Sergents Flea Product and Sophie

I have just arrived home, 2:56am, from University of Pennsylvania’s Vet Hospital. I gave baths to my 4 yr old Fila Mastiff Dante and his 16 week old kitten Sophie a couple of days ago. I decided to give them their flea meds tonight before bed. 9pm I dosed both. 9.30 Dante and I arrived home from our walk to see Sophie blinking heavily. I thought she perhaps got a little something in her eye. I left her to take care of it and jumped in the shower. 9.50 I came out into the living room to find Sophie looking dizzy and Dante sniffing her. I knew something was wrong as this was the prime time play hour. When I looked at her closer I could see her balance was off. It clicked and I jumped on the computer and searched. I immediately washed her, wrapped her in a towel and put her in her carrier. I was at UofP by 10:15 and she was seizuring or what looked like it anyway.

Tonight I sit her writing completely tormented by this horrible situation. I was assurred she would be ok after her night stay and $800 bill. I can’t believe that these people can get away with producing this product. I have never heard of this before and I am furious. How irresponcible can a company be. I was told by my vet that it may be possible to get my money back from the company. Has anyone heard of this before?? What can I do??? I will never put flea meds on any of my animals ever again. I can only wonder what I would do if my 180 lb Fila would loose control. I hardly weigh 115lbs myself.

please if anyone has any info they think may be helpful email me at ….. [email protected]


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