Loss of hair and muscle tone

I bought Hartz 3 in 1 Flea and Tick drops for my one and half year old cat Boots.
He seemed fine on first treament. The second treament he started acted weird. He stopped eating, only drinking water lots of it. Lost lots of weight, hair starting falling out where i put the medicine and had sores where the medicine was put and i still didnt have a clue that it was the flea treatment. He was so sick for 2 weeks i finally had to take him to a vet which was hard because i am on a fixed income. The vet told me Boots is really sick, a fever of 105.2 and he may not make it. It may be to late for him. He gave him a shot of antibiotics. Took some blood. Gave us some pills of antiobiotics to take twice a day for the next week.
I am so upset to think I was trying to treat my cat for fleas and I maybe the one who may be killing him because I chose to use Hartz products. Get it off the market.

Owner Responsibility

I can sympathize with everyone here who has lost a pet through the use of these products, or whose pets have been injured by products like these. It is devastating to lose a pet that has been a part of the family for any length of time. I know from personal experience.

I can not, however, sit and read these stories without the constant reminder in the back of my mind that says the owners share in the responsibility for these events. Let’s all step back and take a look at the whole picture here. I see plenty of people talk about these pets as if they are members of the family, like children, etc. yet these owners are willing to buy a product off the shelf, based on a brand name (or worse, price) and apply it to a living animal, with no prior research, no discussion of it with a Veterinarian, and having not read the entire label. I say that is irresponsible on the part of the owners above and beyond anything Hartz or other manufacturers could be held liable for.

Raise your hands if you take your pets to the Vet regularly for check-ups and dentals. Raise your hands if you feed your pets quality food, and NOT what?s on sale. Raise your hands if you spay and neuter your pets and keep them inside. I can imagine that there are not too many hands raised right now. The problem here is that people in general forget that they have an obligation, when they adopt a pet, to be diligent. This animal is depending on you ENTIRELY to keep it safe, healthy, happy, and fed. If you do anything less than regular check-ups and dentals at the Vet, or you feed your pets cut-rate food at the expense of real nutrition, or you let your pets run free (cats included) then you are not taking care of these pets in a way that I think is indicative of someone who really cares about them.

You may think I?m cold and heartless for saying these things. Regardless, it is your responsibility to care for your pet if you get one, and it is your fault if something goes wrong when you buy any old product off the shelf and throw it at your pet. If these were your kids, would you just buy anything off the shelf and slap it on them and hope for the best? A 5 minute trip to the internet to do a search would have kept any of you from doing this. A 2 minute call to your Veterinarian would have kept you from buying these products. NOT ONE of you did either, and your pets suffered for it.

Leave out the discussions of Veterinary costs after the fact ? it?s pretty plain from most of the stories here that very few, if any, of you, take your pets to a Veterinarian for their continued health and happiness. What would any of you know about what?s reasonable for the cost of pet care from a Veterinarian when you never go? When a Vet has to drop everything to fit you into a packed schedule to perform emergency life-saving procedures to repair the damage YOU did, you can expect to pay for it. You can also leave off the parts about the company continuing to sell a product that they know has side effects. A simple perusal of the label and minimal research will tell you that these products have been known, to the Veterinary profession, to be problematic and to have potentially deadly side effects for YEARS. The company continues to sell these products because the pesticides they use are perfectly legal and people who want to save a buck at the expense of their pets will keep buying them. It?s business ? the longer pet owners in general wring their hands about the cost of quality pet care and look for shortcuts, the stronger the pocketbook of companies that rely on that mentality. Preventative medicine works ? use it or stop complaining when you make a mistake and have to pay to have it fixed. I am not a Veterinarian, but I have come to understand, through numerous pets, the absolute requirement that every pet be under the care of a Veterinarian. It is a crucial component of your pet?s well-being, and it can not be skipped with good results. This page is rock-solid proof of that fact.

The companies that sell questionable products for pet care will only keep doing it if people keep buying them. It doesn?t matter that the products have side-effects. It matters that pet owners don?t take responsibility for the care of their pets. Be diligent ? be careful ? be generous. Your pet?s health and happiness is tied to what YOU do as its owner, not the ingredients in one company?s products.

my new kitty has light pasty stool after hartz use

i dont know what to do. i have been monitoring her stool all week cause of the fact that she was a feral cat when i got her, and i cant get her into a doctor for another week. i have no money so i am getting her checked out with help of a cat orgaization that helps homeless cats get medical attention and homes. so its hard for them to get a slot, as there are many cats in need. so, i felt i had to start the process myself and sprayed her with hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick spray. i had no idea about how toxic it was and didnt find out till i discoverd her stool to be light in color and pasty, so i googled the symtems, and over and over i saw how that is a sighn of liver disease. i thought, how can she have somthing like that allready? she is not even a year old. then i looked further into it and found out that flea sprays can toxify the liver and give the cat liver disease. now i am scaired i may have made her sick to the point of dieing. she eats alot and really fast so im hoping its just worms. but all the stuff i find about stool like that says liver disease. and there was blood in it yesterday, wich also is a sighn. has anyone else had this happen cause of hartz? so far, all i have found on this is the seizers and death, all happening right after use. or the pics of the skin problems. i wont know how bad this is till i can get her in to the vet.

Good experience but some suggestions

Actually had a good experience after having a kitten in full convusions. The problem was I had to go thru 3 levels of being on hold before I talked to a human. This link should be on the main page. Once I talked to a real person, the kitten soon regain health. The convusion phone number SHOULD be on the packaging!!!

Eugene Chapman
Hattiesburg, MS

my german shepherd died because of hartz drops!

i started having problems all of a sudden 2 years ago with my very healthy 2 unrelated german shepherds. one was 2 years old and the other 11. within 4 months of each other, they started going into violent seizures. my vet at that time didn’t have a clue and said ” oh, it’s a problem with the breed”. stupid! anyway, it has turned out to be pyrethrin posioning. i just put 2 & 2 together after my big sweet baby died from the seizures just a few days ago. he was so sweet and loving. hartz drops are sold at walmart so they should be safe for your pets, right? not. i have been through hell because of the hartz drops that have more than 3 times the dose of pesticide pyrethrin than other flea & tick drops. i can noy beleive this crap is still on the shelves. it has caused me so much anxiety, heartbreak, time and money.

One thankful cat owner…

I can not believe what I am reading! I have never written into a site before.
A stray mama cat ‘gave us’ 5 babies. We have 4 between our family & have had the mom spayed since. When I picked up Mama Cat from the vet I asked them to put flea stuff on her. They gave her ‘xxxxxLine’ & sent me home with Expensive 3- packs for the babies too. I have never used flea stuff as I have always viewed it as a pesticide!
I showed the assistant the Hartz stuff I picked up from the store & asked her opinion as it WAS SO MUCH CHEAPER & THE CATS WERE COSTING ME A FORTUNE. She said, “NO! We get horrible cases all the time from the poisining.” I was not sure I believed her? I thought they just wanted to sell their stuff. I used their stuff & figured I would do my own research.
It did not take much!
I got on line today & typed in “phenothrin & cat health” & got #1 : An EPA article that Hartz has agreed to cancel uses on several of their flea & tick products! #2…this site.
I cried as I read the sad stories! I can not imagine how horrible it would be to go through what many of you have gone through!
I am now officially a ‘Crazy Cat Lady.’ & ‘Thank My Angel’ for not letting me use this stuff on our Moca, Mama, Simba, Karma, Bootsie, & Gracie!
Now that we have the stray flea situation under control much better, I will continue to research natural flea alternatives! Peace!
I am on my way to return the 2 different packets I bought!

How can they know what their product does and not care

my cat was an indoor cat, she has never been outside in her life yet she got fleas. My father put some hartz products on her neck but the writing on the package was to small for even me to read and i have 20/20 vision. Thinking nothing of it, my father put the drops on her on the correct spot and somehow it leaked down her neck and she licked it off. About a half of an hour later she wa frothing from the mouth, twitching, and having multiple ceasures. Her eyes were opening and cloing and she looked like she was in pain. This was at 1am int he morning, therefore naturally only a couple veteranary hospitals were open in our area. We brought her to both places and becasue of financial reasons we took her out of the first place and in the second place they put in her four times the medication that they put in other cats. The veteranarian came out and told us that her organs were failing amnd that she was going to most likely die unless they could have…..guess what yes
More $Money$
and ofcourse we couldn’t come up with the 400 dollars down that they wanted right then and there. Therefore, we had to put our cat down. She was in pain for atleast 3-4 hours and it’s horrible that Hartz known that their products kill innocent creatures yet they sell it.

Convinced after reading your stories

Last week I bought Hartz Advanced Flea & Tick Drops Plus+ for our Jack Russell, “Jingle”. While she has had no problems so far (it’s been a week, I do hope we are in the clear), I’ve decided never to buy these drops again after reading your stories.

Luckily, I purchased another brand for my cats.

When it’s time for Jingle’s next dose, it will be from a different company. The Hartz is heading for the trash.

Better safe than sorry.

Thanks for this site, you may have saved my crazy little dog.


Hi all!

I have a 6 mo old ChiChi puppy and she has been getting ticks on her every day! I keep checking her and pulling off ticks each and every day. I don’t know what this is doing to her and I believe there coming from our outside dogs which at times come into the house. When I was out of town I picked up some Hartz Flea and Tick Drops and was thinking about putting some on her this evening. I was reading on the package and it was telling me not to get any of this on our skin, but I thought what about the dogs skin? So being internet savy I wanted to lookup this product to see what dangers it posed for my pet and behold I found your website, what a lucky move, I’ll just take this product back for a refund. But this still does not solve my delema, what is really safe to use on our pets to eliminate flea and ticks both on the dog and around the house?

Thanks in advance and thanks god I found this web site!

Bio Spot Poisoned Our Pets

To all fellow pesticide victims,

Hi All,

I have read many of your stories in shock and have experienced a nightmare of my own. I have enclosed a copy of my letter to the EPA for you to read. I intend to follow up with other agencies in my area and I am also going to send a copy of this to PETA as well. If any of you have any additional information or suggestions please email me at [email protected]

I only wish I’d found this site before I nearly killed my pets with this crap. They are home tonight but I’ve been told it could be 3 weeks before we know if they’ll make it.

Thank you,

Deb Stone

To Anyone Who Cares,

Last night 11-11-05, I put Bio Spot Flea and Tick control on our 2 TWO HEALTHY cats and went to bed. I woke up to an absolute horror show. I MEAN HORROR!!!!!!!!!

I heard a horrible thud and asked my husband to check it out. He stared screaming for me to get in the bathroom now!! I went in only to find my son’s 2-year-old cat “Princess” seizing violently on my bathroom floor. Her head was arched back in violent racking seizures and paws flailing wildly in the air. Vomit was everywhere as well as diarrhea, pee, and blood on everything because she was biting down on her tongue from the seizing and unspeakable foaming from her mouth. I went into shock and couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I picked her stiff and seizing body up off the floor and ran to my kitchen counter to try and get a better idea of what was going on. My husband placed a trash bag on the counter and I laid her down. She continued to seize violently and gasped for air. This is my son’s and his girlfriend’s cat so I yelled to my son to come and help. The terrified and traumatized look on his face mirrored my husbands and mine. Thank God our daughter was sleeping at a friend’s house and did not have to endure the horror of watching our precious cats suffer so horribly. My husband called the Banfield Pet Hospital and they said to bring her in right away. I didn’t think her seizing could get any worse but when I tried to wipe her mouth so she could breath she actually began like a running in place on her side and made sounds of death that even Steven Spielberg couldn’t produce. While I lifted her into a pet carrier my elderly mother began screaming from her bedroom. Our 8 yr. old cat “Oreo” was lying on the floor seizing, vomiting and foaming at the mouth just like “Princess”. Dear God, do you have any idea how absolutely horrifying it is to have not one but two members of your pet family dying before you and your child’s eyes? I knew once I saw “Oreo” that it must have been the Bio Spot flea treatment that “I”, “ME” had put on them thinking I was doing something right. Now, we needed to rush both of our cats to the hospital. My son and his friend jumped in his car with “Princess” and my husband and I took our car with “Oreo” who was dying in my arms as we rushed to the pet hospital. Both cats continued to seize, vomit and foam all the way to the hospital. “Oreo” looked at me with his eyes wide open and looked as if he were begging me to make it stop. Once at the pet hospital they were taken right in and treated by Dr. Augusto who is a wonderful veterinarian. We were then taken into a room to wait to hear if they were going to live or die. After what seemed to be an eternity, the doctor came into the room and informed us that the Bio Spot had poisoned them. They were both suffering the deadly effects of the toxic chemical pesticide, which is used in the flea treatment. He then proceeded to tell us that they might not make it and if they do survive this they may still have suffered permanent liver damage from this pesticide in the Bio Spot.

He then shocked me when he said he sees this “ALL THE TIME”!!!! How can this continue? How in the world can this deadly product be deemed safe and for use on pets if it is this deadly? This is a regular occurrence in the pet world. This is NOT just a case here or a case there. There are thousands of pet owners who have experience this, THOUSANDS. Once he delivered his news and returned to care for our cats, the nurse came into the room to give us an estimate for treatment. Today would cost me more than half of my husband’s bi-weekly check to the tune of $689.00. MORE THAN HALF!! Not to mention we are not done because they have to go back on Monday for a follow up visit if they live through this and more expense if they make it three weeks from now for more blood tests and further exams. Heaven help us if there is permanent damage because then I’ll have to decide if I can afford to continue with treatment or have them euthanized after all this anyway. We live paycheck to paycheck and this has put us in a world of financial hurt. We live in New England and need to buy oil for heat before it snows and now that will have to wait or maybe we just won’t eat for two weeks until our next paycheck. This is a direct result of the careless greed of Bio Spot and they should be required to pay for the expensive hospital care that we have been forced to pay to keep our pets alive after using their horrible and toxic product. You can’t even imagine how devastated and guilty I was feeling, thinking that I had probably killed our pets by using this crap. This is absolutely unconscionable on Bio Spot’s part selling something that they know and will not admit too, can cause and has caused this type of deadly reaction. I’m sure they must be laughing all the way to the bank at pet owner’s expense. This is reminiscent of the tobacco companies who for years said that cigarette smoking doesn’t cause cancer and look how that turned out. Do we have to wait for more pets and possibly humans to die from this toxin? While I was in the pet hospital waiting for the doctor I began experiencing a bloody nose that wouldn’t stop for several minutes. I have never had a bloody nose for any unexplained reasons before but suddenly I had one. I can’t help but wonder if I was also having a reaction to this toxin as well. Yes, I did get it on my hands and yes I did wash my hands after but what if… Consumers should not have to worry about killing their pets and possibly themselves because they want to rid pets of fleas and ticks. If it’s not safe then for God sake take it off the shelves. The EPA approved this toxic substance for use and now it needs to be removed from use. Why didn’t the FDA get involved in this process? I know that thousands of other pet owners have asked for your help and now so am I. I implore you to act in a conscientious and responsible manner and help me with this devastating and expensive result from using Bio Spot. This has been an extremely traumatic and expensive experience for our entire family, one we will never forget.


Deborah J. Stone,

Auburn, Massachusetts