We almost lost our Spikey today!!

Who would have thought that a well know product that we had faith in would potentially harm our 4 year old minature beagle. We used the Hartz flea and tick 3 month treatment in May and June on our baby thinking we were killing the fleas and ticks not him. Yesterday we noticed that his eyes looked weird, his pupils were dialated and blue. Today he could not see because the flea and tick medicine that lies in their secretion glands after it soaks in had sent him into diabetic shock. He is in intensive care as we speak and may not make it. He lost 6 pounds in the months that we had that poison on him. NEVER AGAIN!!! They should not be able to sell a product that is never even tested or FDA approved!! We thought we were being responsible by trying to help keep the fleas and ticks off of him. We certainly did not expect him to be fighting for his life as we speak right now. Someone should put a stop to such harmful poison being on the shelves. IS HARTZ GOING TO PAY MY VET BILL OR YOURS? Probably not. It is just not right. IS HARTZ GOING TO MEND MY FAMILIES BROKEN HEART IF SPIKEY DOES NOT MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT? I would say no. Warning to all Hartz users: do not buy this potentially fatal product.

Hartz 3in1 carpet and flea & tick spray almost killed my min pin!

I bought Hartz 3&1 carpet and flea and tick spray well the next day i saw my dog and his eyes were swollen and red and crossed. He was vomiting and had diarrhea. I was shocked on what this product had done to my dog! i had to rush him to the vet. The vet asked what i used and i told him and he said i should have never used that stuff !!!! shame on me!?? but how was i posed to know it was gonna hurt my baby i love him i would never want to hurt him. I had to pay a $200 vet bill they had to run test on him & give him antibiotics and medicine for his immflamation.

i just wish i would have seen this website before i purchased this product and put my dogs life in danger! im sorry for the people whos babies never made it:(. my dog is doing fine now.Lets just say my fight to get this off the shelves is not even close!!!!!!!
Something needs to be done. its not right.if i only knew where too start??

flea drops and hairball medicine

i first used hartz flea drops on my cat about three years ago, a little while after putting on the drops he started having seizures. i quit using hartz drops and about a month later the seizures stopped. next was my dog ,i put on this new 4 in 1 and she has broken out in a rash all over her body,losing most of her hair on her tail, i quit hartz and she is clearing up now. my cat also has a hard time with hairballs,a week ago i give her hartz hairball medicine and now for the last three days she has had seizures. everything finally came together,the common denominaters is hartz !!!! all three times things only happened using hartz products this has to stop.

Hartz poison

My name is Misty and on Thursday, June 21, I administered Hartz flea and tick drops on our family cat, Trixie, which lead to its death. I use to rescue cats and had done this many times before with no adverse reactions. The package said 15 lbs. or less and that he was. I had never heard of any such of poisons or reactions so I was in shock when I went outside to check on my beloved family member and it was seizing/convulsing in our garage. When I called the emergency animal clinic I was told the products were in the process of being pulled off the market because they were toxic to animals. My kitty also began to foam at the mouth, growl, hiss, urinate on himself and bit his paws throughout these tremors until he died. Our family is now in shock and very sadden with this loss. So are all of our neighbors because Trixie was so friendly. I hope you will pass this along in hopes this won’t happen to another family pet.

Wow. I thought it was just me…

A couple of years ago I bought flea treatment from Wlmart for our family cat Bookie (Boo Key). If I remember correctly, it was a spray from Hatz or Heartgard. After I put some on her, she started drooling:bubbling saliva was coming from her mouth. I freaked out, ran her to the bathroom, and washed it off. I thought I was killing her. Afterward, she was fine, so I thought maybe she just had sensitive skin and that I had overreacted. I can see from this website that I didn’t.

My parents put Frontline on their cats and dogs without any problems. I’ve even purchased it for them from the vet, but I will not use anything that comes from a regular store. For my own cats (now that I live on my own), I don’t put anything on them. However, they have recently discovered the joys of the great outdoors, so I was considering getting them something from the vet. This website has definitely solidified my resolve not to use anything that can be bought at a convenience/department store. In fact, I’m even a little wary of purchasing something from the vet. Since Advantage is absorbed through their skin, I’m a little afraid that if they start to have a reaction it’s not something that I’ll just be able to wash off.

All of this is so scary. My babies also got sick from the Iams food that was recalled. Luckily, they had only had one package of it before I found out about the recall and took them to the vet. I don’t know what I would have done if they had died.

Someone needs to look out for animals. It should be simply for the fact that they are sentient beings. If it has to be becuase of their relationship to humans, fine. Whatever it takes. But this is really inexcuseable.


I can’t believe that the major pet stores continue to sell Hartz in this era of concern over pet products. Contaminated pet food from China makes the front page of all the newspapers, but this story has slipped through the cracks. I applied Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea drops for cats to my Cosmo two days ago. Cosmo weights twice the minimum weight suggested for the product and we applied it precisely according to the instructions. Cosmo vigorously tried to get the stuff off, but I thought that this was normal. After all, I thought, this product wouldn’t be on sale if it wasn’t safe. What a mistake. The next day he stopped eating, lay listless in his bed and began to have tremors in his back. We bathed him to get the product off and today he seems better. Once his symptoms showed, I began to research the product online, and discovered that permethroid flea products – INCLUDING ULTRAGUARD (which contains etofenprox, a permethroid) – are the NUMBER ONE POISONER OF CATS. You can read it for yourself at: www.vetmedpub.com/vetmed/article/articleList.jsp?categoryId=8696
This is outrageous.

My Boxer Almost Died After I sprayed her with Hartz

I always use Frontline on my Boxers, but I ran out after spraying my male. I had some Hartz flea and tick spray, so I sprayed my 85 lb. female Boxer hoping to get rid of the fleas until I could get to the vets office the next morning. Immediately after spraying my dog she could not walk or hold her head up. I realized the Hartz was killing her. I took her to the bathtub and washed it off. She shook for about an hour. I squirted water down her with a baster and got her to eat some of her favorite dog biscuits. I took her to the vet the next morning and he told me I was lucky I didn’t spray her and go to bed. That he has had numerous people whose animals had died after being sprayed with Hartz. I am still upset and I threw everything away with a Hartz label. I notified Walmart, but all they could say is they are sorry. I plan on calling Hartz, but I am sure they will do nothing. I just want other pet owners to be aware they can kill their animal trying to help them.

You don’t always get what you pay for

On April 18, 2007 my baby Poe was killed by Frontline. The vet knew nothing about it so we were clueless. Last week our kitten was treated with the same pesticides and exibited the vey same symptoms of drooling, vomiting, and seizures that Poe did. Please think twice before putting any pesticides on your loved ones. Our little Echo is okay now after we bathed her very thoroughly.



On May 28th, 2007 I ran out of the Frontline Flea Treatment and the vets were closed and I wanted to get all of the cats treated the same day.
I went to Wal-Mart store and bought some of the Hartz Plus Flea Treatment and I put it on it on the last two cats, Charlie and Natasha.
In about three hours I woke up and found Charlie behind the couch having severe seisures.
I washed him off and called the vets office and I got the number for the emergency vets in Boone N.C.
We got Charlie there at about 2:30am and he was immediately cared for.
He was given muscle relaxers and I was allowed to see him for juat a few minutes.
We were told to come home and that we would have to come back later that morning to take him to our vet.
Upon returning home we found that Natasha was the same way.
Again we rushed her to the same place.
She was immediately given a bath and given muscle relaxers.
I was told at that time that it didn’t look good for Charlie.
I stayed there until it was time to transfer them to our vet.
When Charlie was unhooked from his IV fluids his heart stopped and he stopped breatheing.
The vet at the emergency vets did CPR on him and gave him some meds and was able to bring our Charlie back to us.
These cats were in a coma for about three days and it didn’t look good for either one of them.
Then after all the care and treatments they did come out of the coma.
These two cats will have to live with the problems that this product caused them.
We spent over $1200.00 to get our Babies back.
People should be made aware of what the Hartz Mountain pet products does to their animals.
Hartz Mountain should have to pay for all the costs that the owners have occured and pain and suffering that they occured.
It is a most horrifing ordeal when you have to watch you Baby die right in front of you.
This causes much pain.
The people that have had problems with the Hartz Mountain Corporation should be able to be compasated for all for the pain that they had to suffer and the Hartz Mountain Corporation should have to take responsibility for what they have done to these poor little babies.
They say they are a trusted Company and that they LOVE these animals and still they have this stuff on the market, WHAT LIERS they are.
These people are KILLERS!
I hope Charles and Natasha’s story will be published so that others can see what we had to live thru, and even more WHAT CHARLIE AND NATASHA HAD TO GO THRU WITH THAT POISON GOING THRU THEIR LITTLE BODYS.
Thank You very much,
Joyce Way
Joseph Nicholas

puppy reacts to oil drops

Bella, my 5 month old lab mix, suffered from swollen bumps from head to toe, as a reaction to these drops. She also turned red along with these bumps. When I called to vet, they weren’t suprised at all. She was bathed, and given benadryl, and is doing much better now. I was totally appalled. I am contacting PETA, austin’s FOX news source, and the Austin Humane Society. What must we do to get this deadly chemical off the shelves? Keep up the good work – thanks for the website.