Hartz Collar killed my 4 week old kittens

My cat Che-lin gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens about 4 weeks ago (nov 18).
They developed awesomely..were starting to walk with out any problems. eyes were all open…they played.

They had fleas though unfortunetly. So my sister went and bought flea collars for all our adult animals (I have a dog and two other adult cats).. Hartz brand collars.
I wish I had of thought to look them up before hand. but you don’t think the medicine you buy to help is going to do the opposite.

I phoned my vet( who obviously aren’t very bright) and asked if it be okay to put a collar on the mother to perhaps rid some of the kittens infestation. She said I should be able to. Aslong I wasn’t putting it on the kittens.,
So I did.

That was 5 days ago.
Today my last kitten just died.. about a half an hour ago. I’m so sad.
All 4 of those beautiful little creatures died the same way… they became depressed and lazy like. When they moved they started to wobble or crawl instead of walk, until they couldn’t do anything more then flop over. Then they started breathing deep rapid breaths until ultimately they’d gasp and die.
Each had little foam spit in their tiny mouths and deficated/urinated before dying.
I’ve never felt so bad.
I took the collar off che-lin 2 days ago after the first passed…by then i think it was to late for the other 3 cause the next died that evening, then again last night and now this morning.

I wish I had of researched! 🙁
I feel terrible.

– Jaimie-lyn
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