Trixie’s Trauma at a young age

My cat had some ticks on her one night, and I decided to put on some tick medication after removing them, so she wouldn’t get any sicknesses from more ticks. The next morning, I noticed she was shaking a little, but thought she was just cold. A few hours later, she was still shaking and walking around the house, with a little foam at her mouth. I looked at her, closely, and then she seized up. I freaked out, wrapping her in a blanket and rushing her to the nearest vet- who was an hour away. The entire way, as I sat in the back seat crying and petting the cat (who looked frightening with the foam at her mouth and not being able to control herself), she was seizing up. She had 5 long seizures while in the car, during one of which her eyes rolled back into her head. We ran into the vets office, anxiously waiting any new of why she was seizing. The vet came out and told us about Hartz, and we were *mad*. The vet said the cat would have definitly died if we hadn’t been so quick. Our cat was put on fluids for 4 days (all of which spent in the hospital) and had her leg shaved for the IV (the hair still hasn’t grown back yet), and we were charged 1.600 dollars (Hartz agreed to pay the bill as long as we didn’t sue) . I spent 4 hours trying to get her muscle relaxers into her mouth (she does *not* like her pills), and she now has problems getting to the litterbox on time, even though she’s only 2 years old (my poor baby). Two of the worst parts of this?

1.) I am only 12 years old, and I watched my cat almost die, only a month after my half-year old Yorkie was killed.

2.) I went into a store a few weeks later and saw Hartz products. I told the woman at the counter what the products did, and she was very concerned, but after talking to her boss was told (to her outrage) she couldn’t take the products off the shelf until they were recalled.

But score for us- I hid all the Hartz products in the store around, behind cantaloups and such, and put up a sign of warning.

I am very glad my baby is ok- I have 2 other cats who I had put Hartz on, and I washed them both the minute I got home. I feel SO horrible for the other pet owners who have gone through the loss of their pet over something where you were trying to *protect* them, not hurt them.

These people are just trying to earn money- they don’t care how many people or animals suffer, as long as they pay up.

-Kiyo Elizabeth Hill

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