Hartz Collar killed my 4 week old kittens

My cat Che-lin gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens about 4 weeks ago (nov 18).
They developed awesomely..were starting to walk with out any problems. eyes were all open…they played.

They had fleas though unfortunetly. So my sister went and bought flea collars for all our adult animals (I have a dog and two other adult cats).. Hartz brand collars.
I wish I had of thought to look them up before hand. but you don’t think the medicine you buy to help is going to do the opposite.

I phoned my vet( who obviously aren’t very bright) and asked if it be okay to put a collar on the mother to perhaps rid some of the kittens infestation. She said I should be able to. Aslong I wasn’t putting it on the kittens.,
So I did.

That was 5 days ago.
Today my last kitten just died.. about a half an hour ago. I’m so sad.
All 4 of those beautiful little creatures died the same way… they became depressed and lazy like. When they moved they started to wobble or crawl instead of walk, until they couldn’t do anything more then flop over. Then they started breathing deep rapid breaths until ultimately they’d gasp and die.
Each had little foam spit in their tiny mouths and deficated/urinated before dying.
I’ve never felt so bad.
I took the collar off che-lin 2 days ago after the first passed…by then i think it was to late for the other 3 cause the next died that evening, then again last night and now this morning.

I wish I had of researched! 🙁
I feel terrible.

– Jaimie-lyn
[email protected]

Sable and Blossom both poisioned by Hartz

I have (2) two year old cats which are siblings. Sable my little female and Blossom her brother and on 10/18/05 I used Advance Care 3 in 1 Flea and Tcks drops on them. I was awakened at 5:00AM but a loud noise. I jumped up and ran to the living room to find Sable having Seizures and immediatley thought about the Flea drops I had put on them. I tried to calm her ( to no avail). I then started to look for Blossom and found him lying in the basement having seizures also. To say seizure does not describe the AWFUL AGONY my cats were going thru. Their eyes were even having spasms. I quickly called a friend of mine and had her call her brother who is a vet and she called back and instructed me to wash them both and then to rush to the ER. I did all of this and upon arrival at the vets office they were given Robaxin and transferred to another facility. Blossom was on IV the rest of the day and I picked him up that afternoon but was told that Sable was not doing so well and she needed IV ran overnight. I brought Blossom home and he still had mild seizures during the night. I picked up Sable the next afternoon and both seem to be doing well. I came across this site after this episode. The vets at both facilities told me that Hartz would probably reimburse me for the vet bills. That’s a joke. I called them and spoke to a rude customer service person and they assigned me a case # and made me submit a detailed description of the event and also a written statement signed by the attending vets. I did all of this and rec’d a denial letter stating that I had used dog products on my cats and I should have folowed labeling instructions. I sent the informations back again to them and that was 3 weeks ago. I still have rec’d no response. I called today and was told it was being reviewed today but they will not give any information out over the phone. They have to mail you correspondence. Forget Class action. If they do not reimburse me the $800.00 vet bill I am going to sue on my own. I am going to do all I can to make others aware of this awful product. Sorry for the long article but I am pissed!!!

didn’t know what was wrong untill i found this site

i have been using hartz and sergents on my dog & cat and they have both been very ill & losing hair. i couldn’t figure out what was going on but i accidently stumbled on this site and was horrified by the similarities between these stories and my own experience thank you i only hope i’m not too late. hartz should be stoped!

Sergents Flea Product and Sophie

I have just arrived home, 2:56am, from University of Pennsylvania’s Vet Hospital. I gave baths to my 4 yr old Fila Mastiff Dante and his 16 week old kitten Sophie a couple of days ago. I decided to give them their flea meds tonight before bed. 9pm I dosed both. 9.30 Dante and I arrived home from our walk to see Sophie blinking heavily. I thought she perhaps got a little something in her eye. I left her to take care of it and jumped in the shower. 9.50 I came out into the living room to find Sophie looking dizzy and Dante sniffing her. I knew something was wrong as this was the prime time play hour. When I looked at her closer I could see her balance was off. It clicked and I jumped on the computer and searched. I immediately washed her, wrapped her in a towel and put her in her carrier. I was at UofP by 10:15 and she was seizuring or what looked like it anyway.

Tonight I sit her writing completely tormented by this horrible situation. I was assurred she would be ok after her night stay and $800 bill. I can’t believe that these people can get away with producing this product. I have never heard of this before and I am furious. How irresponcible can a company be. I was told by my vet that it may be possible to get my money back from the company. Has anyone heard of this before?? What can I do??? I will never put flea meds on any of my animals ever again. I can only wonder what I would do if my 180 lb Fila would loose control. I hardly weigh 115lbs myself.

please if anyone has any info they think may be helpful email me at ….. [email protected]



Saturday, Dec. 10, 2005 – 9:00 p.m.

I applied Sergeant’s Silver Flea Control for Cats, to my cat Pebbles, about 2 p.m. this afternoon – and at about 9 p.m she started shaking and was having a violent reaction to the Flea Control Medicine that I put on her. Fortunately I had a Emergency Vet Phone Number that called – and they told me to bring her right over.

She had another violent reaction just as I got to the Vet and they took her right in. They gave her a bath and a Muscle relaxer and a Valium to relax her. She is going to stay until Monday so they can take care of her and watch her to make sure she does not have another reaction. This makes me very angry – as I was just trying to get rid of the fleas – and not get rid of my baby “Fruity Pebbles”.

Severe reaction to Hartz Oatmeal Shampoo for dogs

I found this site by accident tonight and solved a puzzle I’ve been working with since the day before Thanksgiving. That morning I bathed Samson, my 3 year old West Highland White Terrier, before making a trip to relatives for the holiday. A friend had recommended a dog shampoo with oatmeal, as he has skin allergies. So I used Hartz Living Groomer’s Best Oatmeal Shampoo for sensitive skin, shampooing once and rinsing well. I used no conditioner. After our trip, about 6 hours later, Samson began to pant and lay down on the cool tile floor in the kitchen. When I checked him over, all of his skin was very bright red and he felt hot. Since he does have some skin irritations, and also chews his feet, I keep Relief spray with me. I sprayed his skin and he got better. Since that time, he has had two episodes of getting hot and his skin getting very red again, and he then smells strong. And he breaks out, then the rash places heal over. Tonight I was searching for a particular name in Google, and someone by that name had posted here. And I kept reading – and realized the Hartz shampoo had been the problem! I quickly shampooed Samson with Dawn, and found that now his hair on his neck is falling out. We will be at our vet first thing in the morning. Please don’t be fooled like I was by their label that says “for sensitive skin” for your dog. How can we stop Hartz from selling their products that are killing our pets and bringing suffering like my dog is having? I’ll help any way I can. I’m in Florida. [email protected]

Flea Product comparison

Not a victim because I do my research and also talk with the vet. But if you don’t read the labels and get professional advice, I don’t consider you a victim, rather an ill informed consumer.

Okay, I’ve done quite a bit of flea research. The Advantage that the vet prescribed didn’t kill the flees on my mini dashund at all. I talked to the vet and the vet said that it works for up to 30 days and that I might need to apply the spot on treatment more frequently. (this I thought was quite expensive as I was not treating just one dog but 2 dogs and a couple cats – I also thought that it was quite toxic). See my mini daschund has a birth defect, she can’t bit the fleas because she has an overbite that gaps over a quarter of an inch, so I have to keep the fleas in control.

So I looked around online and compared ingredients and effectiveness (this was before I found that Zodiac Fleatrol Spot On treatment was the same as Hartz Control One Spot the only difference in the ingredients was the inert ingredients and the fragrance). What I find is ridiculus is that each company has their own site touting their product as being better than another product that has the same percentage of each active ingredient. How can you do active research when advertizing is false.

K9 Advantix contains permethrins (so does Hartz and Zodiac), and Frontline uses the same insect growth inhibitor Methoprene (as does Harts and Zodiac). I can’t say that I have had any bad sideffects between either Harts Control On Spot or Zodiac Fleatrol Spot On. Some of the other Harts products I find do not work as effectively as the Zodiac products. Most Cat based spot on treatments either contain just the insect growth inhibitor only or just the insecticide only, so far I have only found that Frontline Plus for cats contain both.

To treat a flea infestation you need to understand the Flea life cycle. The flea life cycle is similar to that of a butterfly, you have the egg, then the larvea (caterpilar), then the cocoon, then the adult. What most insecticides kill is the adult and the larvea, what insect growth inhibitors kill is the egg (or more accurately they prevent the larvea from hatching out of the egg by not allowing the larvea in the egg to get an egg tooth to crack out of the shell). The only life cycle stage where it is nearly impossible to kill a flea is in the cocoon stage.

Fleas can be dormant for over 6 months and even longer until the right stimuli makes it a good time to come out of the coccoon. Things that make good stimuli are: humidity levels being above 75% or great, temperature being between 65-90 degrees, movement in a room (especially unoccupied rooms will cause a hatching out of the cocoon). Direct sunlight, temperature above 95degrees, and water (drowning) will kill the larvea, however the egg and cocoon stages are only effected by high tempurature over 95 degrees, and th adult cycle is impervious to all but water and even that they can jump to get away from.

In the life cycle pyramid of flea infestation only 1% of your flea infestation is an adult flea, about 14% of the life cycle is in a cocoon, 35% of the life cycle are larvea, and 50% is eggs. Most flea products target only the adult part of the life cycle (larvea are usually susceptive to the insecticides that kill the adults), some flea products target the adult (+ Larvea) and the egg parts of the cycle, thus leaving the cocoon stage to be in limbo. One way to get rid of the cocoon stage is to vaccuum rugs and wash your pet’s bedding more than twice a week, also getting a carpet and furniture Flea spray (those that have the insecticide and insect growth inhibitor seem to do the best job) and spraying the furniture and rugs once a week, also spray the pet sleeping area as well as along the baseboards where there isn’t carpeting.

Eggs, Larvea and cocoons are not found on the animal, rather they are found in the pet’s bedding, in furniture and in the rugs. Vaccuuming is the best form of flea control after you treat your pet. Put a flea collar in your vacuum bag, or replace you vacuum bag everytime you vacuum, put the bag in a plastic bag and tie it shut tightly and then put it outside in the garbage (cocoons and eggs do not hatch out until it gets warm so if it gets cool outside you don’t have to worry too much about them hatching out before the garbage is picked up).

There are some homeopathic ways to get rid of fleas, lavender oil is a good one (but expensive). You can mix it with water or vegetable oil (not sure of the ratio – most bottles will say what the dilution rate should be), you can even mix it with baby shampoo and wash your dog with it, or spray the oil/water mixture on your dog and rub it in. Another Product that I found in my organic food stores is Cat/Dog, this is a herbal liquid that you put 3-4 drops on their food twice a day and you must do this before the flea season starts and do it all thru the flea season for it to be fully effective. And we should all know about the garlic tablets for your dog – this also repels fleas, the bottle has the direction for how many to give to your dog based on weight.

Any product you give your animals should be researched, and everyone needs to understand what side effects that can occur with the meds or flea control product that you are using. I don’t like advantage because it does a poor Job and while I am willing to pay for my products I am not willing to pay for a product that doesn’t work well. Frontline Plus, Zodiac Fleatrol Spot On. and Hartz Control One Spot all seem to handle things on a pretty good basis but the insect has to bite the pet first for it to work, and the Advantix works without the pet being bitten, but it doesn’t have an insect grown inhibitor. Seeing as the eggs do not remain on the dog but fall to the floor, you can just get a spray for the floor and furniture that has insecticide and growth inhibitor, and that should handle things just fine.

-Connie (owner of a menagerie, dogs, cats and horses – cows maybe next, or chickens haven’t decided – oh forgot the children and my other half who support me in my endeavors with animals) (my vet makes house calls so all my animals get checked out frequently).

My Best Friend Died

My indoor cat, Penney, somehow got fleas. I used Hartz 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Cat Spray, and a Hartz flea collar. I also sprayed the carpets with Hartz 3 in 1 Home Spray. I bought all these products from Wal-Mart a few weeks before this Thanksgiving. I have had cats all my life & it never occurred to me that I should have been so careful about flea collars, sprays, etc.
The fleas weren’t killed on her . . . she got more & more anemic & lethargic from the fleas & didn’t want to walk much(probably from the toxins). I finally took her to the Vet, after coming home and finding her really sick. My best friend died an hour later. SHE LOVED ME, AND I LOVED HER . . . it was devastating. The Vet told me that the products I used were not regulated & should be removed from the shelves. I went to my local SPCA & the woman told me every time she goes into a store with these products, she wants to knock them off the shelves! I was flabergasted in finding all this out . . . . too . . .too . . . late!!
I have e-mailed a pet radio show, & a pet TV show, as well as the National ASPCA; I’m glad I finally found your organization. I deal with the public every day . . . I’M SPREADING THE WORD . . . BELIEVE ME! My question to everyone out there is:

If they have done this to our cats,
What are they doing to your birds?

Is Hartz for the birds, or “FOR THE BIRDS” ???????