Close Call: Good Thing We Read This Website

Yesterday morning my beloved… and i seriously mean BELOVED cat chi-chi started showing symptoms of shaking and tremors. She was walking as if though in pain and was nearly paralyzed. She’s only ten, but we feared the worst. I was sure it was all over for chi-chi. I happen to be a google-fiend and so i started putting symptoms into google searching for some idea of what could be wrong with her. The emergency vet never called us back, but eventually i stumbled across a blurb from this site (another victims story) and we realized what was plaguing my poor feline friend. We had applied the once a month Hartz flea and tick treatment to her coat as directed by the package. This was apparently the culprit. My first thought was that she had simply ingested it, but upon second thought the purpose of the medicine was to permeate the skin and run its course through the body via the bloodstream. How the hell were we going to save her now? I called back the emergency vet and told them what i thought was the culprit and the lady on the other line says “Oh.. of course! Definitely wash her immediately and call us back if she doesn’t get any better because she could require an injection.” Poor Chi-Chi could hardly fight me as i scrubbed the offending poison off of her coat with a mild baby shampoo. About an hour later, she was already looking better. It’s the following morning and Chi-Chi’s back to her old self, outside jumping around and rolling in the dirt! However it’s apparent she hasn’t forgotten the close call last night, she’s been extra affectionate all day. We won’t forget this either… as for Hartz I’m totally pissed! As a company who sells products to pet owners, they should know that pets hold deep meaning in a house. They’re like part of your family. I’m disgusted that they would sell a product that they are aware of (i’m sure) it’s potential harm.

Should this happen to anyone you know:

1. Wash your pet IMMEDIATELY!

2. Call your emergency Vet.

Symptoms Include: Shaking, Tremors, Seizures, Vomiting, Disorientation, Temporary Paralysis, Pain & Fever.

Don’t let this happen to any more pets. Boycott Hartz!

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