Pekingese having seizures after baths

My 6 year old Pekingese started having seizures shortly after her 2nd and last litter of puppies.
I did everything to find out what was wrong with her, rushed her to the vet during the episodes for fluids and blood tests, took her for x-rays, i even had an ultra-sound done on her, everything came back normal/healthy and no one could tell me why once every 2 weeks my dog who had never had a problem for 6 years was suddenly having these episodes where her eyes rolled down in the sockets, she fell over, cunvulsed, twitched, and her jaw cletched for 5-10 minutes at a time all the while drooling buckets and loosing continence at the end.
So i started journaling the incidents, writing down everything from when she had eaten to where she had gone to potty before and i found a pattern, it only happened after she had had a bath and was just finished being blowdried.
Then it all clicked, we had started using Hartz Dog Shampoo for itchy skin right after her puppies had come, the same time as the first episode, so i did a little experiment and changed her shampoo to an organic brand and she hasn’t had a problem since. It took us a year of going to the Vet spending money on tests that didn’t help to find what was wrong and meds that she didn’t need to figure out that an over the counter shampoo was killing her.
I am completely appaled that any company would continue to make a product that is so dangerous to the pets that use it.
I never used a flea or tick formula on my dog, just the shampoo and it almost killed her.
I now tell anyone and everyone who has animals that I know or meet to never use any of Hartz products. I also wrote a letter to Walmart (the store where i bought the shampoo) telling them how dangerous the products are, hopefully with a few more letters we can get this poison off thier shelves and one more step awayfrom someone having to go through what poor little Tofu (my peke) had to endure.

Tofu’s Mom,
Milford, CT

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