two of my cats traumatized by hartz 4 in 1 drops

Last week I noticed that my three adult male cats were scratching alot so I figured that I would give them a flee treatment. I was at Target one day and picked up some of the Hartz 4 in 1 drops for cats 10lbs. or more. The next day I applied it to all three of my boys following the directions very carefully. First in line was Simba who is 6yrs old with long tan and white hair. I got it on him pretty easily because he was in one of his attention hungry moods and I walked off to hunt down Baby who is 8yrs old and is a very BIG but handsome tuxedo cat. He wanted nothing to do with the drops as soon as I got near him and luckily for him I don’t believe that I was able to get that much of it on him. He immediately ran and hid from me so I moved on to the last one of the group, Linkin who is 3yrs old and black shorthaired. He didn’t seem too fond of the drops either but one of my brothers helped to hold him still and I was able to get the full dose on him, but as soon as we let him go he ran off seeming very agitated and scratching at the application area. When I followed him downstairs all three of my beloved boys were trying their hardest to stay away from me while giving me some of the dirtiest cat looks I have ever recieved and Simba and Linkin were running around scratching vigorously at their necks. I stupidly just thought that I had gotten the fleas worked up like the earmites do when you use eardrops so I was only slightly worried. I went to work and the next day when I was checking on them they still didn’t want to come near me, but with them that is nothing new since they all go through their “don’t touch me” phases. Over the next couple of days they slowly started coming near me and Simba actually seemed overly friendly which made me wonder especially after I felt some weird bumps on his neck. Since they still live with my mom and I only get to see them for about an hour every day before work it took me about a week to see the extent of their injuries from the treatment. I called in to work an Monday and said that I would be late and immediately got Simba and Linkin into the vet’s office which is a terrible ordeal itself since all of my cats despise leaving their home and they truely hate the vet. So after alot of struggling, hissing, growling, snarling and $100 the very ugly and nasty looking sores on both of their necks were looked at and now everyday I have to try to put antibiotic cream on them and keep them from hating me even more for all that I have put them through just because I didn’t research before I treated them for fleas. I am one of the lucky ones. The strories my vet told me and the ones that I have read here have made me relieve that my cats and I could have been through something alot worse than we did. I just have to keep a close eye on them to make sure that their sores are the only problems that they will have.

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