Hartz drops killed our cat…

Our cat was 10 yrs old, healthy and active. She died 10 days ago. A day and a half after we applied Hartz 3 in 1 Flea & Tick Drops.

Anyone and everyone considering the use of Hartz flea products……read the stories, learn and please, please, please DO NOT use Hartz on your pets!!

It should be a crime for the greedy corporate bastards at Hartz to continue to market & sell products known to kill countless family pets.

I Miss My Cat

Hartz Flea Medication – I Poisoned My Cat!!!

I just put Hartz on my cat yesterday and she seemed okay except for trying to scratch off the medication. I followed the instructions exactly. Maude Marie is over two years old, over 10 pounds and is an outdoor, very active feline. Today she was very lethargic and will not come to me. She has eaten and drank very little. She is shaking her back legs constantly and trying to still lick off the medication. She is not her normal self. Because of her weird behavior I decided to check online and to my dismay, I have found several stories about Hartz medication, specifically the Hartz Flea and Tick medication for cats over 10 pounds. That is exactly what I put on Maude Marie. I just went outside to find her to take her to emergency and now I can’t find her. She never leaves the yard. I am so scared that I have poisoned her. I can’t believe some of these articles are over three years old and this medication is still on the shelves. I am sick over it. I am going out to find her. Please post and I vow to place fliers everywhere I can to let everyone know not to use this dangerous product.
Long Beach, California
August 2005

Hartz ear medicene

My cat Belle is a few months old. It’s ear was effected and we bought Hartz ear drops and put them in her ears. A couple days later her ear was bleeding and look like it got ate up buy ants we stop immediately. She is lookin alot better now.

Hartz Shampoo

My dog (Paco) was 7 months and every week I give it a bath I spent $10.00. I bathed him and a day later I sawl he was losen alot of hair and his skin was dried out really bad. He is now 1 and doing well I told everyone to tell everyone not to use Hartz hopefully it will soon end and it will be shut down forever and a good pruduct to use is Frontline what I use.