Good day to all. I wish that I knew then what I know now. My poor Mistee, a just under 2 year old pre-bred Shih Tuz, has not been the same since we administered Hartz Onespot last Friday. About 15 minutes after putting that junk on her she start running around scratching and biting herself. We quickly put her in the tub and washed her right away. It was a very long 3 nights with a restless little Mistee. She wasn?t confortable unless she was in our arms. The only way she could sleep was on her back. She wined a lot and was very uncomfortable. At the time we thought that the symptoms would cease as she was still eating well, drinking lots of water and doing her washroom activities normally. What was going on though is she was very disorientated (running around trying to hide under anything, jumping up on the bed and missing, going outside and wandering around aimlessly) and this concerned us. We called the Vet yesterday(Monday) and we were able to get her in today. They told us to give her some Allergy medicine to help with the itching and that helped and finally after 3 night we and Mistee were able to get some sleep. Hopefully there is no lasting damage done to her or I will be one pissed off ex-military soldier. I am going to the vets soon. I wish that I hadn?t listen to the woman at PetSmart as that is who recommended this junk to our little baby. After I see the vet today I will be going to PetSmart to let them know that Mistee was very ill after using this product. I will also take them some copies of the messages from this website to show them that I am not the only one that has had problems with this product. I will also be writing to the Hartz Company and to the EPA after I receive the results from the Vet. Please if anyone out there knows how I would be able to let more people know about the adverse results of the product on our little baby please send me an e-mail. I cannot believe that a company after all that I have read can still keep products like this on the market. My heart goes out to all that have lost their loved ones and those that have suffered what we have because of this product. Thanks for your time. Dale

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