I hate hartz

i purchased the flea/tick treatment for my cat and put in on her.
when i woke in the morning she was convulsing. i rushed her to the vet and
they bathed her several times to get it off, but too much had soaked into
the skin from the time i gave her a dose to the time i got her to the vet.
she was on intravaneous fluids for 2 days and thank goodness she recovered.
i hate hartz, they almost claimed my baby over some crap that is sold
legally in the stores. it just makes me cringe when i hear a advertisement for
them. they should be ashamed. i have spread the word by mouth. do not purchase anything with the name “hartz”.

and of course, i did not even try to recover my
expense at the vet for the problem that they caused. if they continue to sell such a “TOXIC” product i doubt seriously that they would be concerned about paying the vet bill for a product of theres that almost KILLED my baby.
they should be out of business!
barbie moallankamp
columbia illinois

My sisters pets

My sister used the Hartz flea and tick medication on her two cats yesterday afternoon (January 23, 2006 around 1 pm). By 8 pm the oldest cat started having tremors and is now in kidney failure at the vet’s office. The youngest cat is now laying in my sisters house going through the same thing. This was at 6:30 this morning. Please do not use this product on a pet. Anyone that reads this should share it with others. I wish I had heard of this sooner.

well hes gone

well charlie died night before last he was gone so fast. that we or dieing in side. and hartz call me yester day. just after we brought him home. and berid him. i can tell you i have never been so mad. the woman on the orther line was well i say a bbbbbb. she begin to say sorry first. and that was ok but them she said shhe wanted to know were charlie was and they would have to have his body . and i would have to dug him up.i told her i would not dig him up!what are they thinkingshe said they would have to do altopsic on him. and i said and i well get him back and she said nothing but well i well be sending someone out to get the dog, as if he was nothing . but he is one of us like or son and my sick sons best friend. she did not ask but told me that they were takeing my charlie. well that was it i told them about finding this site and reading all and h had had wormer form them and fea stuff. and on the box there were no warning’s on the box and i did not want anything but i felt that if you have to put warning on smoke that i couod not see way there is none on pet things’. even if you to get your on med form durg store that there or warning on them. she said that the food and durg bord as passes all there stuff as safe. aqnd they wanted charlies body now. and i told her were to go. i can not belive that you pets have no rights . they say you can go to jail if you hurt you pets but hartz can sell things to kill them and its ok ! humm and were do i live !!!! karen


My 8 year old dog, Buddy began having seizures after we had used the Hartz flea and tick spray on him. The seizures did not occur until after 2 weeks of using the product. He is a healthy dog and we’ve never had to take him to the Vet except for shots, or once for stitches when he cut his leg open on a fence.

When he had the first seizure, immediately after my mother took him to the vet. We were told there was nothing wrong with Buddy health wise and were given a $180 bill for nothing. A week after the first seizure, we used Hartz flea and tick drops on the dog. Two weeks later: another seizure. He would have a seizure once every three weeks. In total: he had 4 seizures. It did not occur to me that the Hartz products were the cause of these incidents until one night; I was looking online at home remedies to rid your house of fleas. Many people were posting things saying their animals died from Hartz, went crazy, or had seizures. It was very scary for me to see my dog go through these seizures and to know that I could have been the cause of them killed me. I wish I would have known before I used these products.

There is no proof that Hartz did this, but after reading everyone?s stories it is all too coincidental. I believe Hartz was the culprit. After we stopped using the Hartz products, Buddy no longer suffered from these seizures. I assume the toxins had left his body.

Hartz flea control – hair stopped growing, lesion

Last June I put Hartz flea control on my dog’s back. To be fair, it was 1 year old, and he had no problems when I used it the previous year. Now the hair on his back will not grow where the Hartz was applied. He also has a small growth that was bleeding in the same region.

Be warned; if you must use Hartz, do not save it. Throw it out.

kitten is okay

I’ve never seen this site before. I have just bought some of this stuff today, but I have used it many times before on all of my cats and dogs and never had a problem. It’s that “advanced care flea and tick drops” stuff. I used yahoo to check the stuff out again in case something new has come up and read all of your stories and was shocked.

Story:Another Hartz ER Result

This happened last summer, we have only had our tzu a year. We started using Hartz, for small dogs. Well, I put it on her and then started noticing how strange she was acting. She acted like it was itching and burning. Obvious something was wrong, I put her in a tub of water and had my husband rush her to the vet. MUCH to my suprise he said if we had not done what we did, she could have died. THIS scares me to death that this product is still being sold!

Solution to ALL Hartz Flee products!

>I have heared about the stories of these incedents and to avoid this I found that Dawn dishliquid works soooo much better than anything else. This is no joke, it works on my two small dogs Chewy and Trixie.


i took my cat uglecat to the vet to get fix, she was 6mth old they gave her the Hartz flea on her neck since then my cat has being in pain, i have taking her to another vet that says she is getting fea bites and her body is fighting it, but she has biting herself on her tail just like your pictures, i want to help her please tell me what to do to rleive her pain

Hamster Food

I believe I have had some bad experiences with Hartz products in the past. I didn?t even realize it until just now after coming across this site. When I was younger my parents always allowed me to have pets. My pet of choice for years was hamsters (I probably had about nine over the course of several years). However, every time I would get a hamster, it would die within weeks. I was puzzled ? hamsters were supposed to live for a few years, and I took great care of them, so what was going wrong? At one time, I even had two hamsters at the same time in separate cages, and they both died on the same day. However, being young, I wasn?t all that concerned ? I would just get another one. The last two hamsters I had – I, for some reason, decided to try a different brand of food. And, lo and behold, they both lived YEARS. I don’t have any official evidence that they did die because of the food, but it is awfully suspicious, isn’t it?