Tucker, the wonder cat

My 1 year old cat was gravely ill only 1 hour after using Hartz flea drops. I found him curled up tightly, holding his head up but with his eyes closed, quivering so hard he was almost rocking back and forth. I rushed him to the vet and when I mentioned that I thought he was having some sort of seizure the attendant, w/o hesitation asked if I had just given him Hartz. With that they snatched him from me and a day and half later and a large vet bill. . I have my Tucker the wonder cat back.
The animal hospital begged me to contact the FDA and said they get a handful of pets in Tuckers condition monthly!

PLEASE contact your veterinarian before using ANY OTC medications!

I am a veterinary technician and was turned on to this web site thru a friend. It angers and saddens me that this can happen to our pets. Many consumers are not aware of the risks that may be involved with the use of over-the-counter medications or remedies. Hartz, as well as many other name brands. are a well known name and is sold in many stores. From flea/tick control to even just shampoo, I would advise that you speak to your veterinarian first. Many of these products not only do not work and are a waste of time and money, but some can be dangerous to you and your pet. Your veterinarian will be able to advise which the best and safest treatment is for your pet. Most of the time the treatment your veterinarian recommends will not cost much more than the OTC medications. In the event it does, you can be assured that it will be effective and safe for your pet. To me that is worth the extra money as all of my pets are a part of my family.

I am not writing this to knock this specific company. I just want to pass on some general awareness about OTC medications for our pets. PLEASE, BEFORE USING ANY OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS FOR YOUR PET, PLEASE, PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR VETERINARIAN FIRST. They will be able to advise you whether or not there are good OTC medications for your pet.

Hartz made my cat sick

I used Hartz flea treatments on both of my cats one night before bed. One of the cats licked all the treatment off during the night and when I woke up she was trembling, very weak, and her eyes were dialated – the other was fine. I took them both to my vet. $300 and a day at the vet later she was fine. I wrote to Hartz as they instructed and they reimbursed me for the full bill amount plus the cost of the flea treatment.

Sergeant’s is TOXIC to your pet also

We did not try the Hartz flea shampoo but decided on Seargeant’s flea and tick shampoo instead. Our kitten, Cuddles, was four months old at the time and the label clearly states that it’s ok to use on kittens over 12 weeks old. It also states that you should lather your pet and leave on for 4-5 minutes. Thank God we didn’t leave it in that long because he probably wouldn’t have been able to pull through. We used a small amount on his torso,lathered and rinsed it right off. He seemed ok that night but the next day was horrible. I came home from work to find him lying on the floor. He was breathing very rapidly, drooling, and crying. He tried to get up and walk but he had temporarily lost his sight and walked into the wall instead. We took him right to the vet who told us that he had suffered a seizure from the flea bath. They told us that they see about 200 cases a year from the Hartz and Seargeant’s brands. They also said that both companies are well aware of the problem but do nothing to stop it. None of us thought that little Cuddles would make it through the night, but thankfully he did. He was able to come home the next day. It took about a week before he felt good enough to start playing again though. Since then he has suffered another seizure, this time he lost his sight for 2 days. It has been about a month since the last seizure and he is finally doing good. The vet thinks it is all out of his system now and we are all hoping for the best. Just so you know, he did not injest any of the shampoo. It was absorbed through his skin during the bath. So please, all of you who read this, do not buy Seargeant’s flea products either. These companies do not care about our pets,to them it’s all about the money.

Never use Hartz one spot on older or mildly sick cats

I have used Hartz One spot on my cats for years off and on.

I have several cats. This year 2 of my older cats died within a month
of each other after I used One Spot on them.

I think it is toxic and can kill a cat especially if your cat’s immune system
is already fighting something else you may not even know the cat has.

Just don’t use Hartz one spot. Be safe not sorry.
I feel TERRIBLE about my
2 pets. I wish, wish, wish, I could go back and not use the Hartz One spot. One of my cats was 13 years old and the other was 15 years old both appeared
to be in good health before I used the one spot. Then within a week or so
they quit eating, and the older one started avoiding contact, listless. The vet thought it was just age and gave Steriod shots which seem to even make the deterioating process go much faster.

I thought maybe it was related to the recent Pet food recalls but now I think
it was the Hartz One Spot and because they were too old to handle the toxic
One spot.

immediate reaction to flea/tick drops

My small dog (9 lbs) immediately (within 5 minutes) began to throw up after receiving the drops. It was this weird foamy vomit and he kept vomiting until it was pink w/blood. I cannot say with 1000% certainty it was the medicine BUT I can say he was fine…TOTALLY FINE…until I put it on his back. And no, he didn’t lick it or get any of it near his mouth. 🙁 The rest of the meds are going in the trash today…

My Bengal Cat Died After I Used the Hartz Flea Treatment

My 18 month old Bengal cat, Jessie, became lethargic, and I took her to my vet. She said Jessie had a virus, and gave her a shot that she said would “bring her around”. Four days later she wasn’t any better, and suddenly took a turn for the worse at about midnight. She died at 5 am.

I did not make the connection to the flea drops until months later, when I read an article in the local newspaper.

Bill Sims
Covington, LA

Hartz Killed My Cat

I had three cats – Eddie, Flower, and Shy. All three came down with fleas, so I got them each a Hartz Flea Collar. I thought these were safe, because there were so many on the shelf at our local PetSmart. PetSmart sells so many high end products, and seem so trustworthy, that I didn’t think twice about using the collar.

Eddie and Flower took their collars off almost imemdiately and I couldn’t get them to leave them on. Shy kept hers on. I wish she wouldn’t have.

Within a few days of putting on the collar, I noticed large lesions on her skin, and Shy started getting unbelievably thin. A week after the collar was on, she dropped from 8 pounds to under 4 pounds. I took her to the vet who advised me to take the collar off immediately. The vet put Shy on some IV fluids and said the best we could do is wait.

Shy came home the next day, still excruciatingly thin. She wouldn’t eat or drink anything. She started vominting and had diarrhea. She had a small seizure in the middle of the night (about 5 am) but seemed to recover. I called the vet at 7 am and made an appointment for 9 am.

Just before we left, Shy got outside. She had never been outside before and had never even tried to get out. She just bolted.

I searched and searched, and when I couldn’t find her, I put up flyers. I offered a reward and searched all the local shelters and rescues. I did all I could to find her.

I did find her, three days later. She was deceased, under my porch. I think she ran away to die. All this because of that stupid flea collar!

I blame two companies – Hartz and PetSmart. PetSmart has the option of carrying this product, and I believe they have a responsibility to ensure that all their products are safe for the pets that they supposedly care so much about. They should have pulled this off the shelves when reports started coming in about Hartz – but nothing is more powerful than the almighty dollar. To this day, PetSmart carries the Hartz products. You can’t tell me they haven’t heard the warnings – they just don’t care.

My dog is almost bald

My dog a fox terrier/rat terrier mix. Who is a very fragile looking thing to begin with now looks more like a chinese crest dog. After using hartz flea shampoo my pooch started to loose hair within 2 HOURS ! Yes 2 hours! He lost over 80% of his hair. I took him to the vet and the vet stated never never ever use any of hartz products. This all happened 7 months ago that is how long it took my baby to grow his coat back. He has a couple of spots left however the vet thinks there was damage to the folicles and it probably will not grow again in that area. I am sure my dog would agree! As he was not fond of the little jackets I had to put on him so he could go out in the wisconsin freezing cold to potty. Please let every one you know who has a pet, thinking about getting a pet about this site. It is very important. This product is bad!!!

Our Cat became sick after only 2 hours with the flea colar on

Our indoor cat all of a sudden had fleas, since it was a weekend and our vet would not be open until Monday(to buy advantage) we decided to go to the local pet store and get something for the fleas. We got her the Hartz flea colar. Within an hour of wearing it she became lathargic, unresponsive and developed a twitch. We immediately took her to emergency. The first thing the tech did when we got there was take off the colar and throw it away. She said she had seen several cats in there who had organ failure after using the colar or the drops. So after spending $320 for tests and antibiotics we are home now. Momo still isn’t the same a day later…she barely eats and sleeps all the time. They say it should get better but god only knows….This company should be put out of business!! We bought stuff for our puppy too from Hartz….its now in the garbage can unused.