I learned the hard way…

I used Hartz Flea and Tick Powder on my dog and he became so violently ill that I rushed him to the local 24 hour vet hospital. They asked me what kind of poison he had got into and I told them the only thing I had put on him was the flea powder. They told me that the active ingredient in this powder was an organo-phosphate and that is was extremely toxic to pets. She also told me she could not promise me that my dog would even live. I had no idea I was poisoning my dog, I felt so guilty. After about two weeks, $1200.00 in vet bills, and a lot of heartache later, my dog recovered. I learned about this website through a local online petgroup I’m a member of. I am saying this to anyone who has ever even thought of using Hartz flea control products on their pets: DON’T!!! You get what you pay for. In other words, if you pay for crap you get a crappy product. Please use other flea control methods and always make sure to NEVER use anything with any Organo-Phosphates.

Christmas Story

We have recently moved from Texas to California and been having problems with fleas like crazy. We brought along Joey, a 18 lb. Maine Coon / Tabby mix and adopted Adler, a small (very small) 1 year old Tabby mix 2 months ago. We were leaving for Christmas Eve and Christmas and I noticed the fleas were really starting to bother both cats. I went and bought Hartz brand flea and tick shampoo and the cats had been wearing the Flea and Tick drops on their necks. I bathed both cats and we then applied a second round of drops. Right before we left, Adler defecated on the carpet. We cleaned it up and left for Christmas church. When we returned the following day (Christmas) we found Adler dead under our bed. We have nothing else to think but that she had heart failure or was sick (she was always a strange cat, but not really any pertainent health problems, more personality quirks). She was only a year old and not showing any signs of illness. After finding this site, it would seem that the drops could have very well killed her. Our other cat is seemingly okay, but he is also 3x Adler’s size and I am still taking him to the vet to get checked out. I will NEVER use those products again. This was my first pet that I adopted myself (Joey was my husband’s cat and he had him when we met) and now I feel terrible. I wish we would’ve been home to know what really happened to her…

Stop killing our family members…

I have 5 cats …they are my family. Three of them I rescued off the street and would do anything for all of them.
They are indoor cats and go out in the yard with me in the summer.
This fall I put the flea and tick drops on all of them, in case they had picked up sand fleas from outside. I thought I was helping them …Not hurting them.
My Alpha Lucy ended up with what looked like a severe burn between her shoulder blades the next day. She lost all her fur in that area and burnt her down to her flesh. It was horrible. Blood from the wound in her fur around her neck.
She was afraid to come near me for a week and would cry to me …as if to say ” what did I do mommy and why did you hurt me??
I talked to my son about this and he told me of this website.

What are you people thinking??
These cats are my family and they have other family members (human or not …children and Grandchildren) in our houses that would miss them dearly.
My children are grown and gone and I have found through thick or thin, they (my cats) don’t judge you and depend on you to take care of them not hurt them.

I bought my products at Wal Mart and would hope they pull this product from their shelves. As I have read …they have heard many complaints, so they are aware of this problem and should be concerned about what their customers think.
They should want to be part of the SOLUTION …not PROBLEM.

A very loving concerned pet owner,
G. Claxton

To Bob White

You are totally in denial regarding this product called HARTZ. Just because your HUGE Rottie’s were not effected, doesn’t mean that this product is good. You have big dogs and it is taking it’s toll on them in a smaller amount. It could be internal on your dogs too.

This is a horrible product HARTZ FLEA DROPS, (from experience) we almost lost our cat 12 years ago. It clearly was the HARTZ product. She went into convulsions and still has problems with Advantage with some twitching. We don’t use it all the time.

I believe that you Bob White, may have used this product far too long on your pets and it may have effected your thought process. If you truly loved your pets, you would not continue to use it with so many, many reports of what it has done to other family pets?

I can’t afford Advantage either (they get it about every 6 months or so), but I would use NOTHING before I used HARTZ. Nothing is better then poisoning my family pet.

Now let’s work on EBAY and other selling sites that are allowing this poisoning product to be listed to sell or auction off to ANOTHER UNSUSPECTING VICTIM.

I have a “blog” on ebay now and we discuss this site. I refer people to www.hartzvictims.org ALL THE TIME. Thank you Josh, and keep up the good work.

Margie B =^..^=
Washington State

our 3 loving cats

We recently brought our 3 cats to the vet to have their annual check up and a flea bath and treatment. The 1st question the vet assistant asked us was “Have you treated your cats with any flea treatment?: I replied, “Yes with Hartz ointment.” The look on her face was one I will never forget. She said, “Oh, don”t ever use that again. It can make your cat very, very sick.” I was so upset. I asked” How sick? Is it something treatable?” Her response was, “NO”. I asked how quickly we would notice a bad reaction and she, in turn, asked how long ago we used the product. I said”4 days ago. She said “You probably would have noticed something by now, but keep an eye on them for a few days. Later on, I was in the waiting room and overheard her talking to the other assistant. She said, “When we bathe the cats, make sure we use something really strong to get all of the Hartz off of them. We felt guilty for trying to “help”our cats. The vet said we would have no way of knowing that the product was dangerous, and not to beat ourselves up, just learn from it. Well, I took it a step further and hung up a sign at the local dog park warning all to stay away from Hartz products. It infuriates me that a product can be made so readily available to consumers and be a killer at the same time! So far our pets have shown no ill effects, except their hair fell out at the site where we applied the Hatrz ointment. That tells ya something! Thanks for cereating this site. We need to keep spreading the word!


I’ve had Dogs all my life and have used Hartz flea collars on all but my present pet,
Which i am currently using their flea drops..Never had a problem… my present Dog
Bud , a Rottweiler/Husky.Is almost 12,has a Beautiful shiny coat and no Fleas.
I also always buy Hartz Shampoos and only use them on My dog..and always have.
If the folks at front line and advantage didn’t charge so much maybe your website wouldn’t be necessary..or could be devoted to more practical causes..
I don’t need to write anomymous i speak all facts from a lifetime of dog ownership
i’m 62 and my name is Bob White.
PS: My vet charged me 50$ a pop for frontline for years now i buy hartz for
16$..Money talks & Bullshit walks..So.. Walk on Mr or Ms Anonymous.

My Cat Died

My Cat went into convulsions and died the day after I put a Hartz brand flea collar on her. She was a beautiful Maine Coon I bought for breeding. No amount of money will bring her back. My heart is broken. I hope the greedy monsters at Hartz enjoy the few dollars I paid for that collar. John Caro, Pensacola Florida

Hartz Ultra Guard Plus for Cats

My friends cat has acquired a little flea problem. Guess what we bought…

Now guess what we’re never buying again…

Here’s what happened. Last night we applied Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Drops for Cats, and she was just being her sweet self purring as we give her our love. Within minutes, she was frantically running around and twitching like there was something terribly wrong. Her mouth was frothing up and dripping. When we picked her up she flailed like we were going to hurt her.

We ran to the internet and found this website.

Immediately i grabbed her and stuck her in the shower and washed it all off.

We were fast enough that she was left with no burns, and i’m happy to report that she is doing just fine now.

Thank you www.hartzvictims.org!!!

my basset hounds reaction to flea and tick drops

OMG! I can’t believe what I am reading on your site. But I CAN believe it because it happened to my pet as well. Here is Stubbys story.

I own a 2 year old Basset Hound and always use Frontline flea and tick drops on him. Always except one time last summer. I needed to treat him again with drops and hadn’t made it to the vet. I was at our local Hy-Vee store and decided instead of making an extra trip in to my vet (we live in the country, far away from everything) I would just pick up some of the Hartz flea and tick drops at the store and try them this time. Got home and put the stuff on Stubby. Within several hours I noticed he was scratching at the application site on his neck and between his shoulder blades. Soon after I noticed him scratching I noticed that his skin was bright red under his white fur. I immediately gave him a bath and tried to wash the drops off. After a thorough washing I felt good about everything and didn’t worry about it anymore that night. Well by the next morning Stubby was crying and very restless. When I got up I looked at his back and was so stunned to find that the skin was raw and oozy. He seemed to be in pain and very uncomfortable. I made an appointment to see my vet and couldn’t get in till that next day. By the time we got to the vet the skin on his back, basically everywhere that the drops touched, looked like it had just been eaten away as if with acid or something. It was so terrible. And at this point it had started to get infected and was oozing puss and smelled terrible. I felt so horrible. My vet said she had seen this sort of reaction on other animals, usually cats. She told me that she never recommends anyone to use Hartz on their pets. Wish I would have known that BEFORE I used it!!! She ended up sedating him and shaving the hair off from around the wound. She scrubbed the area really well and then started him on antibiotics, prednisone and also Gentocin spray (steriod) that I had to spray on the area several times a day. Poor Stubby is still afraid of spray bottles to this day! He cleared up fine but it took a while.

I was talking to a friend and happed to mention what happeded to Stubby and she told me that she had used Hartz flea and tick shampoo on her dog and he had the same type reaction, just not quite as bad as Stubbys.

I have since started to breed Basset Hounds and I tell all my new puppy owners to not use Hartz. I will also give them the address to this site. I was so excited and shocked when I found this website. I can’t believe that Hartz is doing nothing about their products and what they are doing to our pets. I am doing everything I can to warn pet owners against using any of the Hartz flea and tick products from now on.

Jen Kenny

My Poor Silk

I used Hartz Flea and Tick drops on my cat Silk 2 weeks ago.
Since then she hasn’t ate on her own and drank on her own, she will not even move.
I called my Vet and she said that Silk had been poisoned from the Hartz brand products.
If you use Hartz brand products KNOW THIS!
My Vet said that 80% of poisonings and pet problems of this nature come from using off brand products such as Hartz on your pets, they cause Liver damage and harm other vital organs.
My cat is slowly dying and if it weren’t for me force feeding her, she would be dead now.
I have called Hartz and they have agreed to pay my Vet bill incurred, so they know their products are not safe for animal use.
So if you read this and take the cheap way out and your animal dies or suffers, it’s your own fault, you have been warned now.
If you want to use a product on your animal, pay the extra 5-7 dollars and get a safe product from your vet and help keep your animals safe.