Foam chew toy

Hartz makes a foam chew toy for a dog shaped like a heart. Gee, that shape is so ironic for this company. Someone gave one to my dog without my knowledge. My dog chewed off a piece at a time until he swallowed the last piece which was now bullet shaped. It lodged in his intestine and formed a complete blockage. We had no idea why my dog had stopped eating and drinking. Several trips to the vets and several IV infusions kept him alive. But my dog’s life was fading slowly away and on the final trip to the vets, the vet suggested an exploratory surgery as part of the diagnostic process. I agreed. And as the vet suspected, they found the blockage and removed it and surely it was the bullet shaped piece of the foam chew toy. My dog did survive. The bill was $3000. It took me several weeks but I finally found the store selling this product and action is being initiated. Who the heck in their right mind would make a foam chew toy for a dog. To the Hartz company……You’ll be hearing from my attorney soon.

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