Hartz Flea collars recalled?

Hello, Can anyone tell me if a Hartz cat flea collar that is white with a metallic strip down the center is one of the products that was recalled? I have read some posts stating that some Hartz collars were recalled, but can’t find any more specific info. My cat developed pancreatitis after biting a Hartz collar (I removed it from her neck after one day) but didn’t know until after she got sick that this could cause this kind of damage) If it was recalled, if should not have been in the store, as I bought it on 6/21, in the evening, and she had to be hospitalized on 6/24 in the AM. Anyone who can provide some info to me I’d greatly appreciate it! I spent 2k in vet bills because of this – luckily she is OK (hopefully not permanent damage)


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My cat might have become ill from this

I bought a Hartz cat flea collar for my 14 month old cat & she immediately began acting weird and lethargic. She wore it for a day or so, and then I took it off of her. She then gradually stopped eating until about a week later she completely stopped eating. She was admitted the hospital and a battery of tests was done. The only thing that could find was an inflamed pancreas and that there was something in her stomach that wasn’t digesting. She is doing better now, but I feel that it was either the flea collar (thank God I took it off after only a day or so) or clumping litter (which I didnt know was a problem either until I did research when she got sick) At first I thought it was definitely the litter, but then I stumbled onto this site and because of the slightly inflamed pancreas, I am starting to think it might have been the flea collar and the inflamed pancreas is what stopped her normal digestion….This cost me $2000 to find out and she probably has no permanent damage, but I’m sure she would have if I had not acted quickly and took her to more than one vet to get to the bottom of what was wrong with her!

Hartz flea and tick treatment

Back in the summer of 2001, my cat Brownie was treated with Hartz flea and tick treatment. I put it on her at about 9 pm. I woke up at 4:00 am and she came to me at 4:30 am. She showed me that she was all shaken up. To my thought that it was the Hartz treatment. I called the emergency vet and told me to bring her in. I rushed her to the hospital and was told the cost of $500.00. I was so shocked and upset. I told them that I didnt have any money cuz I was on a tight budget at that time. So they reduced the price to $200.00 and I pay them $100.00. I left my poor cat at the hospital and drive home crying.

Few hours later I got a call from the Vet and was told that they called the Hartz company and they are paying for my cat’s vet bills. Thanks goodness. Poor Brownie staying at the hospital for 24 hrs. The next day I came to get her and she was looking fine and was happy to see me. Of course that her mom. 😀 I was told to bring my cat to my regular vet which I did. She stay there for half of the day. I was so glad to have her home again. My regular vet gave me the most expensive brand for the treatment. I was glad to use it. But poor Brownie hate the treatment cuz she remember what happened to her. She will try to run away from me.

She is still with me and doing great as the cat should be.

Hives and trembling

The night before last (6/25/06) Iwent through the normal bath routine with my two chihuahuas. The only change in our routine was that I bought Hartz shampoo and flee drops to try. Well the next afternoon my sweet chochalte girl Godiva climbed in my lap and her eye was starting to swell. Within minutes HUGE welts or hives began to appear all over her body. I rushed her to my parents house and my step-mom was concerned and gave her Benadryl. I called the Emergency vet and they said bring her in immidiatly because it was Hartz. We then rushed to the vet to find out she had a toxic reaction to the Hartz, and guess what it happens all the time. They see animals come in all the time with toxic reactions to Hartz and symptoms can be FATAL. Everything from respratory faliure to Hives. If it was for my step-moms quick thinking Godiva might have died. I was shocked to find out that a store I trusted (Target) sold such a bad product, and better yet that the FDA would let the product on the market. Not only did I end up with a vet bill but I had to go home and bathe both girls in Dawn dish detergent, because it was so toxic that she could absorb it from the other dogs skin. (They use Dawn to clean up animals after oil spills) That is what this experience was just a huge oil spill that the FDA won’t clean up. I am pretty sure that if it was killing humans it would be off the market and huge settlements would be awarded. But because it is Only animals it is affecting its not so bad! I don’t know about you but my chihuahua is my baby girl and if she died because of a medicine I gave her I would be crushed!!!! Shame on the FDA and the stores still carrying such a product. ENRAGED
Greenille, SC

Beanpie We Wouldn’t Want To hurt u

We used HARTS 2 in one flea and tick spray… about 20 minutes later…my cat was not himself…(Beanpie) suddenly wouldn’t eat which is VERY odd, wouldn’t drink and wouldn’t do the things he normally did.

we noticed this but didn’t take too much reaction to it untill he started howling and screaming to get outside….

my mother and i turned to each other and thought…maybe he’s sick?
what if the spray gave him a reaction.

We suddenly decided to wash Beanpie down and clean the product off of him.
More intersted in the side effects, we read alot of comments that people who had used the product wrote, and suddenly realized our faults…How were we to know that harts 2 in one tick and flea spray was to be used moderatly??
the directions didn’t say so…it said apply directly.

Infact Beanpie brushed up against me and some of the spray touched my lip….i soon learned of his agonizing pain… FIRE!!!
Yes Harts is not meant to be used on humans
my lips were on fire??? who would make a product that sets poor little cats on fire?? without (*SPECFICALLY*) telling how to apply???

We washed
Beanpie with water and soap but he escaped from our grasp.
We love Beanpie and would never harm him but it is because of “Harts 2 in one Tick and Flea spray” that Beanpie lacks judgement in us all.

He probably thinks what we would all think if in a sitiuation like his….

Looks Can Be Deciving!
I pray that Beanpie is alright and comes home safely so that he can be cleaned properly and back in our loving arms….

Sincerly yours,

Cia Price


Never Buy Flea Drop Medication

Thinking I was being proactive & preventing her from fleas, I made the mistake of purchasing & using Hartz’s flea drops on Lucky. She immediately started to foam at the mouth & convulse. I had to scoop her up & rush to the bath tub where I washed it off. She was shaking like a leaf from the ordeal…and so was I. NEVER BUY HARTZ FLEA MEDICATION!!

Hartz Recall

This isn’t quite a victim’s story. It’s just that I went to a Bi-Lo grocery store in Chattanooga to get some four new flea collars for my cats. Just a few weeks ago I had bought one for my fifth cat. I noticed a sign saying that Hartz Tick and Flea product had been recalled. I checked with the manager, because I saw Hartz Tick and Flea Collars in much supply. He told me that it was just that particular product and that it had been removed. I just called him back and he said the name was Hartz Mountain Advance Drops, which wasn’t really the name on the card. He said that recall happened 8 months ago. Well, I’ve never seen a sign like that. I sure would have noticed. Just thought you’d like to know. I’m going to alert my friends in Prevent-A-Litter and Chattanooga Rescue. Could you give me more info on what that product did?

Betsy Bramlett

I am a veterinarian’s daughter, and have worked with animals my entire life, including working for three years as a veterinary technician. I get sick to my stomach just seeing Hartz products on the shelf.

I have seen way too many animals seizuring after having Hartz products applied. Seeing perfectly healthy cats come into a hospital with their legs twitching, their mouth foaming, and their eyes rolling in their head, completely unaware of their surroundings is enough to convince me never to buy so much as a catnip toy from Hartz. Those reactions are some of the most disturbing of the injuries and illnesses that we see. And animals die because their owners trusted Hartz and their local store not to sell something that could so easily kill their pet.

I know that Frontline, Advantage and Revolution are expensive, but they are expensive for a reason. They work. They’re safe. When your vet recommends one of these products, they are not just trying to make a buck. Trying to get a cat with a pesticide reaction to live is much more expensive.

I’m glad that Hartz is finally taking some of their products off the shelves at the FDA’s request, but I will never, ever trust them with the lives of any of my animals.

My Chihuahua Almost Died

I made the mistake of using Hartz flea spray on my 1 year old Chihuahua this past Sunday. Two days later she was lying on the couch and couldn’t hold her head up. I put her on the floor to try to see if she could walk and she couldn’t. It was like my dog was drunk. I was panicked because I couldn’t imagine what was wrong with her. Since it was 8:00pm, I had to rush her to the emergency vet. $300 later I found out that it was the $4 flea spray. The vet had to detox my dog. They bathed her and kept her all night, giving her meds via an IV. I am just really lucky that I got her to the vet in time. Another victim, and I was so unaware until it happened to me.