Hartz killed my cat

My cat had fleas so I went to Walmart to get some flea products. It was a choice between two products and I chose Hartz. I put it on Tobey on a Monday night and by the next day she seemed drowsy. She was like that for a few days and then she got better. Then one day I found her under the bed, one week after I had put the flea treatment on her. I never knew about the dangers and now my cat is dead. Hartz is responsible without a doubt.

Ruffin’s Hartz Nightmare

My puppy Ruffin is not quite 6 months old. But about a month ago I noticed he had some fleas. So one day I was wandering around Target when I came to the Pet section. I roamed the aisles looking for toys, when I came across Hartz 3 in 1 Flea drops. They were a little cheaper than the Advantage from the vet. So I went ahead and bought some. I took it home, gave Ruffin a bath and applied the Hartz exactly as the package instructed. His fur looked a little waxy but then it went away about a day later. Well, about 4 days later he started acting a little wierd. It seemed as though he was walking sideways. Then the next day he did it again only this time he was trembling also. The following day we came home took him out, he did his business, then we brought him in and gave him his treat for being a good boy. He started walking sideways again. He came into our room and just fell over, he got up walked a little bit and fell over again, only this time his left front paw was up by his chest and he just froze. Freaked me and my boyfriend out so I called the 24 hour vet in our area. He stayed overnight with IV’s, they took blood and found that it was in fact the Hartz that had caused this seizure. We brought him home last night and he just wasn’t himself. He peed without even making an attempt to get up. And he is still trembling, so I am headed back to the vet tonight. I feel horrible for doing this to my pet and I feel stupid for not knowing that this product would harm my baby. It disgusts me that nothing has happend. I only hope this helps get the word out there.

disgusted even more after finding this website

I got on the computer to look up information on Hartz 2 in 1 fea & tick cat spray. I used it yesterday on both of my young long hair cats. My furniture is now ruined because the product, even after dry, ate the finish off my coffee table and headboard of an expensive wall unit. I therefore read the label and found ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING ABOUT [email protected] Then I find these horror stories about damage and death to the animals. I immediatly bathed both cats, which have never had to be bathed, and am hoping to be one of the lucky ones. If Hartz doesn’t even warn about something as obvious as furniture damage, guess they either don’t have any fear of lawsuits, or just don’t care. Even canned bug sprays warn you to cover your furniture. More important is the health problems and deaths caused by Hartz products. I am disgusted with this company and will be contacting them about my furniture and very hopefully not about a bad reaction from my cats.

Hartz flea products

I have two dogs (one inside, one outside) and four cats ranging in age from 1 year to 5 years. This year has been the first that we have had a serious flea problem. Not having a lot of money to infest, we naturally try the products that are readily available and not too expensive. So we thought we’d try Hartz products. The flea sprays made my cats droll and half sick and didn’t seem to affect the fleas at all. The powder was also a complete waste of time. At least it didn’t make them sick. The flea collars were horrible. After wearing them for about three days, I saw that all of their necks were extremely sore and raw. I honestly didn’t know if was from them scratching at the collars (none of my cats wear any kind of a collar) or if it was from the flea collar itself. After viewing the picture on your web site of that poor cats neck, I am now convinced that it was the collar after all. Luckily, I took their collars off, and they all healed up. How can Hartz be allowed to sell thing like that the can be so harmful to cats? I am going to contact Hartz to let them know that their products are junk. I am glad that you have this site. You have opened my eyes to something that I suspected all along. That Hartz products are no good. Thank you for caring!

Hartz flea spray

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to share with you my story about how the Hartz Company affected my pet. I went to the store and bought a can of Flea Spray for Cats, I must say now this was about 7 years ago.
It stated on the can to thoroughly spray the flea medication into the fur and rub it in. Within 2 hours we were in trouble. My cat come stumbling into the living room and she had a strange look in her eyes. I realized that even though I applied this flea spray according to the instructions that she must have been poisoned. I immediately took her to the bathroom and gave her a bath, desperately trying to get all the flea medication off her fur. She kept going down hill after the bath, so we called the vet, and they said to come right in. My cat had to remain at the vets office all night, they started an I.V. to flush her kidneys. Yes she was Posioned, and No I am not a careless pet owner and I did follow their directions to the “T”.
The vet saved her life. Which now our Bailey is 9 years old, but the reprecussions from the Hartz is that our cat has Seizures now. Probably about once a month, maybe twice a month. We took her in when the Siezures started and the vet ran all kinds of tests on her blood work. They even checked for any lead levels in her blood (that test alone cost us $50.00) we live in a very old house, turned 100 this year in 2005. We refinished a bedroom a few years ago and thought our cat might have injested something from stripping paint off the baseboards etc…not the case, she was never allowed into the room we worked on, the door remained shut when we were not in there working. We are very concentious pet owners (I am a groomer by the way). Our vet after hearing our story about the Flea Spray said she very well may have Nureological damage. SO PLEASE NEVER USE THE HARTZ PRODUCTS THE COST IS CHEAP BUT NOT WORTH IT.
I feel like Baileys Seizures are my fault I am the one who treated her. I cannot stress enough that I will always “hate” the Hartz company and I have never bought another product from them, dont intend to. My cat suffers and I pray that if anyone reading this will LISTEN UP, we dont know down the road what these products will do to our pets. So use caution. Dont you think if these products were so great they would be indorsed at our vets office?? Discount stores/chains should tell you right there to stay away. There is alot to be said for a Cheap Product.
When Bailey has a Seizure she flops around on the floor like she was hit by a car, it is very hard to see this happening. She most of the time will bite her tongue in the process. She wets all over herself since she cannot hold her bladder, she has a cry that tears our hearts out, not like a normal MEOW, its more like a MOAN. When she comes out of it she is extremely jumpy. By this time I am trying to clean her up so she is confused why I am doing this. She has a strange look in her eyes for a little while until she comes back around fully.
Thanks for listening. I pray our Bailey has a long life. She is not on Seizure medicines as of yet, she would have to have them more frequently before the vet will put her on anything. So I guess this is something we will have to worry about in the future as she ages more and more. What a life HUH??
Remember Take Care Of Your Pets, They Cannot Speak For Themselves, do the right thing DONT USE HARTZ Products I beg you!!

Thanks to this site!

Yesterday, I was killing some time in Wal-Mart waiting for a prescription to be filled by spending some time in the pet aisle. I was looking at some cat toys, and came across Hartz 3-in-1 Flea & Tick drops, for only $4.33. I thought, Wow, that’s pretty cheap! His Frontline has worn off, and Fall isn’t very far away, maybe I’ll go ahead and give this a try. So I get the formula for cats over ten pounds (my cat is a very large, healthy boy!) and a fuzzy mouse and go on my way. I follow the instructions on the back, parting his hair and putting it on the top of the scruff of his neck, tell him what a “Good Boy!” he was and don’t even think about it again. I thought it seemed a little messy, but I figured that it was cheap, so that’s probably why. I did this at about 5pm in the afternoon. He acted fine, he ate his dinner (a special treat! Wet catfood, for being so good!) and continued to act fine in the evening. Around 8:30 or so, I talk to my dad, telling him what a find I had found, since he’s got four cats of his own and has lamented on the cost of Frontline for all of them in the past–to my surprise, he FREAKS out! He tells me that he put that on his old cat years ago, and then he had to go and get his stomach pumped and have him hooked up to an IV! I initally thought, oh, well maybe they’ve made a better formula now since this was at least ten to fifteen years ago, but I was obviously concerned and decided to conduct a little internet research. I typed in “hartz+flea medication” into Google, and this was one of the very first sites I saw. I read two horrific stories on the front page, which was enough for me to go into panic mode and give my cat a very thorough bath! I then delved into the site a little more, read a little more of the stories…I went and checked my cat to see if he was dry, and noticed his fur was still a little waxy, so he got yet another bath, much to his dimay I’m sure. I kept waking up all night to check on him while he slept next to me, to make sure he was doing okay. He is fine, and I think it is thanks to this site! Even if nothing happened, a small chance is too high of a chance for my liking with my cherished kitty. I’ll never buy anything from Hartz again! I’m sorry to anyone who lost their friend or had to pay hundred or thousands in vet bills, but I am incredibly thankful that you shared your stories so that other pets, like mine, could be saved!

Woody Mac

I formerly used store bought Deworming pills for the described. After the second time, I never used it again. I must admit, after giving it to our family cat the first time, we didn’t really observe what he went through. The second time we surely did. That poor cat looked as if he truly was going to meet His Maker. Between all of the gagging, salivating and dry heaving, I couldn’t watch much longer. I basically just kept him close and comfortable until the effects wore off. It took care of the worms alright but at what cost? It almost took care of our cat!!!

The pills themselves, resemble a M&M Peanut candy and are about that size as well. They recommend coating with butter to get this “horse pill” down your cat’s throat. It was a real struggle and after the scratching, stress and strain of giving it to him, it was eventually swallowed. Poor kitty!!! I nearly never forgave myself for inducing this rotten treatment to our cat.

I learned from that too, after sharing this story with a new to us Vet, who is a cat person, that he made me feel like scum. He said he never gave his cats anything oral for Deworming. He always gave them and injection. Quick, simple and all done. The worms are history in about a day’s time. The affects also last quite a while.

This particular cat spent his days licking himself, our other cat and our small dog too. Unfortunately, he’d (like all other cats) ingest fleas. Fleas are know carriers of worms so he contracted worms too frequently for my comfort but I advocate, no oral Deworming meds for your pets. Only injections and they are worth the cost difference.

I put my cat to sleep today In memory of Stubs

A few weeks ago I started using hartz flea and tick spray on my cat Stubs the first day I sprayed him he ran away for a day when he came back he was never the same. He was kind of sick I just thought he needed some TLC, SO HE STAY INSIDE today we took a nap together this morning. A few hours later he came stumbling down stairs meoww sounded wierd so I checked him he looked horrible. He was so sick , you see I sprayed him again because his fleas were back plus he was sick so I did not want him to worry about fleas. I sprayed him agaim TWO DAYS AGO. I took him to the vet he is gone now.

my dog is in the hospital

Last night we put Hartz flea and tick spray on my 12 year old Border Collie, Ringo. When we woke up this morning we realized that poor Ringo had been sick all night. He had diarrhea and threw up all over the place. He also couldn’t walk straight at all. Poor thing, he tried to walk to us and he would just kind of fall over and have what looked like little seizures. Also his eyes darted from left to right and couldn’t stay focused on anything. We took him to the vet and now he’s staying there getting some treatment through an IV. The vet said that this is much more common in cats than dogs and that the normal treatment time would be 24-48 hours. But we live in the Houston area and Hurricane Rita is about to blow through here, so Ringo can’t stay there for very long today before the vet clears all of his patients out of the building.

Has anyone else’s dog had symptoms like this? If so, did they pull through?


Hartz almost killed my cat

I have 2 cats, Tigger & Taz, who are the love of my life. My fiance and I got them about a year ago. We moved into an older house at the beginning of this summer and noticed that a week after moving, both of our cats had gotten fleas. Taz was about 10 months old at the time & Tigger about a year and a half.

We were planning on going to buy Frontline later in the week, but wanted something that would help them stop itching, because they seemed to be quite bothered by the fleas. So, we went to Petsmart, and asked numerous employees what Flea Product they recommended. We were directed to use the Hartz 3 in 1 Drop Packages. I read the back of the package, and figured everything would be fine.

We applied it to both of our cats, as directed. My little Taz, immediately acted like he was in terrible pain. My fiance & I panicked & called a local animal 24 hour emergency clinic. They told us that Hartz products were having adverse reactions on cats, and that we should bathe him in Pert Plus to try to get the product off of our cats. We bathed Taz, the younger one first, and he screamed more than I have ever heard him. No cats like baths, but he acted like the Hartz was just burning his skin. It was the worst thing I had ever heard. My fiance and I were practically in tears. We watched him for a minute and 10 minutes later he was shaking uncontrollably and having convulsions. We rushed him to the animal hospital and our once lively, happy. VERY energetic cat cuddled against my chest and couldn’t move. His ears kept twitching and he could not control his eye movements. They kept rolling back in his head and he kept shaking uncontrollably. The animal clinic we went to was very busy that night, so my fiance & I were in the waiting room for probably 2 to 2 1/2 hours before we even saw a vet. I was so scared Taz was going to die, because he did not stop shaking in that period of time. Other than the shaking, he could not move.

He ended up having to stay the night and the next day at the vet, and was given iv flushes, antibiotics, and muscle relaxant shots. The vet told us that she didn’t know if he would be able to pull through, it would depend on how strong his heart was. My fiance & I barely slept that night. Taz pulled through, and is a normal cat now, but it was the worst experience I have ever had. When he came home from the vet the next day, he was exhausted. Poor guy, he came and slept on my stomach the ENTIRE day. Needless to say, Taz, my fiance, and I were quite tired so we spent the day sleeping together. His appetite decreased, but eventually came back about a week later, and the vet said that was probably due to teh trauma that Hartz caused him.

My older cat, Tigger did not have a reaction to the Hartz products, thank God.

The Hartz company makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. How do people actually work for a company whose product kills animals, and has been known to kill animals. I do not, and never will understand this.

Samantha Hartfelder
[email protected]