Freakin’ Out

Tonight I used Hartz flea control on my lab retreiver puppy for the first time. I usually use Advantage, but thought i’d try a cheaper route. Well, as soon as I put it on her I had to leave the house. I’m 6 months pregnant and the stuff was so potent I was scared of the fumes getting to my baby. It’s now 4 hours later and I can still smell it when I go downstairs. I was upstairs just half an hour ago and she started barking loud and constant ( my puppy never barks! ). I started figuring out that something’s not right, so I went online and saw all these poor victims!! Now i’m freaking out….I got out the gloves and shampooed her as much as I could to get it off, but now i’m scared i’ve already done some damage. Am I overreacting?? Why is this stuff still on the shelves?? It makes me so mad! Those poor animals!

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