My cat is sick! Because of Hartz and at the vet.

I have a beautiful cat named Tigger who is at the vet right now because of Hartz flea and tick drops. I put the drops on him on Sunday by Monday evening he was acting really strange walking around shaking his head and his ears were twitching. I did not have any idea what was wrong. So on Tuesday he was no better and seemed to be getting worse, my husband said -He did not act like this until you put those drops on him. So I got the drops and and read the back and called my vet -They said to immdiately wash him that is was a reaction from the Hartz, so this morning my husband took Tigger to the vet and he is having Seizures!!!! BECAUSE OF HARTZ!!! They said the damage is already done, they have given him 2-shots and are bathing him in some kind of oil soap. We will be able to pick him up this afternoon. But they cannot tell me if he will be okay or not. My cat may die from this. As a pet owner I am furious!! I tired to help my cat and I have quilt now because I have hurt him instead. Thanks to Hartz ! This stuff is killing our pets and needs to be taken off the market now !!! Thanks for listening… I will spread the word to every and any body I can!!! Deborah Sewell

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