his head shake. Hartz should be put out of business once and for all. It has killed enough animals and someone has to put a stop to it before anymore die from their products and stupidity.

Roman’s symptoms

My dog Roman had explosive diarreah for four days after applying Hartz flea drops. He layed in his crate all day for two days and obviously felt horrible. His diarreah was uncontrollable and I ended up having to rent a steam vac to clean the carpet. I guess we were lucky though. Hartz should be the one paying for his vet bill.

My poor animals..

I couldn’t believe this.
I had just finished applying Hartz 4 in 1 flea and tick drops to my dogs, Buddy and Katie. I gave Buddy the 31 to 45 lbs dosage, Katie got the 16 to 30 lbs dosage, and Annah, my cat, got the 4 to 15 lbs dosage for dogs…
At the time, I did not know that it wasn’t safe to put the flea killer for dogs on my cat, because I figured that a smaller dosage would be okay. I was told this by a friend and I thought she knew what she was talking about.
However, not two minutes after I put it on the cat, my mother alerted me that this was only to be used on dogs and ONLY on dogs.. I immediately washed her with some Softsoap that was in the bathroom (at the time I didn’t have any Dawn dishsoap) and rinsed her with a lot of water. She wasn’t very happy at all.
Then I came upstairs and went online, searching for the dangers of the usage of flea killer for dogs on cats. I found this website and I was shocked. I can’t believe they are selling poison for our animals… and after we had been bathing them weekly with Hartz 3 in 1 Foaming shampoo and after I had sprayed the WHOLE house with Hartz 3 in 1 Home Spray, which, might I add, also contains permethrin.. TOXIC TO CATS. They never even put a label on it saying it might be hazardous to your cat.. My poor Annah.
Needless to say, I searched some more and found that bathing the pets with Dawn dishsoap helped, so I called my grandma and borrowed some from her. I gave Buddy and Katie a thorough washing, as well as little Annah again. She was super angry by this time.
None of my pets so far have showed any signs of poisoning. I’ll be monitoring them all night as I will not be sleeping. I have work at 5 in the morning and I just don’t care. I have more concern about my babies than sleep.
I just cannot get over the fact that all these products are so dangerous and that I just sprayed the entire house today with something that could make Annah fatally sick.
Word definately needs to be spread. I can tell you, I will be boycotting and spreading the word to everyone I know. The Hartz flea collars are coming off, and I am definately investing in some Frontline.