Guinea Pig & plastic bit Hartz food

I had a pet die from Hartz food once. We had a guinae pig named Barry (he was big & fluffy & white….Barry White 🙂 Well, I was using Hartz brand animal food because it has all the dried carrots & things that Barry liked. One afternoon I walked into the bedroom to find him choking. My husband came in and removed some thing from his throat…..a piece of yellow PLASTIC! Since I had just recently changed his cage, my only conclusion is that it was in the food. When I scooped the food into Barry’s dish it was not visible. Though Barry survived the initial trauma of the plastic bit we believed he suffered brain injury due to lack of oxygen. He was not right after the accident. He had seizures and would stumble aroung his cage confused on occasion. Within a week of the plastic incident Barry passed in his sleep. We miss him.

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