Two Kittens Nearly Died

Last night I noticed that my 6 month old kittens had a few fleas, so I decided to use the Hartz medication that i had bought from Target. I followed all of the directions, even making sure that the two brothers didnt groom each other, or lick it themselves. after a few hours, one of my kittens started shaking uncontrollably, kicking his feet like he had stepped in something, and lurking around really low to the ground. I immediately called my vet to ask her if this was normal ( I had never de-fleaed them before) I said the word Hartz and she told me to bring them in right away. I could tell by the sound in her voice that she was worried, and had dealt with cats with symptoms like this before. I was in hysterics after I had scoured the Hartz website to find information (THEY DONT EVEN LIST THE PRODUCT ON THEIR WEBSITE!) there was nothing, not a warning, not a recall, nothing. Rushed the boys to the vet where they were immeditaley bathed twice, and then gave them robaxin to counteract the phenotherin toxicity. They responded well to the treatment, and the vet thinks they will make a full recovery. I picked them up less than an hour ago, and have already filed an official complaint with Hartz, emailed everyone in my address book warning them of Hartz, and written up a document to pass out to the managers of the stores that distribute these HORRIBLE products. I am determined to help stop this insanity. My heart goes out to all of the pets and their owners that have been effected by Hartz. No amount of money can make up for your loss, but together we can help the innocent owners and their babies.

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