hartz the killer

I wanted to post a story telling why hartz is an awful product to use. I work for a vet hospital in sacramento. and i can say first hand what this product can do to an animal. I have seen some pretty bad cases. The most common are siezures and tremors. If you have applied it ,WASH YOUR PET ASAP!!!! and then get to a vet hospital, and NEVER use it again. Thank you for this web site, i think it will help alot of people, i have found out that alot of users dont know that it is a dangerous product until its to late. The safest flea and tick products are only sold at your local vet hospital, it may a little more expensive, but its worth it in the long run.


Hartz Control Flea and Tick Collar

I have just found this website as I was looking online for a place to contact the Hartz company to complain about an issue with their “Hartz Control Flea and Tick Collar”. I have 2 purebred Siamese cats that are completely spoiled in our home. They are sticktly indoor cats to take every precaution for their safety and to avoid any flea infestations, however recently we took a dog in to our home and both our cats were infested with fleas after.
Last Friday I purchased a Hartz Control collar from our new Walmart store that just opened two weeks ago. We came home and after bathing our cats, put the collars on them. The next day was fine, and then Sunday we came home and found puddles of foaming spit all over our furniture and floor. We could not figure out where this was coming from and both cats appeared to be fine so I cleaned the mess up. Then yesterday I came home from work to find more puddles of this foamy spit again. I cleaned it up again, inspected both cats who again appeared to be fine. I was very puzzled but continued on with my evening. I have seen several cats in the past with these collars on so I had never thought that possibly the collar was the reason for this.
Then later that evening, my elderly sealpoint came running down the stairs with foamy saliva coming out of his mouth. He was very distressed and panicked. I was petrified as well. I got a cool cloth and washed his mouth but the foam was developing as fast as I could wipe it away. I worried that he had possibly gotten rabies from the dog we had brought in. I took off his collar and called the vet at home. She asked if we had done anything different and when I told her about the collar she told me that he obviously had been being poisoned by the pesticides on the collar and that if we had caught it as quickly he very likely would have died. And because the collar is not to be too tight around their neck, (just loose enough to fit 2 fingers in between his neck and the collar) when he bathed himself, he was licking the pesticide on his fur, and possible licking the collar itself, thus causing the reaction.
Now we bought 2 different flea collars for our 2 cats. Both were made by Hartz, but one was the regular white one and the other was called the “control” one. This one called “control” has 2 different pesiticides in it and was obviously very dangerous.
I am completely appalled that these are on the market, especially now that I have read other people’s stories. It especially worries me since I have a 3 year old toddler in my home. If these collars have enough pesticides to potentially kill a feline, what are they doing to our children???

Tabitha Burrell
New Brunswick Canada
[email protected]

Zodiac killed one cat and two others were in intensive care.

My sister used Zodiac on her cats. She lost one and the others were critical. She was devestated. Something that is supposed to be harmless and is sold over the counter had just murdered one of the familys pets and she was not sure of the outcome for the other two. It was touch and go for a week. After two weeks the vets let the cats come home. They wobbled around because of neurological damage and the debilitating effects of not eating for an extended time. The two who did survive this attack are fine now, but it took several months.
I now have a written warning in my new kitten letter to anyone who gets one of my cats, to NEVER, NEVER use products not obtained from a veterinarian.
Please warn folks who you see looking in the pet aisles at those poisionous productsl, for the love of their pets to not buy these terrible products.