Flea collar on my 7yr old Dashound

I bought a hartz flea and tick collar on friday April 14th, 2006 and put on my dashound (Toby) as I have done every year that I have had him, But this year was a shocker!!! That Friday night after I put it on him we noticed that his back legs was acting like they were locking up on him, like he had thrown his back out , like he has done several times before so we paid no attention to it, By saturday evening he was vomitting and had the runs real bad, It had looked like there was blood in his stool also wich scared me to death. My mother was visiting me and told me to take his flea collar off from him cause it was poisoning him. After I took it off and gave him a bath he seemed to be better, Now as I write this letter he is in the Hospital, and they are not sure what is wrong with him 🙁 . Yesterday morning when I got up I noticed that his genitals were swollen beyond belive, so I rushed him to the vet, He was running a fever of 105. They have him on antibiotics and fluids cause he was some what dehidrated. The vet told me he may have caught an STD from our female dashound but I think it is from the flea collar, And if/ when his blood work comes back neg. for the STD HARTZ BETTER LOOK OUT CAUSE I AM GOING TO SUE!!!! I am going to the vets in the morning for the test results and try to bring Toby home. I will post tommorow what the vets have to say. THIS IS 1 FAMILY THAT WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER OVER THE COUNTER FLEA PRODUCT!!!!

Lab puppy barely survives thanks to smart vet

On April 15th we got a 12 week old purebred black lab puppy from a local breeder and took her home. Knowing from prior experience that a lot of new puppies are kept in outside kennels and are very prone to flea infestations (and not wanting to disturb the balance between my other dog and two cats) we purchased the Hartz Advanced Care 3 in 1 Flea & Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies (16-30lbs) for her from Walmart, which I had been using (a larger version) for two years on my chocolate lab with no issues.

Awhile after applying it we decided to groom her (trying to shave a bouncing baby girl lab is a unique experience) and then give her a bath. We had some events to go to and put her outside in the backyard, and when we came home she had some lesions on her neck and upper back. We thought maybe she had tried to escape under the fence and scraped herself, but a perimeter search of the backyard didn’t reveal any disturbed dirt or gaps big enough for her to try to squeeze through. Over the next few hours the lesions grew, and she began twitching when she laid down. We simply thought she was cold (I keep the thermostat at 72) and put a blanket over her. By the next morning she could barely walk, and would only eat her food out of her bowl while laying down on her side and trying to crane her neck to position herself to eat laying down. Even then she had very little appetite.

We still had no idea what was causing the lesions when we took her to the vet Monday morning. They immediately said that it was a chemical burn, not scraping from a fence. After asking us about products we had applied, the Hartz product was identified as the culprit of the burns. The vet told us she had heard about this before and the product was dangerous and never to use it again. I was shocked, as it hadn’t been an issue with my other dog or the Hartz flea collars on my two cats (I would’ve been heartbroken if some of the stories I’ve read on here had happened to my kitties). They injected some fluids under her skin to keep her hydrated, and told us to apply Vitamin E oil twice a day and keep an eye on the lesions.


We followed these directions, but by the following weekend her lesions had begun coming off of her (it literally looked like her skin on her back was peeling off). Upon inspection I carefully examined it to try to identify whether it was a new issue or the dog simply itching and scratching the scabs off. Underneath the layer of hard skin that was peeling off was her exposed tissue, covered in a very thick, foul-smelling pale yellow pus. Yep, her wounds had become infected as well. She was rushed back to the vet, who said they would take a look and clean out the wound. About 3 hours later they called me and needed to perform an emergency surgery. It turned out that the flea product had done more widespread damage then initially thought and her much of her back tissue near her spine was infected as well. They needed to remove the layer of skin off her back, scrape out all of the infected tissue, and then staple her back up. Of course, I gave permission. She was a new member of our family, and just like a human child, you don’t put them down just because they’re sick. Graciously, the vet offered to do the surgery for free and just charge us for the bandaging afterwards.

Puppy has now been home for 2 days since the surgery and is doing much better. She is having a hard time moving around due to the staples (they begin towards the base of her neck and extend all the way down her back to about 3 inches in front of her tail). She is wrapped in bandages and then outfitted with a special shirt to cover her and discourage biting/scratching at the staples. She’s also on a strong antibiotic to fight any further infections. She has an energetic look in her eyes again and wags her tail fiercely when my fiance or I bend down to pet her. After reading so many horror stories on this site, I guess my dog is one of the few lucky ones who survived this. The vet told us that if we hadn’t tried to bathe her after applying the flea product that the damage might’ve been irreparable.

We have begun a letter writing campaign (I don’t want any money for the vet bills, I just don’t care. I simply want these products pulled from all retail shelves.) I strongly encourage all of you with these stories to buy a few stamps, and write your state attorney generals (do a google search for ” state attorney general”), your state senators and representatives (every state has a website with their contact information for each congressional district), the EPA, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, who’s web address for reporting these incidents is provided below. Do not simply let these memories, painful or lucky, fade into oblivion and allow new generations of dog owners to experience the same heartache that we have. Serious comments about this post (sending me spam once or a hurtful message will simply have you placed on my blocked list so I can forget about you) can be directed towards my email address below.


Contact me at: [email protected]

-Jeff H.

Flea med really messed up my older dog.

I had used this product on my dog in past infestations, and he tolerated it just fine. But now he’s getting on up there, and I was a bit hesitant at first, but other than his cataracts he seemed pretty healthy.

About 18 hours later he could barely walk — he looked like he was drunk, and he fell a few times. He soiled himself numerous times too. And he was still infested with fleas, even though the package said that many fleas would have been dead by that time.

If cat survies, what about lasting effects??Anyone?

I just used this product on Wed evening. One for my dog, and one for my cat. My dog is prone to seizures, but did okay with it. My cat on the other hand, he had a horrible reaction to it. He had seizures, shaking, twitching, falling, the whole thing was just horrific. Brought him to the vet and put him on fluids, gave him a bath and some other meds. Took him home last night, and he has stayed in the same spot for nearly 14 hours. He is very lethargic. Vet said he may be okay in a couple days, and then again he could have another seizure and not come out of it at all. I wish I knew about this web site and this hartz product !! We usually use Frontline, this is the first and LAST time we ever use ANY store product. Why is this stuff still on the market? Has anyone had a cat that survived and then had complications? Thanks.

Flea & Tick Drops Plus+ on my lab

About a week ago, before coming across this site, I applied Hartz Flea & Tick Drops Plus+ to my black lab/german shepherd. He was fine and didn’t have a reaction to the formula. 2 days later, I woke up only to find 6 piles of diarrhea and vomit all over the house. I was narrowing the cause of this down to 2 things…(1) he is always chewing grass or digging in the backyard and maybe he ingested something in the grass or (2) I changed his food the same day I applied the Flea & Tick Drops Plus+. I wasn’t thinking it was related to the Flea & Tick Drops Plus+. The next day, I came home from work, and once again…he crapped and threw up in the living room and kitchen. After I shampoo’d the carpet, I took him for a ride in my truck so he could get some fresh air…he crapped and threw up on the blanket in the back of my SUV. His appetite over those 2 days went down the drain…he was barely eating. Talking with my mother, she told me about tv special related to Hartz products and the effects it has on animals. I quickly gave my dog a bath and used shampoo wipes to wash the product off of his spine. He was very sick that night…very weak and could barely hold his head up to look at me…looked like he was drunk. I told my gf that I would take him to the vet in the morning if the symptoms persisted. In the morning, he was perfectly fine…back to his energetic normal self and ate all of his food. It’s been 3 days since any incident and he is back to 100%. I strongly blame Hartz as a company for putting out such a toxic product and if anything happened to my dog and it was related to the product, I would track down somebody that represented that company and break their legs. Thank you.

Hartz Flea and Tick drops took years off my cats life

My cat was a healthy active cat until I used Hartz flea and tick drops on her. She started to have seizers and other problems I took her to the vet and the drops were concluded as the cause of her illnesses. She took medication to help control the seizers but as of Easter Sunday April 16, 2006 she had a large stroke and did not recover. I had to have her put to rest April 19, 2006. I know Hartz robbed me and my cat of many happy years together.

It isn’t just Hartz- Sargeant is deadly as well

Our cats were given Sargeant Gold Flea and Tick Drops and showed similar signs of toxicity. Tremors, severe itching, difficulty walking, drooling, yowling… We have 3 cats and were only able to catch 2 to apply the drops… and both became dangerously ill. The third was lucky. The bills have thus far totaled about $1,000 to treat 2 cats and they have yet to be fully relieved from their itching.

Hartz and Sargent are extremely dangerous products. They are names that we once trusted- but can’t anymore. I have already gotten one local store to remove the products from their shelves after seeing my vet write ups and bills. And my father in law once distributed the brands to stores all over New England and he is now holding meetings to remove them from their sales list….

If you or someone you know has experianced this horrid ordeal- please speak up and speak out! Share your knowledge with others! You could be saving lives!

hartz bones can kill

After chewing on and eating a Hartz Smokey Hambone we purchased at Walmart our 9 year old boxer, Torry, nearly died. Within a very short period of time after eating the bone Torry began wretching and pacing around and whining. Although she was wretching every few minute nothing came up. We called our vet and were advised to rush her to an animal hospital 45 minutes away from us. By the time we arrived at the hospital Torry had begun to go into shock. She was rushed to surgery and had to have her stomache cut open and the contents (sharp pieces of the hamebone) removed one piece at a time. The blood flow to her stomache had been compromised and she lost her spleen, part of her stomache, and some colon. Post-operatively we spoke to the vet/surgeon and she told us that pork bones are not digestable. Pork bone is listed as the ingredient, but the fact that they are not digestable is not mentioned on the label.
I urge all dog owners to beware of this product and for that matter any Hartz products. It is irresponsable of them to produce such a bone and even worse to not put a warning on the label. I. for one, will never purchase another Hartz product.
Torry went through the awful ordeal of the surgery and was in the hospitals ICU for 2 days. After purchasing a $3.00 bone we spent over $3,000.00 to save her life. She is home with us now and we have been told that if she lives 5 days after her surgery she should be ok. This is day 3 and we are very hopeful.
I am wondering if any other dog owner has experienced a situation similiar to this one.

Hartz flea &tick drops poisoned my 2 cats

I bought the flea and tick drops at a local walmart, I don’t use these products often, but have a few times in the past.

I split a dose between my 2 cats who are both 2 years old. Within an hour my little lucy started drooling and walking funny. I immediately washed her down with dish liquid and water. I went out looking for my other cat Simon, I couldn’t find him. I was scared for lucy since even with the long bath she was still trying to attack her back legs and growling at me. I heard my neighbor screaming for me…
When I got next door Simon was seizing!!! I immediately rushed both my cats to the emergency hospital. They didn’t waste a minute with Simon (I thought he was going to die before I got there!) They didn’t even talk to me the took him to icu IMMEDIATELY!! After 20 minutes the Doctor came back and examined lucy. She was still trying to attach her leg and walking funny. I left my cats there and had to be made to leave. I called at 8:00 that night and they were both still seizing even under heavy anestesia! I thought this is it I killed my cats.. MYGOD how could a product that will do this be on the market!!?? At 10:30 that night I got a call from the hospital…(expecting the worse since they weren’t giving me any major hope!) Lucy was pulling out of the anestesia and attacking her back legs and had to be put under heavy sedation. I then called again the following day at about 4:00 (after crying all day, and being told to expect the worse!) Both Simon and Lucy had stopped seizing just a few hours before my call, and had eaten a small amount of food. They will be there for a least 2 more days, but the Vet thinks that they have a chance to survive. The problems being watched now are liver, and kidney damage and possible brain damage and Lucy’s back legs are still tremoring and so is Simon’s ears. With the GRACE of GOD Simon and Lucy will come home and live for a long time. The Vet told me that there are neurotoxins in the drops!!! I just hope that anyone who reads this will think twice about using ANY HARTZ products…the risk (and bills ($800)) are too high a price to risk your treasured pet’s life!


I just got my min schnauzer out of the hospital, after appying hartz 4 in 1 flea drops for dogs!! She was in for two days recieving shots for reaction, shock!! It took a day before I realized what was going on!! She started itching violently, rolling, chomping her teeth, swinging her head, and trembleing uncontrolably. I have the vet report that clearly says that she had a sever reaction to the drops!! I called hartz thinking that maybe that lot of drops were defective in some way. Hartz was not helpul at all. They told me that a reaction that severe had never been documented! Well, Hartz ,document it now!!They also told me that that would not happen in an otherwise healthy animal! well hartz, would you like to see her medical records??? Perfectly healthy animal!! I almost lost my best friend over some stupid $4 drops!! whats worse is that my friend had to suffer through this!! It was as if she was on fire, and i was helpless to help!! I will NEVER buy a hartz product again, and will discourage EVERYONE i see to boycott hartz!!