1 week after using Hartz flea and tick shampoo, my brother’s pup died

My brother’s three months old English Mastiff puppy was a perfectly healthy dog. He was about 11 weeks old when we used the Hartz shampoo on him.Early the next morning, he awoke us by violently running through the house as though he was confused and terrified.We settle him down and 5 minutes later he began to violently shake and froth at the mouth.He was having a seizure.We didn’t know what was wrong since the night before,he was fine and playing.Now he was drifting in and out of conciousness.It was a saturday and there were no vets open and we had to wait patiently as he lay on the bed, sleeping for now.Finally we gpt ahold of a vet and they said to keep him confertable and call if anything else happens.Well, my brother had to leave to go back to his home (we were just keeping the pup until he came up to get it.) On the way down, Brutis had 3 more seizures.The next worse than the last.When my brother got home after a 15hr trip, he took Brutis to the vet.The vet had asked if we had done anyhting different because we didn’t know about Hartz.We thought he had ate something.My brother said “No, just gave him a bath.” and the vet asked “In Hartz flea and tick?” and my brother replied yes, and the vet said to get him in there right away.The seizures had caused Brutis to go blind, but beyond that, he was ok.He was well for about a week.Then, this past saturday(2/3/06) my brother noticed something to be wrong with Brutis.He was sleeping yet unresponsive and urinating all over himself.They couldn’t wake him up.They called the vet and said there was nothing they could do.They weren’t for sure what was wrong.He was in a sort of acoma.Unable to drink, eat, or respond. My brother and his fience aggreed that if he wasn’t better by Monday, they would end his suffering and put him to sleep.Monday came and sadly, he was no better.They took him to the vet and the vet began to inject the shot, but he had already passed away.All because of Hartz!

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