2 cats and their family

My story probably is not all that unusual. I have 2 cats and a dog. The cats are indoor cats and the dog goes both indoor and outdoorts. I applied Harts Flea and Tick for cats on the cats and the Heartz fleas and tick for dogs on the dog on 02/05/06 in the late afternoon. Our first cat “Hyde” became ill early on the morning of 02/06/06 with tremors and hard convulsions. I took im to the Sacramento Veterintary Surgical Services (fearing the worst) and was told he was reacting to poison. I told tham that I had used Hartz flea and tick on him and the treated him for pryethrum poison. Our second cat “Zoe” started with tremors and convulsions. I took her to the same vet and they treate her as they did Hyde. I was able to pick both the cats up on 02/07/06, $952.25 later, I got them home and it took more that two days for the tremors to completely stop. My entire family was tramatized by something that could have been avoided. My husband is still upset at the cost of the vet bill, since we barely make ends meet financially. I had to comfort and take care of all of them (humans and animals). and I am plain worn out. Tired (Donna) in Sacramento

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