My kittens

Hi there,
I recently got two male cats, aged 8 or 9 months. They were not taken care of where they came from. Like every cat, I would see them scratch an itch, but when I started working less, I noticed they were always scratching and digging. Sure enough, Puss and Boots were infected with fleas GALORE on the backs on their necks, on their legs, chins, backs. EVERYWHERE! So I made a trip to the pet corral. The nice gentleman sold me two flea collars. By Zodiac I believe they are turquoise green if that helps!! They are year long collars and made of this breakable rubber. They haven’t seemed to affect the cats at all, except when I found Boots with his stuck in his mouth. Of course, he’s more nosy than anything else, wanted to know what the pretty green necklaces tasted like, so it broke off. They DID however work wonders. The cats no longer have fleas. This is just to prove that flea collars have come a long way and you just need to be a careful buyer.

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