cat sick and dissapeared

My six month old ‘beautiful’ cat had fleas, I went to the pet store and bought Zodiac Flea spray for dogs and cats thinking it would be fine for her. I sprayed her and she licked her fur and began foaming at the mouth, I felt horrible. I bathed her immediatley which she hated. I dried her and thought she would be fine. I then bought Hartz spot drops thinking this would be safer and applied it to the back of her neck the next morning. That afternoon she was on the deck with my dauhter who loved her as much as me. My daughter played with her awhile then tried to bring her in and she wanted to chase a bird so she left her out. When I came home from work I called for her and could not find her anywhere. We have not seen her since. I have been tormented as to wether she died somewhere from the flea spray/drops. My daughter and I have searched the neighborhood. I have had cats all of my life and have never experienced this. I am so glad I found your website. I will never use over the counter flea products again.

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