I sprayed my cat, should I be worried?

Twice I’ve sprayed her with Hartz. Each time she started to drool, and this latest time she seemed to be chasing invisable things. The first time I left it on her a bit then wiped her down, the second time I wiped her off with a damp washcloth ten minutes after I sprayed her. She seems to be ok, tho she’s been acting funny. I’m not sure if that could be because she’s getting older, because my mom died in april, who she was very close to, or because of the flea spray. She fell of the balcony today, seems to be ok but I’m going to try to get her to the vet by the weekend. I’ve got to do something about these fleas, my legs and arms are coverd in bites and she is constantly scratching, but the last two flea things I gave her, this spray and a collar before shes had funny reactions to. to the collar, she drooled as well and ended up pulling it off. someone help.

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