it’s not just hartz!

i have read all of the stories on here and i am also having a problem with my dog. she’s 7months old now and having extremely bad reactions to SERGEANT’S skip flea and tick shampoo. It has the same chemical that a lot of you have listed in your stories permethrin. I personally think it is wonderful that you have a website such as this, but we need to aim at getting this chemical out of use. This chemical is in other trusted brands too and it is a shame that our loved animals our suffering for this. here are some pictures of our poor Holly and what it has done to her along with her sister that lives with one of our friends.

my dog’s reaction

i have a 5 year old lab/husky/newfoundlander and used to live by hartz products… well that was until i noticed that my dog was loosing fur and not just the shedding amount this was large handful’s and it would fall off when petting her… i called the vet and made an appointment and to my shock it was her flea products that i was using that was the cause of it all… i stopped using them and well the fur stopped falling out but the worst part is that it has never grown back… this was 2 years ago and still today she is missing a bunch of fur that prolly wont come back…. thank god it was not worse… i would be lost without her and i can guarentee that i will never use the stuff of my rottie pup or any animal again

My kitten could have died..

I used a Sentry (I believe it’s also called Sergeant’s) spray on my 2 kittens yesterday now knowing that there were any dangers what-so-ever. Not even 30 minutes later, one of my kittens was breathing funny and his nose was running. I thought he was just nervous because we were at someone else’s house so we took both of them for a car ride. (They like the car) 5 minutes after we got in the car, he started drooling massive amounts. He looked like a rabid dog. I didn’t know what else to do so I rushed him and his brother to an animal hospital where they gave both of them a bath with special stripping shampoo. As soon as that crap was off of him, He was fine. I was so lucky that the product hadn’t been on them for that long because the vet told me the affects that flea stuff can have on animals. I was shocked. Now I’m just pissed. If only I had know beforehand I would have NEVER used anything on them except for Frontline.

No Problem

I have used Hartz 3 in 1 Flea & Tick drops for years without any adverse side effects.

I have used Hartz products (flea drops, collars, shampoo’s, etc.) on my small dogs, large dogs, and cats, and I have never had any problems with it, ever!

I think if you are posting consumer experience stories then you should post this one also.

Thank you.

8 year old chihuahua has nerve damage due to Hartz Once-a-month flea & tick

My mother had used the treatment on her chihuahua several times. The dog is now living with me and mom had given me two packages of the medicine. Tics were a problem this year, 2007, so I put part of a tube of the 15 lbs or under medicine on Skeeter’s neck. She was lethargic all day. The next day her ear was twitching. I didn’t equate the two at first, but by 5pm, I had looked the medicine up on the internet, Permethrin, and immediately bathed the dog with Ivory dish soap, twice and rinsed her a lot. The next morning, I took her to the vet. Her temperature was elevated one degree. He gave her a shot to relax her muscles (I believe an anti-convulsive) and two pills (one for that night and one for the next morning). I put the treatment on her on Monday. Today is Thursday. Her ear still twitches and she wakes me up at 2am to rub it for her; as the twitch drives her nuts. She also has some incoordination from the medicine. I don’t know if it will ever get better. I cannot believe this medicine is allowed to be sold. I had trust in the Hartz Mountain Corporation and that they would have a safe product.
Morgantown, Indiana

Good intentions killing my cat?

My 1 yr old cat (who was hand raised from 2 weeks of age) escaped out of my house through an open door. We searched for weeks and finally he showed back up. Other then being thin his only signs of problems were a few ticks.
Since Anubis has long fur we were worried we hadn’t found all the ticks even after searching thru his long fur so we put a flea/tick collar on him from Hartz.
We made a mistake in thinking that since Hartz is a well known name it was safe right? Well wow were we WRONG.
Anubis started foaming at the mouth and chattering his teeth 2 days later. After rushing to the phone to call the vet we were told about the problems with these types of collars.
The vet told us that other then bathing him to remove all toxins from the skin and fur there was little we could do other then baby him and hope for the best.
As of right now my baby is laying on the kitchen floor on a towel….too weak to move. He is still drinking…in fact he does little but sleep and drink.
We are hoping for the best…prepared for the worst. The saddest thing is our 3 children went thru losing a dearly loved pet, felt the joy of finding him again…only to now worry he will die before our eyes from a .99 cent collar we put on him with the best of intentions.

This site helped to protect my chihuahua

I bought the Hartz 4-in-1 flea treatment for small puppies and dogs and used it on my 5 month old chihuahua. I thought to myself that I would just use it until we got the expensive stuff just to avoid getting fleas. After about half and hour, the treatment was still oily and visible and I was wondering how long I would have to go without petting my dog. My husband did pet the dog and within minutes his eyes started to burn (he must have rubbed them). I told him about the eye warning on the box and he went to wash his eyes out. I just happened to find this site and became so horrified that I ran into the bathroom and gave the dog to my husband in the shower to wash the dog off. As an afterthought, I realized that after putting the flea treatment on, my dog became so lethargic and not at all like himself. He was just lying aroung and not wanting to do anything. To make matters worse, I had also given him a Hartz chew treat. Within minutes after washing and drying my dog off, he totally changed his behavior and started to act like normal. There is nothing else to conclude but that the flea treatment was the cause of his lethargic behavior. I am so glad I found this site before it was too late. I am throwing out all of the Hartz products I have right now and will never touch them again. Thank you for this site.

Hartz drops made dog extremely sick

I have a small dog about 9 years old. Today is thursday, and I applied the drops a few days ago on a sunday I believe. My dog is still sick, cant hold down water for more than maybe 5 minutes befpre throwing it up. She keeps drinking TONS of water but just cant hold it down. It only started getting this bad yesterday and I called the vet and they said to just keep getting water down her. Im going to go ahead and take her in for whatever treatment they can give her. I think she’ll be *okay* but this is still very stressing and uncalled for. DAMN you Hartz.


My Cat Poi

I administered the Hartz Flea and Tick drops as directed to my cat, Poi, on 4/15/07. Several hours later she began getting extremely itchy, rubbing on everything she could get up against. She became lethergic, refused to eat or drink. She twitched several times for the next several hours. Lost her sense of balance and fell off the table. She hid in the closet for several hours. On Monday I called our vet. He told me to bathe her and get as much off of the flea drops as possible. She allowed me to do this (she never lets me bathe her). Today, Tues 4/17 she is eating a little better, still itchy and looks very unhappy.
All I want is my beautiful cat back to normal. I think I’d rather have fleas in the house than a dead cat. Why are these products still on the market???

2 Cats, 2 Reactions…. both are ok now (we think)

We moved into a new appartment with our two cats (V & L). V is a Russian Blue and the fleas LOVE to bite him around his neck. He is somewhat allergic to them, and I hadn’t had time to order their regular flea drops, so when I was picking some things up at the hardware store, I saw the Hartz drops and figured that I’d use them one time and get back to the normal stuff.

About an hour after putting the drops on, V was trying to wash his fur off and the fleas were biting him worse than ever. He washed for 5 days! Now, he has bald spots where the drops were put. Fortunately, I don’t think he ingested any of that garbage.

L was fine… mostly. He walked for 2 days like he was trying to shake bags off his feet, or like his feet were wet.

I feel lucky that my boys are ok (I think). I’ll NEVER buy a Hartz product again. I convinced the manager at the hardware store to pull the display once I told him what had happened to my cats. It’s disgusting that this company advertises as if they were pet-lovers but produce things that harm pets.