Where will it end?

I work at an animal hospital and 24 hr emergency. We see many pets comming in stumbling and or haveing seizures after appling hearts to their pets. One would think that a company that is geared for the pets would actually care about the pets they kill every day with their products. I have often thought about pickiting the stores that sells these products. Every time I go into the Walmarts’ and grocery stores I make it a point to go down the pet Isle and say, ” yup this product killed another cat today” and stike up a conversation with the consumer whom was going to buy that product. Now however, they are going to get Advantage, Frontline,or maybe even Revolution ( for those outside babies) because I educated them on the fact that these products are causing death in many. If people care enouth to have a pet they should care enough to go to the vet and get the proper heartwom and flea medications. OTH counter product for pets are just not the proper way to treat our babies. I want something that is safe and suggested by my vet. Would you give your human baby something OTC before consulting with your peditrician? I know I would not. I feel for the people whom have lost their pets. I wish stores would discontinue carring such harsh products, but mostly I wish people would educate themselves.

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