zodiac almost killed my cat

Dec 29/05 – On Dec 26/05 my cats were given Zodiac as a flea treatment. Within a few hours one of my cats began to shake uncontrollaby and had to be rushed to the vet where she went into seizures brought on by this “poison”. She continued to have seizures which are painfull and had to have several drugs given to her to combat the seizures resulting in a coma. My husband and I spent the next day at the clinic stimulating Kylee by talking to her,petting her and in general , letting her know we were there to give her strength to fight. Fortunately she survived and continues to improve a little everyday. We are not sure of any long term neurological damage she will have but are hopeful she will recover completely. Today we are bringing her home and thankfully our other cat has not suffered the same problems Kylee has. I will be forever gratefull to Atlantic Animal Hospital and Dr. Michael Blaney for saving Kylee and will spread the word about the dangers of using these products. NEVER AGAIN SHOULD AN ANIMAL SUFFER BECAUSE OF THESE PRODUCTS !!

dont use hartz

my brand new puppy has fleas so i got him a hartz flea and tick collar to treat him. but soon, he pooped diahrea and then a few hours after he pooped diahrea with blood!!!!!! also my brand new puppy i got, he pooped the bloody diahrea often. so i warn you all with small puppies/dogs do not use the hartz brand. it might depend on the dog but i would not risk it!!!!!!!

another horror story

on December 26/05 I treated both of my cats with Zodiac. By late that evening one of my cats began to convulse and we rushed her to the vet to be told she was having the human equivalent of grand mal seizures and would likely not survive. i was also advised to immediatly bath my other cat to remove any traces of the treatment and to keep a close watch on her for symptoms as well. Luckily Dakota was fine and showed no sign of seizures or other ill effects however Kylee had slipped into a coma after all possible drugs to stop the seizures had been given to her. We maintained a vigil at the clinic constantly talking to her and trying to stimulate her . I believe as with humans that in a comatose state that you are still aware of voices and touch and we used that theory to let Kylee know we were there for her and hoped it would give her strength to fight. Fortunately our vigil did pay off and Kylee is on the road to recovery but we may not know how much neurological damage she suffered as a result of the seizures and subsequent treatment. I vow to never use an “over the counter” flea treatment or any other product not recommended by our vet. I have yet to receive my bill for her treatment as she was also an after hours emergency I suspect it will be large but definately better than burying my beloved pet>

Hartz Advanced 3 in 1 flea/tick drops for dogs

I don’t know if it is the above-mentioned product or some other reason that has caused my dog’s hind legs to be paralyzed now for the last 5 hours. Apparently he licked off some of the product even though I administered it on the back of his spine. In any case, I am in the MIDDLE of AFRICA (Burundi to be precise) and I can’t find ANY information about this product or side effects, etc. The active ingredidient is Phenophrin. Does anyone have any ideas? I have washed the dog and he is drinking/eating, but can’t get up/walk. I repeat, I am in the middle of Africa. there are no vet hospitals where I can bring him. nothing. nada.

HELP!!! my email is [email protected]

Lucky = not so lucky

My 8 week old kitten lucky wasn’t as “lucky” as we thought my daughter saved up

all of her allowence and got a new kitten “Lucky” and we got him some Hartz flea

and tick medicine, we put it on him and within 2 days he was dead. It had burned

a hole in his stomach. So I intend to get what I have lost from Hartz!!!

cat sick and dissapeared

My six month old ‘beautiful’ cat had fleas, I went to the pet store and bought Zodiac Flea spray for dogs and cats thinking it would be fine for her. I sprayed her and she licked her fur and began foaming at the mouth, I felt horrible. I bathed her immediatley which she hated. I dried her and thought she would be fine. I then bought Hartz spot drops thinking this would be safer and applied it to the back of her neck the next morning. That afternoon she was on the deck with my dauhter who loved her as much as me. My daughter played with her awhile then tried to bring her in and she wanted to chase a bird so she left her out. When I came home from work I called for her and could not find her anywhere. We have not seen her since. I have been tormented as to wether she died somewhere from the flea spray/drops. My daughter and I have searched the neighborhood. I have had cats all of my life and have never experienced this. I am so glad I found your website. I will never use over the counter flea products again.

Hartz Product Caused My Dog’s Furr To Fall Out!

About a year ago I started using Hartz Flea & Tick Shampoo on my dog, the green stuff, that looks like slime. As we washed her, we noticed a large amount of her hair falling out, so much that it actually clogged the drain, and she is a short haired dog, so you can imagine how much of her hair it would take to clog a drain! We had no idea it was the shampoo. We were new dog owners, so I thought that maybe dogs just shed a lot when they get baths. I had no idea. It was about 6 months later that we changed her shampoo to a natural oatmeal shampoo. After we washed her, there was almost NO hair in the tub! We were completely shocked to find out that the Hartz Flea & Tick Shampoo had caused her furr to fall out. I have never used a Hartz product since then. I wish I would have found this site sooner, and I would have never purchased the stuff.

Oklahoma City

Foam chew toy

Hartz makes a foam chew toy for a dog shaped like a heart. Gee, that shape is so ironic for this company. Someone gave one to my dog without my knowledge. My dog chewed off a piece at a time until he swallowed the last piece which was now bullet shaped. It lodged in his intestine and formed a complete blockage. We had no idea why my dog had stopped eating and drinking. Several trips to the vets and several IV infusions kept him alive. But my dog’s life was fading slowly away and on the final trip to the vets, the vet suggested an exploratory surgery as part of the diagnostic process. I agreed. And as the vet suspected, they found the blockage and removed it and surely it was the bullet shaped piece of the foam chew toy. My dog did survive. The bill was $3000. It took me several weeks but I finally found the store selling this product and action is being initiated. Who the heck in their right mind would make a foam chew toy for a dog. To the Hartz company……You’ll be hearing from my attorney soon.

Zodiac Flea Control

This is actually a co-worker of mine’s story. Zodiac Flea Medication Killed her dog. Her dog was completely happy and healthy untill she followed the box directions. $2000 later her dog passed on. The little girl had everything from hemoraging to dehidration, vets couldn’t help, no one could. My co-worker went to pet smart ( and I love pet smart, but come on this shouldn’t be on the market), they asked her if she followed the directions, of course she did, she loved her little one. I’ve already signed the petition for hartz, and I hate that there products are still on the market, but zodiac is just as bad. Thanks for listening, Amanda and the girls (Blaise and Sierra)