Hartz Flea Collar.. took it off in time!

I had just moved from NY to WA last year, to be with my boyfriend. He lives with his parents (we were 20 years old), and they have an 11 year old orange tabby named Sheriff. None of my pets ever had fleas, but I noticed Sheriff had a lot. I was constantly getting bit every night if he came into our bedroom or I held him. My boyfriends parents were used to it I guess and didn’t apply any flea treatment to him.
I got tired of it and went to PetSmart where I found the Hartz Flea Collar. I put it on Sheriff and hoped that it would work. I don’t really think it worked at all, and all of us in the house noticed that Sheriff’s mood had changed. He was just laying around, sleeping more than usual. We got worried and took off the flea collar and threw it away. Then I did some research about the Hartz products and was horrified.
I can’t believe that a company that has killed so many animals gets away with it! It’s really terrible. I wish that these pet stores would wise up and not carry their products.

Thankfully since Sheriff only had the collar on for a few days he was fine. His mood was instantly better once we took off the collar. I’m just really glad that we took it off in time.

Ilona H.
Tacoma, WA

Freakin’ Out

Tonight I used Hartz flea control on my lab retreiver puppy for the first time. I usually use Advantage, but thought i’d try a cheaper route. Well, as soon as I put it on her I had to leave the house. I’m 6 months pregnant and the stuff was so potent I was scared of the fumes getting to my baby. It’s now 4 hours later and I can still smell it when I go downstairs. I was upstairs just half an hour ago and she started barking loud and constant ( my puppy never barks! ). I started figuring out that something’s not right, so I went online and saw all these poor victims!! Now i’m freaking out….I got out the gloves and shampooed her as much as I could to get it off, but now i’m scared i’ve already done some damage. Am I overreacting?? Why is this stuff still on the shelves?? It makes me so mad! Those poor animals!

I sprayed my cat, should I be worried?

Twice I’ve sprayed her with Hartz. Each time she started to drool, and this latest time she seemed to be chasing invisable things. The first time I left it on her a bit then wiped her down, the second time I wiped her off with a damp washcloth ten minutes after I sprayed her. She seems to be ok, tho she’s been acting funny. I’m not sure if that could be because she’s getting older, because my mom died in april, who she was very close to, or because of the flea spray. She fell of the balcony today, seems to be ok but I’m going to try to get her to the vet by the weekend. I’ve got to do something about these fleas, my legs and arms are coverd in bites and she is constantly scratching, but the last two flea things I gave her, this spray and a collar before shes had funny reactions to. to the collar, she drooled as well and ended up pulling it off. someone help.

OTC sprays and Hartz can kill cats!

I received a new kitten and it turned out to have fleas. Since it was sooo young, I knew not to use incecticide on it and was just gong to give it a bath.

BUT, I bought Hartz Control fleas spray for my other cat who now, also had fleas. I started spraying it on the cat and rubbing it in, and then noticed little amber puddles on the table and thought the spray was running off and that I had used too much. NO! I noticed that my cat was ‘leaking’ urine in little spurts. Then it’s whole body went limp and it emptied it’s whole bladder. I thought it was just mad at me for spraying it with that stuff. (I don’t think any cat would like that.) This cat NEVER had ‘accidents’ before.

I didn’t realize my cat was sick. It was still awake and meowing. I put it in a cage and set it in the basement, while I set about to vacuum and spray my house from the fleas. I know that the room and carpet sprays are not good for cats and I wanted to keep it away from those.

It didn’t eat any of the food or water I put in the cage when I checked, and was very quiet and lethargic. I was a bit worried.

A few hours later it was dead.

I now read that OTC sprays and Hartz can kill cats!

I didn’t know. I wish I had done research before I used it. I just trusted it because I figured if a pet store sold it it was safe. Especially an OTC. I assumed it might not be as effective as something prescription from the vet but I always try the cheaper thing first then if that doesn’t work I get a presciption. I thought this Hartz stuff would be SAFER !!

It is too much of a coincidence that my cat would suddenly up and die of natural causes only a few hours after using Hartz control spray.

I tired looking up tetrachorvinphos (the active ingredient listed on the bottle) and I found this site. Whoa! Apparently this happens a lot.

Be warned. Be careful!


Good day to all. I wish that I knew then what I know now. My poor Mistee, a just under 2 year old pre-bred Shih Tuz, has not been the same since we administered Hartz Onespot last Friday. About 15 minutes after putting that junk on her she start running around scratching and biting herself. We quickly put her in the tub and washed her right away. It was a very long 3 nights with a restless little Mistee. She wasn?t confortable unless she was in our arms. The only way she could sleep was on her back. She wined a lot and was very uncomfortable. At the time we thought that the symptoms would cease as she was still eating well, drinking lots of water and doing her washroom activities normally. What was going on though is she was very disorientated (running around trying to hide under anything, jumping up on the bed and missing, going outside and wandering around aimlessly) and this concerned us. We called the Vet yesterday(Monday) and we were able to get her in today. They told us to give her some Allergy medicine to help with the itching and that helped and finally after 3 night we and Mistee were able to get some sleep. Hopefully there is no lasting damage done to her or I will be one pissed off ex-military soldier. I am going to the vets soon. I wish that I hadn?t listen to the woman at PetSmart as that is who recommended this junk to our little baby. After I see the vet today I will be going to PetSmart to let them know that Mistee was very ill after using this product. I will also take them some copies of the messages from this website to show them that I am not the only one that has had problems with this product. I will also be writing to the Hartz Company and to the EPA after I receive the results from the Vet. Please if anyone out there knows how I would be able to let more people know about the adverse results of the product on our little baby please send me an e-mail. I cannot believe that a company after all that I have read can still keep products like this on the market. My heart goes out to all that have lost their loved ones and those that have suffered what we have because of this product. Thanks for your time. Dale

autoimmune hemolytic anemia

Have their been any cases of diagnoses of autoimmune hemolytic anemia after the use of the Hartz 4-1 Flea medication?
My miniature schnauzer was diagnosed with this 8 days after the use of this product and she died on the 9th day. I have read many stories of the neurological effects after using this product, but wondered if there were cases of blood disorders also.
My e-mail address is [email protected]

Hartz poisoned my kitten!

My husband and I recently discovered our cat we just recently adopted from a rescue and our 2 month old kitten had more and more fleas on them as the days went by. My husband came home with the Hartz drops that were recommended to us. We applied the drops to them that night. The next morning our little kitten (carmen) was acting really weird and then started pooping diarhia all over the house and urinating everywhere. She got to where she wouldnt even move. My husband had to keep bathing her to get the urine and poop off of her. It was the worst thing I had ever seen in my life. She was poisoned by the Hartz drops we had put on her. My husband and I were devistated. Luckily shes a fighter and barely made it through. I will never buy that stuff again. Thanks again for letting me tell our story, from Houston TX.

Erin Bronkavich needs to take this case on

I have used Hartz’s products for a long time, and yes over the past few years I have heard stories about severe reactions to the flea drops. But, my story is about the shampoo called Hartz Control, it has three agricultural pesticides, two of them are called synergy types; which means they help enhance the results of the main pesticide. I first need to caution readers that most of the symptoms of the Hartz products very closely mimic “FIP”….. I have a kitten that is teetering between both causing his problems. My cats symptoms are: Prior to bath, lethargic, decrece in appetite, no pee, and no poop, but eating and drinking a little. After bath, he got cold and stayed cold, slept constantly for four days, back legs still are not working well, dehydrated even after syringe applyed at the vet, later the night of the bath and after worming with peprizine he had bowl movement with worms, and by the time I returned home he seemed much better. I thought he was going to die that morning, but he is sill here 5 days later. I live in Tacoma, Washington 8-27-2006

If anyone has found any help with homiopathic or natural products that that eliminated the symptoms please e-mail me at [email protected]

Hartz killed my two Persian Kittens and lied about it


My litter of Persians was born on Sat., May 6th starting at 11:30 in the morning and I was there to help the new mom deliver 3 adorable fluffy kitties. Two males and a female. The runt (I named him RuggleRat) was the cutest and was my personal favorite – constantly on my lap and with me everywhere I went in my house. He was a genuine love sponge!! He was my baby and yes, he was small being the runt! Unfortunately, a few of my older cats had gotten out of my house and when they finally returned, they had fleas which infested the rest of my cats and kittens. So, I purchased Hartz Advanced Care 2 in 1 Flea & Tick spray along with Hartz Longlife 90 day flea collars to use on my cats and kittens. These were purchased at a WalMart in Springville, NY on Aug 2nd. I used the flea spray crap on my cats and kittens on Thurs, Aug 3rd but only sprayed my kittens with a few sprays, I think 5 sprays, instead of the recommended dosage. After spraying, I applied their flea collars. This was done at 4:30 in the afternoon. Since I had to design a flyer for a friend, I was working late on my computer with RuggleRat on my lap, his usual spot. I happened to notice quite a few fleas crawling around his head and eyes (around 8pm), so I took him in the kitchen. and with the water running, started pulling fleas off and running them down the sink. Around 1am in the morning, all of a sudden, my kitten started meowing and screaming like crazy, something I have NEVER seen before in my life and then it pooped (diarrhea) itself. He was also spasming and then went totally limp in my arms. Scared that something was happening to him from the flea spray or collar – I immediately took the collar off ALL my cats and gave RuggleRat a bath in hair shampoo to try to remove the spray. This didn’t seem to help and I spent the next three hours watching my little baby die a horrible death. I tried calling the number on the Hartz packages to get a pre-recorded message stating that their office was closed and to call back at 9am EST. I did research on the internet for cholinesterase inhibition to find all the symptoms my kitty was going through and trying to find ANY type of help to save him. The good info I did find is located at the bottom of this post. I put him under a heat lamp and kept talking to him and petting him. For most of the time he was limp except for when he spasmed. He would all of a sudden start screaming and spasming and then it would stop just as sudden. He pooped (diarrhea) himself a couple more times during these spasms. After 2am he started breathing funny and then would stop breathing altogether unless I rubbed or pushed on his chest then he would gasp for air. I had to keep checking his eyes to see if he was still alive. My poor baby died at 4:10 am on Aug 4th after a final screaming spasm.

At 9am I called Hartz to tell them what their crap did to my kitten. They told me they would do a necropsy and settle with me about the death of my kitten. They gave me a different toll free number and a case number and told me I could call the phone number she gave me any time 24 hours a day to see what the status was of my kitten. They told me they would cover the cost of the expense of having him shipped to the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Urbana, IL. They would also cover the vet costs for them to ship him out. I also told them I wanted my kitten back so I could bury him here on my property so I could visit him and they said they would have him returned. Now, how do you settle for the loss of your beloved pet that you helped deliver and was your baby?? What a joke!! But, what was even a bigger joke is what happened next!!

I called around to find a vet willing to send him to IL as Hartz had wanted. I found one that would work with me and his body was sent out around noon on Aug. 4th. Before sending him, the vet warned me that this was just a cover and they would find some way to cover up the actual death of my kitten. This is EXACTLY what Hartz did.

On Aug 8th, my vet was faxed an interim results report on their initial findings as to the cause of death of my kitten of which he gave me a copy. The presumptive morphologic diagnosis was Mild Acute Diffuse Edematous Colitis. After talking to the vet, they said it was fluid in the colon. After trying to find into about in on the web, I came to the conclusion that it was a swollen colon with fluid. These were a few of the symtoms I had already read about on the one website while I was researching ways to save RuggleRat while he was still alive. The report also said that they had retained sampled for toxicology testing. The report said histopathology, virology, parasitology and bacteriology were pending. Fecal flotation came back as nothing found. The vet said the toxicology report usually takes about a week to come back and she thought it was a good idea to call the University to see what toxins they were testing for and to tell them to look for tetrachlorvinphos which was chemical in both the flea spray and collar. She also advised me they had faxed a form to release my baby and have his body sent back to me and that she would call me when he got back.

So, when I called the phone number listed for the University (217) 333-1620 – It’s a phone company! I tried calling 3 different times and got the same recorded message. It DOES NOT go to a University!!

I got a call from the vet on Aug 10th saying my kitten was back and that it was nasty. Questioning what she meant by nasty she told me they sent it back with no ice and that he was partially rotted and he smelled terrible. So, they had put him in the freezer to keep the smell down. She could not believe they sent him with no ice and in the condition they did. I went down and got what was left of my baby. He was in 3 pieces and his body was turned inside out. I know what an autopsy is but I was definitely not expecting my kitty to be torn apart! Anyways, I buried what was left of my baby under my new weeping willow and planted a peony over him.
On Aug 24th, I called that special toll free number Hartz gave me and was told that that number was only for human health questions and that she could not give me any information on the case. I would have to call Hartz back in the morning at the number shown on the packaging. Another of their many jokes!!

The next morning, Aug 25th, Hartz called me probably because I had complained so much to the woman the night before. The lady said she could not go over the case results with me because she did not have them. What a lie! I told her I had part of the results already and wanted to know if the rest of the tests had come back and asked again what they had found with the toxicology test. She said she didn’t have it but would fax what they had to my vet. I asked her to fax me a copy which she refused. This is MY kitten, why can’t I have a copy??!!
This morning, I got a call from my vet telling me that the report had gotten faxed to them and that they were trying to say my kitten died of pneumonia and because he was slightly underweight. He was the runt – usually runts ARE small, that is why they are called runts!! Also, anyone who knows Persians knows they are a small build cat which both parents are. Pneumonia symptoms are the biggest symptom of cholinesterase inhibition – it is easily mistaken for pneumonia unless you know you had been subjected to a pesticide! He also said it was a shame and that he would make me copies of what he had of the report. He also told me of this website which is why I am here now.
My second kitty who I was trying to bond with died a few days later. I do not know exactly how she died as I was not home when she did. All I can say is that she had poop (diarrhea) all over her tail the same that my RuggleRat did and I fear she died the same terrible death that he did.

This is what I had found on one site: “The adverse reactions recorded in the clinical trial were related to the cholinergic effects of the drug. The most common adverse reactions recorded were vomiting, excessive salivation, pupillary contraction, dyspnea, watery diarrhea, muscle fasciculations, abdominal pain, ataxia, and general weakness.”

This is a GREAT site about cholinesterase inhibition. This site tells what it is, what chemicals cause it, how it works and how it kills. You will have to copy and paste the link in your web browser to view the entire page, but it is definitely worth reading. http://extoxnet.orst.edu/tibs/cholines.htm
These are the sypmtoms of which my kittens had and died from. This following info is copied and pasted from their website.


Overexposure to organophosphate and carbamate insecticides can result in cholinesterase inhibition. These pesticides combine with acetylcholinesterase at nerve endings in the brain and nervous system, and with other types of cholinesterase found in the blood. This allows acetylcholine to build up, while protective levels of the cholinesterase enzyme decrease. The more cholinesterase levels decrease, the more likely symptoms of poisoning from cholinesterase inhibiting pesticides are to show.

Signs and symptoms of cholinesterase inhibition from exposure to CMs or OPs include the following:

In mild cases (within 4 – 24 hours of contact): tiredness, weakness, dizziness, nausea and blurred vision;
In moderate cases (within 4 – 24 hours of contact): headache, sweating, tearing, drooling, vomiting, tunnel vision, and twitching;
In severe cases (after continued daily absorption): abdominal cramps, urinating, diarrhea, muscular tremors, staggering gait, pinpoint pupils, hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure), slow heartbeat, breathing difficulty, and possibly death, if not promptly treated by a physician.

If you do not want to go through the same pain and loss as I did, DO NOT USE ANY HARTZ products as they will cause your pet a horrible and painful death. My vet said that trying to save an animal that has been poisoned by this stuff is expensive to treat and is almost impossible to save.

Peggy Frangione
Arcade, NY 14009

There are lice like bugs in my hampster food!

I bought Hartz Hampster Food a couple of weeks ago and I was cleaning my hampster and I found he had lice. I investigated, cleaned his cage and looked him over. Sure enough he has tiny white bugs all over him. I also have 3 Degus(rodents) and they share the food. I checked and the lice is in there cage too. They seem to be ok but I cleaned the cage any way, which took me 2 hours to disinfect their enclosure . I could only find one common denominator…the food. I looked in the food tub and I can see the bugs crawling on the food. I am extremely angry and if this leads to a mini epidemic for my pets I will not be pleased. I also had an experience with dog flea drops that you put on the back of the neck, also made by Hartz. They gave my shitzu a chemical burn. I had to stop treatment and take him to the vet. He now had fleas and a large burn on his neck. Hartz should be ashamed and I will not buy ANYTHING from them again!!!!