My Best Friend Died

My indoor cat, Penney, somehow got fleas. I used Hartz 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Cat Spray, and a Hartz flea collar. I also sprayed the carpets with Hartz 3 in 1 Home Spray. I bought all these products from Wal-Mart a few weeks before this Thanksgiving. I have had cats all my life & it never occurred to me that I should have been so careful about flea collars, sprays, etc.
The fleas weren’t killed on her . . . she got more & more anemic & lethargic from the fleas & didn’t want to walk much(probably from the toxins). I finally took her to the Vet, after coming home and finding her really sick. My best friend died an hour later. SHE LOVED ME, AND I LOVED HER . . . it was devastating. The Vet told me that the products I used were not regulated & should be removed from the shelves. I went to my local SPCA & the woman told me every time she goes into a store with these products, she wants to knock them off the shelves! I was flabergasted in finding all this out . . . . too . . .too . . . late!!
I have e-mailed a pet radio show, & a pet TV show, as well as the National ASPCA; I’m glad I finally found your organization. I deal with the public every day . . . I’M SPREADING THE WORD . . . BELIEVE ME! My question to everyone out there is:

If they have done this to our cats,
What are they doing to your birds?

Is Hartz for the birds, or “FOR THE BIRDS” ???????


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