Sable and Blossom both poisioned by Hartz

I have (2) two year old cats which are siblings. Sable my little female and Blossom her brother and on 10/18/05 I used Advance Care 3 in 1 Flea and Tcks drops on them. I was awakened at 5:00AM but a loud noise. I jumped up and ran to the living room to find Sable having Seizures and immediatley thought about the Flea drops I had put on them. I tried to calm her ( to no avail). I then started to look for Blossom and found him lying in the basement having seizures also. To say seizure does not describe the AWFUL AGONY my cats were going thru. Their eyes were even having spasms. I quickly called a friend of mine and had her call her brother who is a vet and she called back and instructed me to wash them both and then to rush to the ER. I did all of this and upon arrival at the vets office they were given Robaxin and transferred to another facility. Blossom was on IV the rest of the day and I picked him up that afternoon but was told that Sable was not doing so well and she needed IV ran overnight. I brought Blossom home and he still had mild seizures during the night. I picked up Sable the next afternoon and both seem to be doing well. I came across this site after this episode. The vets at both facilities told me that Hartz would probably reimburse me for the vet bills. That’s a joke. I called them and spoke to a rude customer service person and they assigned me a case # and made me submit a detailed description of the event and also a written statement signed by the attending vets. I did all of this and rec’d a denial letter stating that I had used dog products on my cats and I should have folowed labeling instructions. I sent the informations back again to them and that was 3 weeks ago. I still have rec’d no response. I called today and was told it was being reviewed today but they will not give any information out over the phone. They have to mail you correspondence. Forget Class action. If they do not reimburse me the $800.00 vet bill I am going to sue on my own. I am going to do all I can to make others aware of this awful product. Sorry for the long article but I am pissed!!!

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