audrey tarullo

I would really like to know what i do about hartz one spot or at least get my money back for the problem i had with my little charlotte my kitty . i had applied the onespot on her, three days later she was in the hospital for three days, i recieved a letter from hartz saying it was not caused from their product. i even had the dr’s statement. I can’t believe they can get away with this. they claim it’s not do to their product because she was treated with antibatics. please help me with this. i almost lost my little girl. sincerely audrey tarullo my e-mail address is [email protected]

I need help! Please!!!

Just several hours ago I used Hartz OneSpot on my cat and shortly after that found this site! please advise how can I remove it and what washing detergent should I use? Even though I did it between its shoulder blades (as it suposed to be) – my cat turned its neck and licked that exact spot many times, I couldn’t stop her! Now I made her a collar from paper plate – that helps to stop her licking.
Thank you for reply.
Hope it is not to late yet.

Lucky Strike, Hartz, and Epilepsy

My husband and I adopted Lucky Strike, a retired racing greyhound, in March of 2003. The adoption group told us that Frontline and Heartgard were the best products to use, but when we found out they cost almost $30 a month from the vet, we decided to go cheaper and get the store-brand. I had no idea that Hartz was anything but a simple generic / store-brand medication, similar to the store-brand ibuprophen that I use all the time.

3 hours after applying the flea drops down Lucky’s back, he started having little tremors. It looked almost like he was cold, but it was summer so I knew something was off. I called the vet and she told me that the chemicals that the OTC drugs use are the ones that vets used to prescribe 10 and 15 years ago. Since then, the newer, safer drugs have taken over, which have fewer side-effects.

She told me to get him in the tub right away and use Dawn to wash him down 3 or 4 times, in an attempt to get as much of the stuff off before any more got into his bloodstream. I did, he stopped shaking, and we went on our merry way thinking it was just a slight reaction. I went back to using Frontline and we just decided to deal with the cost.

In August of 2005, Lucky began having seizures and was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. Over the course of 8 months, his seizrues became worse and worse – at Christmas, we made a trip to the animal ER … he ended up having 14 seizures during a 21 hour period before the ER could get them stopped. In May of 2006, he had another cluster that they couldn’t stop, and we did the only thing we could – let him go. He was only 5.

I didn’t know about this site until just recently, but I have passed it on to my entire animal-loving family … within my family and my husband’s family, we have 20 dogs and 9 cats. I can’t prove that Hartz flea drops caused Lucky’s seizures, but after reading some of the other stories here, it seems a likely possibility.

Hartz worm medication

Many months ago, back in July 2006, I administered an over-the-counter Hartz Cat Wormer, purchased at Walmart.
Within 6 hours my older Siamese was acting drunk.
Within 10 hours he couldnt walk,
and within 12 he was paralized and convulsing.
It was horrifying.
Fortunately he survived, but from what i read on this site….
we were Lucky.

Was refunded, but not done with company issues, need help….

I submitted a story back in October called… Bad Reaction after 2 hours. Please read if you get the chance. This is the second half to my story. I am happy to say that my cat has made a full recovery. I did wind up calling Hartz and making a formal complaint. I was told by the operator to write a letter to the company explaining what happened to my cat and include a copy of the vet bill, the product box, vet bill and the vets diagnosis. I did all of this and in the letter I asked that they refund my money I spent at the vet because of their lethal products. I am happy to say they did reimburse me for my whole vet bill. However they did not admit that they were at fault or apologize. In addition, they did not tell me what they were going to do to make sure that this dose not happen again. When I cash this check I can’t sue them. Although, I am not done, I want this stuff off of the shelves just like everybody else. Does anyone know how we can go about doing this? The thought of another animal or family having to go through this makes me angry. Please if you can offer me any information or maybe we can even start some kind of petition against them I am all for it. My email address is: [email protected]


one year ago

A year ago I used Hartz flea treatment on my cat. Until I read things here today I had no idea Hartz had been the one to cause her problems. She still has scabs on her back that never go away. It started two days after I used this product on her and she still has them. She’s been to the vet, but, it just keeps coming back. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Worked at a vet clinic

I worked at a veterinary clinic for 10 years and was amazed at the amount of pets that came in from toxic reactions to Hartz products. I have seen people spend a lot of money on pets that had product applied. One particular case was 2 kittens that were bathed in Hartz shampoo and had a toxic reaction. They came into the clinic and were in shock. They spent many days in the clinic with neurological damage. I felt bad for the owners who spent a small fortune to help the kittens get through it. I am glad to say that the kittens did go home but one of them was still sick for the longest time. I just could not comprehend how Hartz was able to continue selling their products and killing these animals. I was so glad to be able to educate clients on proper products to buy for fleas and ticks and to let them know how dangerous Hartz really is. Clients were very shocked to know that something that could harm their pets is being sold on store shelves. I would like to know if anyone has tried to speak to their local stores to convince them to pull Hartz products off the shelves?

my dog broke out in hives

My dog for the first time ever starting breaking out in hives, we were unsure of what the cause might be until we went to the humane society with our cat, and was told by the vet that Hartz is a dangerous product. So when we arrived back home that day with the cat, my dogs face was so broke out with hives, I broke down in tears, she looked as though there was golf ball stuck on the side of her mouth, her eye was almost swollen shut, so we rushed her to the vet, the vet had also told us that we were lucky, she said that she has had some many animals come in with seizeor ( sorry I am horrible speller) because of using this product, because they put so many toxic chemicals in it. So it’s been a long fight to keep these hives off of her, but they don’t seem to being going away, the only thing that has helped for a short period of time is benderyall. I wish there was some way that I could make them go away for good, well all I know is that I WILL NEVER LET THAT PRODUCT IN MY HOME AGAIN!!!!!!!!

We were lucky

My kittens were lucky! After using the drops on them (they were 16 weeks), one had a sever reaction and could barely walk and was twitching. We rushed her to the vet who bathed her and gave her a muscle relaxer so she would not start having seisures. I imediately bathed the second kitten who so far was not showing any bad signs.

My kittens made it through… My heart goes out to the ones who haven’t and the unfortunat ones that wont because of this dangerous product allowed on the market.

Michele, Princess and Patches