zodiac almost killed my cat

Dec 29/05 – On Dec 26/05 my cats were given Zodiac as a flea treatment. Within a few hours one of my cats began to shake uncontrollaby and had to be rushed to the vet where she went into seizures brought on by this “poison”. She continued to have seizures which are painfull and had to have several drugs given to her to combat the seizures resulting in a coma. My husband and I spent the next day at the clinic stimulating Kylee by talking to her,petting her and in general , letting her know we were there to give her strength to fight. Fortunately she survived and continues to improve a little everyday. We are not sure of any long term neurological damage she will have but are hopeful she will recover completely. Today we are bringing her home and thankfully our other cat has not suffered the same problems Kylee has. I will be forever gratefull to Atlantic Animal Hospital and Dr. Michael Blaney for saving Kylee and will spread the word about the dangers of using these products. NEVER AGAIN SHOULD AN ANIMAL SUFFER BECAUSE OF THESE PRODUCTS !!

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