Snoball and Odessey

Last Oct 2005 I found a few flees on my cats and dog. I couldn’t afford the drops from the vet, so I headed for Walmart and bought the Hartz drops for the cats and the dog. I only put it on one cat, not sure why, that was Snoball, she was my precious baby, she was 16 yrs old and she was deaf. After about a week I noticed that she was staying up stairs and wouldn’t come down. I took her down and shut the door so she couldn’t go back up, the next day she couldn’t breath, wouldn’t eat or drink anything. I ended up just putting some wet food on a spoon and she would lick a little of that, we waited one more day cause it was the weekend and she wasn’t getting any better, so I brought her to the emergency vet and told them I didn’t want her poked at, so unfortuntaly the hardest thing I put her down. Two months later in December I put it on my other cat Odessey she was 17 yrs old and also very important to me, we took her in as a stray and she didn’t like anyone expect for myself. Well a week later I came home from work and we found her dead under the kitchen table, which I just couldn’t understand, she was sitting there when I left in the morning, bright eyed, two months to the day that Snoball was put down. We were thinking Odessey just missed Snoball. We thought it was just a concidence that both had died and the dog was alright. My husband kept telling me that it wasn’t from the drops. But the more I talk to people the more I know if I NEVER bought those and put it on them they would still be alive. The hardest thing right now is knowing that I did it to them and trying to comes to terms with I didn’t know, but it is tough, If I never did it. Now I use Frontline on my dog, no matter what it costs I’m not going through that again.

BEWARE Hartz Kitten Replacement Milk

This story began a couple months ago! I picked up four kittens that were ordered to be killed because the lady did not want them. Froggy as we called him did get pneamonia and was taken to the vets. He was recovering with broth mixed with water and some nutro cal. He was doing so well! Then he did not want the broth anymore so I had gotten a new kitten into my rescue who was only 7 -10 days old and infected eyes. I took him to the vet’s and stopped at Wal-Mart to get some replacement milk. When we got home, I put a little tiny bit of the milk in Froggies broth for taste and he took it very well. The new kitten took the milk for 3 days and had rehydrated very nicely. I opened the second can on a Thursday and gave these two kittens who were doing great. They both started getting sick, the tiny one throwing up and the other just quit eating. The only thing these two kittens had in common was the milk. Nothing else! Friday they both died within 10 minutes of each other. I go down to throw out all the milk and look at the bottom of the can. The date 090602 was on it! I confronted Wal-Mart with this and they could not answer if this was an expiration date or not. I called Hartz and still no answer. All they would say is the can of milk was canned this year! I asked about expiration dates to no avail. They did offer to do necropsies on both kittens which I refused! They gave me a case number and took all information. They wanted me to send them my empty can and the full can I still had. NO WAY! This is my evidence if I need it! I have contacted my news channel and we are doing a story on this. When we find out more, I will update this! I pray no one buys the replacement milk to have more kittens die! This is a horrible feeling. I have done rescue for over 4 years and have raised a few kittens on Hartz milk but now it is killing them! WHY?

From now on, I will make my own formula for kittens and puppies. I will never trust Hartz again! These kittens should have been alive, well and growing into adult cats, not dead and in the ground. Hartz is a horrible company who does not care about animals but profit! I had someone tell me today that Hartz does not care about law suits because the few who figure out it is them, will settle for little but the profit from the products will be more than the settlements! How many animals have died that people just figure they were not healthy animals? NOT ME! I knew the milk killed them!

Before symptoms appear…

On my way home last night, my headlights came upon a small kitten sitting in the middle of the road. I, being a total softy for the cute and furry, stopped and she rode the rest of the way home on my lap. She is covered in fleas (ugh!!), so I put her in a crate w/ some food and some H2O, and the proceded to run to Wal*Mart. I chose the Hartz 3 in 1 Control Collar. While I was researching some “home remedies” for the infestation, I found this site. The kitten hasn’t had any symptoms as of now, but I removed the collar anyway. Hopefully I have evaded any problems (except for those damn fleas… Ugh… I get chills just thinking about them…). I’d like to know if there have been problems w/ all Hartz products and if other companies have the issues w/ their products. Thank you all for the “heads up”…

Hanover, PA

Poor Kitty

A few years ago we tried a HARTZ flea medicine on my male tabby cat and he suffered a severe reaction to it. We had to rush him to the emergency hospital where he recieved treatment. We later sent a letter to HARTZ stating what had happend to our cat and they were very nice to pay the very expensive vet bill. I hope everyone continues to spread that HARTZ is a dangerous product on animals.

Simon is dead

Just 3 or 4 days ago my boyfriend and i bought Hartz Advanced care 4 in 1 flea and tick drops+ for his 3 dogs. Two of the dogs were acting fine, but one refused to leave the garage and just lied on the floor with his legs sprawled out. We thought he just didnt want to go back outside so we picked him up and put him out with the other two dogs. A couple days later we found him in the very back corner of the yard dead. Did the Hartz drops kill him? I wish i would have researched it before i used it. We’ve always used Hartz on our dogs and have never had a problem until now. I decided to research his mysterious death and found this site. This absolutely breaks my heart. Had i not used this medication he might still be alive. he was only 3.

What did you put on my neck?

Rupert was a healthy, 15 year old Maine Coon cat. He was an outdoor cat in Texas for nine years before coming to me in Canada. I began noticing fleas on my pet and because I could not afford the flea program offered at my local vet’s office, I chose instead what I thought to be a very reasonable product, Hartz One Spot from the shelves of Zellers Department Store. Rupert began to scratch and scratch incessantly almost immediately and threw up his meal the next day. I then bought a recommended lotion for “hot spots” from a pet supply store. It was for both dogs and cats to help ease the itching. Rupert continued to scratch, leaving his neck red and sore. I decided to telephone the number on the package of Hartz One Spot in the U.S. and told them of my cat’s reaction to their product. They informed me that this was very unusual and that I should wash my pet to eliminate any residue from the product. It did take a week or so to have Rupert back to normal. I then had him treated by a veterinarian for the fleas. He lived for another two years and died peacefully in his sleep of old age. I will never use a product of Hartz again on my two new cats and advise others to carefully consider your pet’s health and well-being before using an off-the-counter because it is inexpensive.

My Bobcat

Last night I got home from work to find my beloved 3 year old cat, Bobcat, acting like she had lost her mind. She was hissing and purring at the same time, running in circles and seemed completely out of it. I noticed that she was also trying to rub her back on the floor almost non-stop. I had put Hartx Flea and Tick drops on her yesterday morning so my first assumption was that the drops were somehow burning her skin. I washed the area off with soap and water, put her in the car and rushed her to the nearest animal emergency room. As soon as I told the doctor what was going on, she said “Hartz?” and then rushed my cat into critical care. It looks like my Bobcat will survive because I caught it early. I won’t know until tonight whether or not there will be permament damage to her system. I find it incomprehensible, however, that an over-the-counter product used for its specified purpose could kill my pet. II was also shocked to be told by almost every tech and doctor in the vet emergency that they see numerous cases of cat poisoning from Hartx products every year. How do they get away with selling these products? feel very lucky that she is still alive.

Canadian Cats In Distress!!

We bought some one spot flea drops for our cat, Princess. We put it on at 9pm and by 11pm she was running wild thoughout the house. When she stopped running crazy, we noticed she was panting and foaming at the mouth. Her back was twiching and her eyes were glazed. I called the emergency vet who advised me to wash the product off right away and call back if she didnt seem to calm down. Fortunatly she was only left with a rash about the size of a quarter on the back of her neck. The problem is, I know Hartz will stop selling some of they’re products in the US soon, however, there is no plan to stop selling the same products in Canada. That means that all Canadian cats and dogs will still be at risk. This product is dangerous. Please do not use it on your animals.

What Greed Costs the Innocent

My family was given a puppy that was full of fleas, which we didn’t know about. We already had two cats. They soon got the fleas and we are treating the carpets and all indoor and outdoor areas. We decided to try the Hartz Ultra Guard plus drops for cats and Hartz Advanced Care 3 in 1 Flea & Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies.

I put the drops on the cats two days ago, mid-day. I monitored the cats and there is not one bit of evidence that the fleas are in the least daunted by the
treatment. But the cats are. They each crawled into dark places in a closet, and the older cat’s third membrane is halfway across her eyes. Both cats’ eyes are watering and they are miserable and I fear for them. They have come to me in mute appeal for comfort and relief. Now it’s a waiting game.

Years ago I’d tried Hartz products and was shocked at the devastation to my pets. But I thought Hartz MUST have gotten a clue and were better by now. That assumption may cost me more than I dare think about.

I’ve come to believe that any person or group of people who own and run a company that goes on doing so much harm, are sociopaths–pathologically conscienceless. It’s black comedy that their company name is Hartz (hearts).


I just would like to inform those of you that buy Hartz Parrot and other bird food of the bug infestation in the food. We have had a chronic moth problem for a year in our house because of the bug infestations in the bird food. It would seem to me that you should be able to sterilize or do something to kill the pest instead of bringing them into your home to infest your pets and children and your home…