Hartz product calamities

I’ve had nothing but rotten results from hartz. The consequences seem to be a crapshoot— at one time I had two cats, both full grown, mother and son. The hartz flea drops had no effect… not even getting rid of the fleas. At a later date I tried Hartz flea collars. One cat it had no effect on…. but the other had her entire neck go bald and break out in a nasty rash, just like you show in that picture on the front page! Since that time I’ve had vets warn me off of anything from Hartz….
The real kicker is that I just got back from the vet. My poor cat had a blockage and had to have surgery. The vets pulled out a matted lump of what looked like bits of straw, and green hair…. green hair I identified as coming from a rabbit-fur toy mouse I’d bought for him the day before he’d become sick.

Brand name? Hartz “kitty frenzy” cat toys…..

I’m going to be going back to wal mart and seeing if I can get compensation. And I will NOT buy or use anything Hartz from now on!

Crap Product

I have purchased the dog and cat drops,that did not work,the spray which almost killed my cat and broke my dog out in a bad rash and the shampoo I refused to use. It was supposed kill the fleas, which caused my pets more problems. I also went to the vet and they told me not to ever buy your product. Hopefully Walmart will purchase some of my money back. What a waste!! I was also told not only to my pets, but so many others and alot killed,put to sleep because of it posioning the cats. What a shame. Just to let you know I buy your toys, bones and even your catnip. I will no longer purcase any of your products…

Sargents Flea Collar Poisoined My Kitty

We purchased an over the conter flea collar by sargents. Our kitty only had it on for about an hour and she tarted to weeze and cough.My husband thought she would be ok as they wouldnt sell anything over the counter that would harm animals. Boy was he wrong in the matter of another 1/2 hour our kitty started shaking violently and lost her motor control funtions. Thank God we had an emergency vet office that was open 24hrs in our area. Sure enough the vet said that the collar had poisioned our kitty. He gave her two shots to counter react the collar and kept her over night. We picked her up this morning and she is fine. But i will NEVER but an over the counter collar again especially not SARGENTS

Malphy’s Death should not be in Vain!!!!!

Over labor day weekend, I noticed a flea on my puppy’s face. So I went to the pet store and purchased Frontline Plus topical flea control for dogs. Since my dog Gucci comes in contact with my 2 cats I asked the sales lady if she would grab 2 flea collars for my cats. She did we paid our bill and home we went. My daughter placed the collars on the cats as I put the flea meds on our dog. After approx. 6 hours the cats started acting strange, less active, and slept a lot. The next day I noticed the cats did not eat their food but I did see them drinking water. After 48 hours they were extremely lethargic and always laying on the tile in the bathroom. I took the collars off and thought they would return to normal. The next day they seemed a little better. But by Sunday they kept salivating, had a discharge from their eyes, and my males gait was very uncoordinated. I called the Animal 911 Hospital and they said it was probably just an upper respiratory infection and not urgent but should bring them to my normal vet in the morning for a look over. I did and my vet said they were having a toxic reaction to their flea collars. He had a similar reaction, by a dog, to his flea drops. My vet gave them IV Fluids, a steroid shot and antibiotic shot to prevent a secondary infection. I worked Oncology for many years and have seen a lot of things but to see the mouth ulcers and smell the stench coming from their mouths, the laymen would have passed out. They came home for 2 days and they dehydrated again and ran temps. Back to the vet on Thursday, IV fluids for my girl but my male was mouth breathing and in severe respiratory distress. I new the prognosis was poor when we received his labs. Elevated liver enzymes, anemic, low white count. They had to put him in the incubator on IV fluids and lasix. Bearra came home and seemed just ok.
Early the next morning the phone rang. It was my vet, “I am sorry but Malphy did not make it through the night”, he was dead. My beautiful sweet boy was gone. How can this be, I heard these types of collars usually don’t work great on fleas. I thought the low price indicated that they were not very strong. I was so wrong and my cats are now paying the price!!!!
Bearra has been in an out of the hospital. Today she went back in and received lasix and an acid reducing shot since her breathing is so poor.
She continues to struggle with her breathing, but everyone says time will tell, she(Bearra) just has to be strong and keep fighting. All the vets say we can only support her at this point and hope her body returns to normal. I am still feeding and giving her water by syringe. Her temp hovers at 105 degrees. I put her on and off a cooling blanket(water bottle) to lower her temp.
All of this has made me sooo angry. My cats almost made it to their 12th birhday without a scratch, but the pesticides have taken one from me and left the other clinging for life. Oh and by the way, it is not just Hartz that is causing heartache, this was caused by Zodiac Flea collars(Carbyl)!!!! Can someone please help me to stop them or at least tell me how to set up a sight like this one for ZodiacVictims. Please email me at [email protected]

My Maggie

I am soo freaked out right now hearing everyones stories. I normally buy frontline fleas drops on my calico. “Maggie” never had a problem. Then a few months ago I bought Hartz drops. I used that and couldn’t figure out why she would sleep so much and she would also be really clingy,I had to carry her everywhere and when she would walk, she would shake her head and bump into things, the first time it happened I never thought of it being from the drops, it only lasted two days and she was fine. THis last time it happened and she was sick for 4 days, thats when I got on line to find out what the heck was going on. I came across a web site that states one of the chemicals in the hartz drops is for dogs only and cause toxicity in cats. I can’t understand why the law hasn’t stepped in and removed these products from the shelf. I am so thankful my baby is OK. My heart goes out to all that lost a member of their family because of the greed of Hartz

Poor mama

I recently rescued a mother cat and 6 kittens. After finding homes for all of them, I had just mama cat left. I noticed a few fleas on her and treated her with Hartz drops. That was 12 hours ago. She is shaking, vomiting and just miserable. There is not emergency vet in my area. I’m just holding her and trying to keep her comfortable. I am outraged that these companies are allowed to get away with this.

My kittens

Hi there,
I recently got two male cats, aged 8 or 9 months. They were not taken care of where they came from. Like every cat, I would see them scratch an itch, but when I started working less, I noticed they were always scratching and digging. Sure enough, Puss and Boots were infected with fleas GALORE on the backs on their necks, on their legs, chins, backs. EVERYWHERE! So I made a trip to the pet corral. The nice gentleman sold me two flea collars. By Zodiac I believe they are turquoise green if that helps!! They are year long collars and made of this breakable rubber. They haven’t seemed to affect the cats at all, except when I found Boots with his stuck in his mouth. Of course, he’s more nosy than anything else, wanted to know what the pretty green necklaces tasted like, so it broke off. They DID however work wonders. The cats no longer have fleas. This is just to prove that flea collars have come a long way and you just need to be a careful buyer.

Hartz flea shampoo on my persian cat

I used Hartz flea shampoo on my persian cat 2 days ago. Afterward she disappeared for a day. We figured the bath scared her. Last night around midnight,we found her behind the couch. She cried out a couple of times and my husband got her out and set her down. As she was walking,she was swaying as if she was drunk. She actually fell over onto her side. Obviously,we knew this wasn’t normal. It was so late we didn’t know what to do. We figured she would be ok til the next day. The next morning my husband looked for her and couldn’t find her. The litter box is in the basement,so there is alot of places to hide. He didn’t end up finding her until the afternoon,and when he did she was dead. I started thinking that maybe it had something to do with the flea shampoo,since it happened right afterward. I started doing research on the computer and found this website. I was shocked. I can’t believe they can sell a product known to hurt and even kill animals. We thought we were helping her by getting rid of her fleas,and it turns out we were killing her. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Also inside Hartz Mountain

For privacy reasons, I can?t say how I know, but I know that the article ?Inside Hartz? is quite true. From what I understand, the Blockade problem a few years ago could have been prevented. Seems they tested each ingredient separately, but neglected to test them together. And then, instead of recalling, they simply sent out new instruction tags to the stores to attach to the cans. Nothing like confusing the consumer. I also know that Hartz is only interested in the bottom line. They have had so many lay-offs in the last few years to make their profit margin look good. Rumor has it that they?re trimming down because they?re being put on the auction block again. It?s gotten so bad that there is work not getting done, or not getting done efficiently, because they have cut so many people. Management seems to have gone downhill, too. They don?t treat their employees like people. Employees that are left are overworked and disgusted. Hartz employees know better than to use Hartz products. They see letters from consumers. Hamsters decapitated by defective habitrails, and so many cats and kittens suffering and dying. And so many veterinarians refuse to use Hartz products. Hartz has redesigned some of the packaging to boost sales. They?d be better off redesigning the products to be safe. Hartz products are not permitted in my house. NOTE: Wardley fish products and LM Animal Farms are divisions of Hartz Mountain. Be careful with your aquatics and small animals.