We’ve eluded the Hartz nightmare

Luckily no pet I’ve ever had has been harmed by a Hartz product, but I have to admit that back in the 80’s and early 90’s when I was a child growing up, my dad used Hartz shampoo and flea collars on our dogs and cats. Nothing ever happened to them as far as using Hartz goes, but I consider that extremely lucky, considering the facts! I have one cat, currently, and me and my girlfriend are picking up our new 10 week old baby Yorkie this weekend. We will not support Hartz or any of their affiliate companies, thanks to all that we’ve read on the subject. Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of pet owners across the world. I am still appalled that Hartz can get away with putting their products on the shelves so non-chalantly. I’ll be telling anyone and everyone about the dangers of Hartz.

Hartz kitty litter dangerous?

A few years ago I purchased Hartz flea and tick drops for my two dogs, each weighing at least 50 lbs. Within a few days, both had a bare, bald strip down their backs. I immediately associated it with the Hartz, and, at least, that was the worst of it. It took 3 yrs. for my female dog to grow her hair back, and to this day she constantly rolls and rubs and scritches the area on her rump.

I recently purchased Hartz kitty litter at a ‘dollar store’. When I poured it into the litter box the dust was unbelieveable. It was so thick it blinded me for a second, I breathed some of it in, and today, I’m coughing and have a painful throat. I have used this litter before, but not on a continuous basis, and I’ve never had such a tremendous amount of dust. My cat is ripping her fur out, something she does sometimes. The vet said it’s probably just a nervous habit. Now, I’m wondering if her episodes of fur pulling might be associated with the use of the Hartz kitty litter.
I was looking for info about the dust in the kitty, and am appalled at the number of victims there are due to the flea and tick drops.

[One step aside from this: Some years agao, I went to a vet supply store to ask for an antibiotic for a kitten, and they recommended ‘Combiotic’, a ‘cocktail’ of antibiotics. I couldn’t believe my ears: Streptomyacin, one of the ingredients in it, causes cats to go blind!!!!!. Well, the clerk wasn’t the least bit happy about me saying that in front of customers. And, yet, it was labeled for cats. It was finally taken off of the market. I had two cats that became blind when I used it, before I read a veterinary journal and found out the truth.]

What is going on here? Come on, they must have killed thousand of animals while testing these products, and yet, still put them on the market.
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Close Call: Good Thing We Read This Website

Yesterday morning my beloved… and i seriously mean BELOVED cat chi-chi started showing symptoms of shaking and tremors. She was walking as if though in pain and was nearly paralyzed. She’s only ten, but we feared the worst. I was sure it was all over for chi-chi. I happen to be a google-fiend and so i started putting symptoms into google searching for some idea of what could be wrong with her. The emergency vet never called us back, but eventually i stumbled across a blurb from this site (another victims story) and we realized what was plaguing my poor feline friend. We had applied the once a month Hartz flea and tick treatment to her coat as directed by the package. This was apparently the culprit. My first thought was that she had simply ingested it, but upon second thought the purpose of the medicine was to permeate the skin and run its course through the body via the bloodstream. How the hell were we going to save her now? I called back the emergency vet and told them what i thought was the culprit and the lady on the other line says “Oh.. of course! Definitely wash her immediately and call us back if she doesn’t get any better because she could require an injection.” Poor Chi-Chi could hardly fight me as i scrubbed the offending poison off of her coat with a mild baby shampoo. About an hour later, she was already looking better. It’s the following morning and Chi-Chi’s back to her old self, outside jumping around and rolling in the dirt! However it’s apparent she hasn’t forgotten the close call last night, she’s been extra affectionate all day. We won’t forget this either… as for Hartz I’m totally pissed! As a company who sells products to pet owners, they should know that pets hold deep meaning in a house. They’re like part of your family. I’m disgusted that they would sell a product that they are aware of (i’m sure) it’s potential harm.

Should this happen to anyone you know:

1. Wash your pet IMMEDIATELY!

2. Call your emergency Vet.

Symptoms Include: Shaking, Tremors, Seizures, Vomiting, Disorientation, Temporary Paralysis, Pain & Fever.

Don’t let this happen to any more pets. Boycott Hartz!

Pekingese having seizures after baths

My 6 year old Pekingese started having seizures shortly after her 2nd and last litter of puppies.
I did everything to find out what was wrong with her, rushed her to the vet during the episodes for fluids and blood tests, took her for x-rays, i even had an ultra-sound done on her, everything came back normal/healthy and no one could tell me why once every 2 weeks my dog who had never had a problem for 6 years was suddenly having these episodes where her eyes rolled down in the sockets, she fell over, cunvulsed, twitched, and her jaw cletched for 5-10 minutes at a time all the while drooling buckets and loosing continence at the end.
So i started journaling the incidents, writing down everything from when she had eaten to where she had gone to potty before and i found a pattern, it only happened after she had had a bath and was just finished being blowdried.
Then it all clicked, we had started using Hartz Dog Shampoo for itchy skin right after her puppies had come, the same time as the first episode, so i did a little experiment and changed her shampoo to an organic brand and she hasn’t had a problem since. It took us a year of going to the Vet spending money on tests that didn’t help to find what was wrong and meds that she didn’t need to figure out that an over the counter shampoo was killing her.
I am completely appaled that any company would continue to make a product that is so dangerous to the pets that use it.
I never used a flea or tick formula on my dog, just the shampoo and it almost killed her.
I now tell anyone and everyone who has animals that I know or meet to never use any of Hartz products. I also wrote a letter to Walmart (the store where i bought the shampoo) telling them how dangerous the products are, hopefully with a few more letters we can get this poison off thier shelves and one more step awayfrom someone having to go through what poor little Tofu (my peke) had to endure.

Tofu’s Mom,
Milford, CT

2 cats and their family

My story probably is not all that unusual. I have 2 cats and a dog. The cats are indoor cats and the dog goes both indoor and outdoorts. I applied Harts Flea and Tick for cats on the cats and the Heartz fleas and tick for dogs on the dog on 02/05/06 in the late afternoon. Our first cat “Hyde” became ill early on the morning of 02/06/06 with tremors and hard convulsions. I took im to the Sacramento Veterintary Surgical Services (fearing the worst) and was told he was reacting to poison. I told tham that I had used Hartz flea and tick on him and the treated him for pryethrum poison. Our second cat “Zoe” started with tremors and convulsions. I took her to the same vet and they treate her as they did Hyde. I was able to pick both the cats up on 02/07/06, $952.25 later, I got them home and it took more that two days for the tremors to completely stop. My entire family was tramatized by something that could have been avoided. My husband is still upset at the cost of the vet bill, since we barely make ends meet financially. I had to comfort and take care of all of them (humans and animals). and I am plain worn out. Tired (Donna) in Sacramento

Guinea Pig & plastic bit Hartz food

I had a pet die from Hartz food once. We had a guinae pig named Barry (he was big & fluffy & white….Barry White 🙂 Well, I was using Hartz brand animal food because it has all the dried carrots & things that Barry liked. One afternoon I walked into the bedroom to find him choking. My husband came in and removed some thing from his throat…..a piece of yellow PLASTIC! Since I had just recently changed his cage, my only conclusion is that it was in the food. When I scooped the food into Barry’s dish it was not visible. Though Barry survived the initial trauma of the plastic bit we believed he suffered brain injury due to lack of oxygen. He was not right after the accident. He had seizures and would stumble aroung his cage confused on occasion. Within a week of the plastic incident Barry passed in his sleep. We miss him.

Ear Mite Drops

I found this site while searching for infomation about the drops. I’ve used them on both of my cats this week. The directions said continue use for seven days, but I only have done two applications in three days and will discontinue use Immediately. I KNEW this reaction wasn’t normal. The reason I’d been searching is that the younger cat has been vomiting after meals and can’t seem to keep anything down and the older cat just plain hates me now, is acting uncomfortable in general and feels quite warm. I’m making an appointment with our vet TODAY. Hartz sucks. Hey, thanks, Hartz. Whatta pal.

wardley is also hartz

This is just a reminder that we all have to be careful what we purchase. My cat is dead because of hartz. And I refuse to buy anything to support that horrible company. Please read the information on what you purchase including wardly fish products they are also hartz. Don’t support a company that is killing thousands of people’s loved and missed pets.

Trixie’s Trauma at a young age

My cat had some ticks on her one night, and I decided to put on some tick medication after removing them, so she wouldn’t get any sicknesses from more ticks. The next morning, I noticed she was shaking a little, but thought she was just cold. A few hours later, she was still shaking and walking around the house, with a little foam at her mouth. I looked at her, closely, and then she seized up. I freaked out, wrapping her in a blanket and rushing her to the nearest vet- who was an hour away. The entire way, as I sat in the back seat crying and petting the cat (who looked frightening with the foam at her mouth and not being able to control herself), she was seizing up. She had 5 long seizures while in the car, during one of which her eyes rolled back into her head. We ran into the vets office, anxiously waiting any new of why she was seizing. The vet came out and told us about Hartz, and we were *mad*. The vet said the cat would have definitly died if we hadn’t been so quick. Our cat was put on fluids for 4 days (all of which spent in the hospital) and had her leg shaved for the IV (the hair still hasn’t grown back yet), and we were charged 1.600 dollars (Hartz agreed to pay the bill as long as we didn’t sue) . I spent 4 hours trying to get her muscle relaxers into her mouth (she does *not* like her pills), and she now has problems getting to the litterbox on time, even though she’s only 2 years old (my poor baby). Two of the worst parts of this?

1.) I am only 12 years old, and I watched my cat almost die, only a month after my half-year old Yorkie was killed.

2.) I went into a store a few weeks later and saw Hartz products. I told the woman at the counter what the products did, and she was very concerned, but after talking to her boss was told (to her outrage) she couldn’t take the products off the shelf until they were recalled.

But score for us- I hid all the Hartz products in the store around, behind cantaloups and such, and put up a sign of warning.

I am very glad my baby is ok- I have 2 other cats who I had put Hartz on, and I washed them both the minute I got home. I feel SO horrible for the other pet owners who have gone through the loss of their pet over something where you were trying to *protect* them, not hurt them.

These people are just trying to earn money- they don’t care how many people or animals suffer, as long as they pay up.

-Kiyo Elizabeth Hill

1 week after using Hartz flea and tick shampoo, my brother’s pup died

My brother’s three months old English Mastiff puppy was a perfectly healthy dog. He was about 11 weeks old when we used the Hartz shampoo on him.Early the next morning, he awoke us by violently running through the house as though he was confused and terrified.We settle him down and 5 minutes later he began to violently shake and froth at the mouth.He was having a seizure.We didn’t know what was wrong since the night before,he was fine and playing.Now he was drifting in and out of conciousness.It was a saturday and there were no vets open and we had to wait patiently as he lay on the bed, sleeping for now.Finally we gpt ahold of a vet and they said to keep him confertable and call if anything else happens.Well, my brother had to leave to go back to his home (we were just keeping the pup until he came up to get it.) On the way down, Brutis had 3 more seizures.The next worse than the last.When my brother got home after a 15hr trip, he took Brutis to the vet.The vet had asked if we had done anyhting different because we didn’t know about Hartz.We thought he had ate something.My brother said “No, just gave him a bath.” and the vet asked “In Hartz flea and tick?” and my brother replied yes, and the vet said to get him in there right away.The seizures had caused Brutis to go blind, but beyond that, he was ok.He was well for about a week.Then, this past saturday(2/3/06) my brother noticed something to be wrong with Brutis.He was sleeping yet unresponsive and urinating all over himself.They couldn’t wake him up.They called the vet and said there was nothing they could do.They weren’t for sure what was wrong.He was in a sort of acoma.Unable to drink, eat, or respond. My brother and his fience aggreed that if he wasn’t better by Monday, they would end his suffering and put him to sleep.Monday came and sadly, he was no better.They took him to the vet and the vet began to inject the shot, but he had already passed away.All because of Hartz!