This Garbage Killed My Woobie

My large, healthy 8 year old neutered tom was killed by this garbage. His name was Jonah (aka Woobie). He was a strong, young cat that had developed fleas this summer from just a few 1 or 2 hour trips outside while we were gardening.

He became sort of “strange” after we applied the drops but we missed the signs until after it was too late. We thought he was just sulky and withdrawn because he’d never had fleas before so he sort of began to keep to himself. It was clear he was miserable but we just thought it was the fleas!

Within 3 weeks he was dead. He died opening and closing his mouth and gasping for air. Prior to that his fur had begun to shed a TON MORE than usual and he just wasn’t himself.

These people should be sued to hell and back.

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