good kitty bad hartz

I recently purchased hartz flea and tick dip…BIG MISTAKE!!! My preciuos felines are now drooling uncontrollably! To bad I found this web site too late. I am comforted to know its not just my cats, yet feel cheated into buying such a unuserfriendly product! I hope to see my cats well again (even as i type they meow in pain and misorey), and see this product removed from wal marts shelves. Legal precutions should be taken!!!!!!

My do Merfie died I believe due to Hartz

Two years ago we put Hartz flea and tick drops on our 6 year old dog. Soon after he started having seizures and losing hair on his tail and ears. Then he began losing weight. A couple weeks later he began bleeding from his anus and had to have an anul gland surgery which costed hundreds of dollars, then he just kept going down hill losing weight and getting sicker he ended up having to have all but nine of his teeth pulled due to an infection which costs another hundred dollars. Then we decided to try another vet and he diagnosed him with hypothyroidism and put him on a medication that just wouldn’t work. He then went down hill quickly and passed away this afternoon and I believe that all his problems stem back to the day we used Hartz on him. It breaks my heart and they should pay for what they have done. I watched my dog suffer and I know it was all cause by the flea drops. He was a healthy happy dog and his personality also completely changed after we used the product. It just isen’t fair.

Poor cat

The little old lady thought she was helping her cat by applying Hartz Flea treatment, little did she know that her cat would have a severe toxicity reaction to it. The cat started to have severe seizures despite treatments of diazepam, and phenobarb to stop the seizures. The old lady brought her to us, the vet hospital. They eventually stopped however the next day she was nearly comatose, however conscious. Day 3 she was sitting up and eating, we thought she’d be ok. Day 4 the seizures started again, only this time she didn’t respond to diazepam, phenobarbitol injectable, methocarbimole or isoflorane anesthetic gas. We eventually after 3 hours of trying everything in our power to save her, had to euthanize her.

My two cats are on IV tonight

I live in the UK. Last night I applied some Hartz 3 in 1 Flea and Tick drops for Cats to my cats. (I had purchased the item in the US, as it is not sold here).
Very quickly Tristan developed a reaction. Usually a very silent kitty, he started howling and growling and his body went into spasms. His skin was twitching and his pupils became dilated.
I called the emergency 24 hour vet, and was advised to bring Tristan in. As I live out in the country it was a long drive to the vet. When we got there, Tristan seemed to be improving, so he was sent home with me with no treatment and a $160 call out bill.
However, today he got worse. I had been advised to bathe both cats in warm soapy water. Tristan spent the whole day in one place and having little tremors. he growled from time to time, and did not eat or drink. Treacle, the other cat, had not received as much of the drops, having scampered away before the full dose could be given. He seemed fine last night, but today much of his fur had come away from the spot where the drops were applied. he was not trembling but was twitching a lot on the skin and was very distressed. He kept hiding.
I sent an email around to some vet lists where I began to hear about the horrors associated with this product. Instead of chastising myself for being over worrisome, I decided to take the cats back to the vet. Tonight they are both on iv drips and having their kidney function monitored. As far as I can tell, neither of them has eaten or drank in the past 24 hours.
I hope tomorrow I can report back some good news, but after reading some of these stories i am very very worried.
has anyone successfully gotten compensation from Hartz?

Distressed Pets

I wanted to add to the knowledge of what these products can do, and the other day my husband told me that he’d found a website that I wish we’d found before all the heartache we’ve been through.

Sparkles, a gorgeous diamond eyes calico that we got for my daughter on her birthday was as pampered a kitty as ever lived. She slept on my daughter’s bed and ruled the house. Sparkles was pregnant after a while and we joyfully awaited the arrival of kittens. We own a farm so cats are always welcome. She had her 5 babies and the Vet suggested, and sold at his facility, Hartz products. When the babies got old enough we started buying toys and my daughter was head over heels mad about giving the kittens baths. Maybe the second time she did it, she came running to me crying that one of the kittens was acting funny and on inspection we found it walking oddly, running into walls and acting disoriented.

We took the kitten to the vet and were told that it had an ear infection, not common but a plausible explanation I thought, and gave us info and instructions to fight it. We took our kitten back it’s adoring child and mama, not worried at all about it. less than a month later we had to bury a kitten. Because we didn’t know about Hartz problems it was followed by two of its brothers and sisters. Baths had stopped and we were keeping the kittens, who were both weak and sickly, away from my daughter (which broke her heart) and they were kept in a back bedroom which we cleaned and scrubbed out to make sure there was nothing there to hurt them.

They lived though Joan seems to have problems hearing and her brother Erkmore hates any toys and won’t go near the bathroom, I think he’s afraid we’re going to wash him. We told everyone we know that they should stay away from the badly diagnosing Vet and Hartz and I hope every tear jerking story on this site serves to make people more aware of how horrible this company is. Love your pets and don’t submit them to the unsafe things Hartz comes out with.

Jacqueline Ramsey
Outside Hibbing, MN

Faulty catnip?

Just sent this to Hartz. Who knows what will develop.

Hi Hartz,

I bought an ounce of your catnip yesterday. The package claims “100% pure”, and “New and Improved”. That may be, but our cats who are absolute fiends for the stuff are completely indifferent to it.

We coat their scratching post with their drug of choice to save wear (and especially tear) on the furniture. I’m off to the store again today for another brand.

I’d suggest you look into your sources. This stuff says “Made in China” on the bag. Perhaps the Chinese are ripping you off.


Why is it still selling?

Ok i have a question. If sooo many pets have been killed by Hartz produsts why is it still selling. I would think that vets and animal rescuers and other people would sue them or at least make contact Hartz sellijg stores and get them to see this website. Maybe they have. I dont know but really, why are they still in sores? I really think that people should make a HUGE effort to ban Hartz products.

hartz cat toy makes our cats very ill

for christmas, i bought my two cats a hartz toy–one of those types that is styled after a fishing pole, with a long elastic string and a furry toy at the end. both cats became ill from playing with this toy.

they were both taken to the vet, who could find nothing wrong with them in bloodwork or urinalysis (costly tests!). one of the cats had ingested a small portion of the string, and that, understandably is not the fault of hartz…we should have better supervised him when playing with the toy. the other cat, however, became ill just from chewing on the string. (perhaps it’s the dye used to make the string bright orange, or the elastic inside the string?)

as much as they loved this toy, i’ll never buy them another one.

Thanks for being there to keep pet owners informed.

I came across this website a few months ago while looking for a treatment for ticks for my cats and dogs. I can’t believe that we as the public in general are so uninformed. As caring pet owners, we need to research anything we put on our pets and any illnesses or medications that are pertinent. I told my sister about this website, she read the stories and now knows what killed her dog, Marley. During a time that she could not afford Frontline, she used Hartz and within days he died. Although the vet now has postings in regards to Hartz, she was unaware of it at the time.
I want everyone to know about the dangers of Hartz, I posted a warning on Craigslist and will continue to refer people to
Thanks for being there to keep pet owners informed.

Buttons and Hartz

Way back when i had a dog named Buttons. She was my love. We did everything together, we were attached at the hip. She was only a few months old when we got her and that was why I was suprised when I realized that whenever I bathed her with my Hartz shampoo her legs would go limp. I stopped using it and everything got better so i decided to try it again. This time, her legs went even more limp and she was no longer a happy dog, she looked like a thirteen year old dog when she wasn’t even three years old. So finnaly my husband and I decided to take Buttons to the vet. They told us she had cancer, and even though family and friends assured us that it was just her we KNEW it was because of the Hartz products. We decided we should put her down, it affected us in so many ways, we weren’t as cheerful anymore, we were sad and depressed. Then we decided we would get a new dog. We used normal shampoo not hartz. We were shocked when a family friend suggested we used hartz products.