We’ve eluded the Hartz nightmare

Luckily no pet I’ve ever had has been harmed by a Hartz product, but I have to admit that back in the 80’s and early 90’s when I was a child growing up, my dad used Hartz shampoo and flea collars on our dogs and cats. Nothing ever happened to them as far as using Hartz goes, but I consider that extremely lucky, considering the facts! I have one cat, currently, and me and my girlfriend are picking up our new 10 week old baby Yorkie this weekend. We will not support Hartz or any of their affiliate companies, thanks to all that we’ve read on the subject. Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of pet owners across the world. I am still appalled that Hartz can get away with putting their products on the shelves so non-chalantly. I’ll be telling anyone and everyone about the dangers of Hartz.

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  1. Have a minture poodle was always healthy then i used hartz shampoo a couple times a week and a half and a few days later she had grand ma seizures has on and off for two weeks. has had four . She seems better now. Giving her natural herbs for her nervous system. I hope she gets better. Never thought the shampoo would do it. But she was so healthy and thats the only thing that i have done diferent since we got her.

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