Hartz kitty litter dangerous?

A few years ago I purchased Hartz flea and tick drops for my two dogs, each weighing at least 50 lbs. Within a few days, both had a bare, bald strip down their backs. I immediately associated it with the Hartz, and, at least, that was the worst of it. It took 3 yrs. for my female dog to grow her hair back, and to this day she constantly rolls and rubs and scritches the area on her rump.

I recently purchased Hartz kitty litter at a ‘dollar store’. When I poured it into the litter box the dust was unbelieveable. It was so thick it blinded me for a second, I breathed some of it in, and today, I’m coughing and have a painful throat. I have used this litter before, but not on a continuous basis, and I’ve never had such a tremendous amount of dust. My cat is ripping her fur out, something she does sometimes. The vet said it’s probably just a nervous habit. Now, I’m wondering if her episodes of fur pulling might be associated with the use of the Hartz kitty litter.
I was looking for info about the dust in the kitty, and am appalled at the number of victims there are due to the flea and tick drops.

[One step aside from this: Some years agao, I went to a vet supply store to ask for an antibiotic for a kitten, and they recommended ‘Combiotic’, a ‘cocktail’ of antibiotics. I couldn’t believe my ears: Streptomyacin, one of the ingredients in it, causes cats to go blind!!!!!. Well, the clerk wasn’t the least bit happy about me saying that in front of customers. And, yet, it was labeled for cats. It was finally taken off of the market. I had two cats that became blind when I used it, before I read a veterinary journal and found out the truth.]

What is going on here? Come on, they must have killed thousand of animals while testing these products, and yet, still put them on the market.
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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  1. I think my cat was poisoned by the hartz lavender scented clumping liter. I took her to an emergency clinic and had her put down. The symptoms match up to the ones she was having, and the was the major change in her daily routinebecause it was less expensive.
    I could not afford to get more tests done at the emergency clinic. I noticed her eating the liter. I did not think of this because you would think the people would care enough to make products that were good
    for cats, and that they would care. I lost a part of my family, and that is priceless.

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