I am sorry for all the pet owners who lost their pets because of Hartz flea drop

I always suspected these cheap flea drops would not be good and went for Advantage. Never had any problems with Advantage, then again I don’t even use this product very often either, knowing that they have pesticides and could cause problems if used very often. The least it can do is cause cancer, etc in the long run. I just wanted to write a little note to let all the pet owners who experienced loss or health problems because of Hartz flea drops. I’m also so mad that Hartz is not pulling these products off the shelves. Therefore, I decided not to buy any Hartz products, collars, or bones for my dog. Shame on Hartz!

Hartz Rawhide Bones

I have a five-month old puppy and I broke down and bought him Hartz Rawhide bones. Then I discovered this site. Has anyone’s dog had any adverse reactions to chewing/digesting Hartz Rawhide bones? Is it possible to find out how the bones are processed and what chemicals are used?

Any suggestions would be very welcome – THANKS!


$300…my cat’s vet bill

Never buy your animal Hartz or any other cheap flea/tick medication. My cat started having muscle tremors a few hours after my mom put it on him. His pink nose became white and dry. He also acted really strangely, he was wobbling and didn’t have good balance. So at 11:30 I finally convinced my parents to take action. We called and emergency vet and they said to give him a bath. We did. The cat (not yet fully grown) was shivering in my arms as I held it close in its towel. It continues shaking even though it was mostly dry so we headed out to the vet that was 30 minutes away. Once there we met another lady who had a cat with similar conditions, only worse. He was violently shaking she told us. She also used Hartz. After talking to the vet he told us he always gets animals like this. They tried to get Hartz off the market, but failed. My cat stayed at the vet for 3 days, with a bill totaling at about $300. We sent the bill to the company, who did repay us, but Hartz is still on the market. Do not use this on your animals!

Will she survive?

I bought a flea and tick collar for my daughters 6 month old dog, it said for small dogs under 10 lbs. so I thought it was safe. We put the collar on the little dog, and thought no more of it, with in 24 hours I notice that she wasn’t acting normally, heart was pounding and she was having some sort of temors. She has just spent 3 days in the care of her vet, receiving IV’s and meds. Toxins cause temors she had been posioned, by the flea collar that I thought was perfectly safe. Now we are playing the wait and see game, she is still having tremors, the vet is trying to control the tremors with meds, will my 11 year old daughter lose her beloved pet? Please never use an over the counter product on your beloved pet.

witnessed the horror

6:30pm, march 27th, 2006. I was in the waiting room of my vet’s office having just finished having the last of my 5 fur people ( cats ) vaccines given. I looked as the entry door opened and a couple brought their cat in. The cat was in the midst of a seizure. I overheard them telling the vet that the only thing differant they had done was to administer hartz flea drops on their cats back. I was there long enough to overhear the vet telling these people that their cat had a 50/50 chance of surviving, but if it did it could very well have brain damage. The vet went on to tell them that these particular flea drops have a well known reputation for causing illness and death in pets.
I hope and pray there is something that can be done to STOP hartz from making this pet maiming and killing product. I know as for myself I will never buy anything that I remotely think comes from the hartz mountain company ever again.
The image of that poor cat seizing will remain with me forever and to think it was all caused by something that was suppose to help.

Mark, from clearwater, fl


After reading one of the stories, I just noticed why my hamsters died.. I am only 13 and 2 years ago, I kept a few hamsters. Me and my ex-best friend just finished primary and because our school kept hamsters and white mice, we also wanted to keep them..

As a note, we live in Indonesia.. I bought 2 hamsters and my friend bought 5 hamsters.. In just less then 1 month, both my hamsters died.. My friends hamsters still live till this day (27th March 2006). After they died, I had a few more (10 in total) and the hamsters all died!! The longest lived for 3 months.. I now realize they ate HARTZ hamster food.. My friend used to give HARTZ but changed to something else..

If I knew HARTZ was dangerous, I wouldn’t have given them those food..

Oh and I used to give dogs the hartz flea and tick spray.. Nothing actually happened except them going wild and rubbing against things (I have 8 dogs at that time) like being burnt.. I changed what they were using and they don’t have a single problem since.. And this is in INDONESIA!!

Hartz guinea pig food toxicities?


I have a guinea pig and I usually feed him a different type of dry pellet. But the store ran out, so I tried buying the Hartz guinea pig food. Well, I fed it to him and after a week or so, I noticed he had stopped eating normally. I thought perhaps he just didn’t like the dry food. So I went out and bought him a different hard food. But I noticed he also had stopped eating anything that wasn’t very mushy and easy to eat. It seemed that something was wrong with his teeth. SO I looked, and his incisor teeth had turned BLACK and they were hurting him badly. He wouldn’t even drink out of his sipper bottle. Luckily, rodents teeth continuously grow so after feeding him whatever he could eat and forcing him with water, they grew back in. I didn’t connect the fact that it may be the dry food until I went to finish up the Hartz food that was left over, and he stopped eating again…and his teeth started to turn black again. So, I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen?? Any ideas would be helpful. thanks

I just can’t believe it…

Why is this still going on? We have had our little Wampa for two years, and have always used Hartz flea drops. Why not? Wal-Mart sells it. Petco sells it. Its cheap. No one at the pet store knows how bad it is for your pet it seems. She always acted like it burned her, and would run from us. But this was our first kitten, so we assumed all cats didn’t like flea drops and that this was normal.

We took her to get fixed today, and noticed some hair loss around her tail. I cut her Hartz collar off in case it was in the way of the vet, and it revealed a horrible gashed area. Raw and bloody. With her long hair we would never have noticed it. And we spend a lot of time with her. That is how subtle it can be. The vet asked first thing if we used Hartz and told us to stop. She led us to this site, and told us several stories about her encounters. It effects their skin, their liver, and even their brains in some cases.

She suggested we switch to revolution, a Pfeizer product. We did so gladly. I feel so bad that we have used this on our cat all this time. But how are people to know?

any help???

My cat got sick from Hartz a year and five months ago. She now has to wear a collar because she will pull her fur out if she doesn’t. She will still try though, and she does succeed. Has ANYONE had a problem with this? I have been told there is nothing that can be done to help her. She is still active and sweet as can be, but I know she is in pain. Any ideas?

Two Cats, One Bad Reaction

Our two cats are the indoor/outdoor type. Because they do go outside,we decided to apply a flea repellent on them. We used Hartz Flea and Tick repellent, a lotion of some sort. The one cat(they are sisters) reacted fine to the application. The other reacted as if she were getting burned. She tried to rub the lotion off her neck and clawed at the area so much that I became alarmed and bathed her. I thought that was the end. Within days her fur around her neck was gone and there was raw skin exposed, which she still was clawing at. Even after I thought I got all of the flea lotion off the cat, obviously a small amount remained. My cat was in agony for a least a week. She’s fine now, but it was shocking to find this site and see that other’s have had the same experience.