OTC sprays and Hartz can kill cats!

I received a new kitten and it turned out to have fleas. Since it was sooo young, I knew not to use incecticide on it and was just gong to give it a bath.

BUT, I bought Hartz Control fleas spray for my other cat who now, also had fleas. I started spraying it on the cat and rubbing it in, and then noticed little amber puddles on the table and thought the spray was running off and that I had used too much. NO! I noticed that my cat was ‘leaking’ urine in little spurts. Then it’s whole body went limp and it emptied it’s whole bladder. I thought it was just mad at me for spraying it with that stuff. (I don’t think any cat would like that.) This cat NEVER had ‘accidents’ before.

I didn’t realize my cat was sick. It was still awake and meowing. I put it in a cage and set it in the basement, while I set about to vacuum and spray my house from the fleas. I know that the room and carpet sprays are not good for cats and I wanted to keep it away from those.

It didn’t eat any of the food or water I put in the cage when I checked, and was very quiet and lethargic. I was a bit worried.

A few hours later it was dead.

I now read that OTC sprays and Hartz can kill cats!

I didn’t know. I wish I had done research before I used it. I just trusted it because I figured if a pet store sold it it was safe. Especially an OTC. I assumed it might not be as effective as something prescription from the vet but I always try the cheaper thing first then if that doesn’t work I get a presciption. I thought this Hartz stuff would be SAFER !!

It is too much of a coincidence that my cat would suddenly up and die of natural causes only a few hours after using Hartz control spray.

I tired looking up tetrachorvinphos (the active ingredient listed on the bottle) and I found this site. Whoa! Apparently this happens a lot.

Be warned. Be careful!

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